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  1. Actually,that is what I want to do at first, and it's my working direction now.=w= - - - Updated - - - So I leave out the NozzleType and ChamberType in config.(Though I had only implemed one type^the liquid engine with delaval nozzle.Some more types will be support later.(I don't know when will be later TAT - - - Updated - - - Yup……So I choose to be compatible with RF, for that we can use RF configs for those engine that don't have their EDev configs.
  2. The more the better, but the generating and maintaining of the engine is a hot potato as blowfish said above. - - - Updated - - - Yup, considering it.
  3. Another reason for I to use exit pressure is that chamber condition is unknown for an nozzle config, so if we specify expansion ratio, the exit pressure will be determined by both the chamber and nozzle condition.(Though that is practicable but will be a little more complex for the users) We can solve the exit pressure from the real data when generating cfg from real data.
  4. So……Could you tell me what&how basic parameters should be used to represent an engine? I have no idea about them( Actually I'd only specify throat area and exit pressure, nozzle area was calculated from the pressure ratio of chamber and nozzle. And I found two( of throat area, nozzle area and exit pressure) is needed to represent a nozzle...Did I left some eq out?
  5. Sorry for my not responding, first month in college should be that busy... -1.Haven't work out what the relation between fuel flow and chamber pressure…… For now, the max fuel flow indicates only the maximum workload of the powercycle, and increase throttle will increase fuelflow, leading to the chamber pressure . 0.[DEL]The throttle will respond to chamber pressure in next release^[/DEL] May be later 1.An Chinese textbook shows that exit pressure can be a basic parameter for liquid engine.And some conveniences can be brought by taking it. 2.Yuh...^It is just a placeholder waiting
  6. Thanks to point out my fault on engine thermodynamics and information of CalculateGamma. I'll fix it ASAP
  7. This mod is a fork of the RealFuels by NathanKell licence CC-BY-SA Get rid of FloatCurves, Just let it feel like real! use chamber, nozzle and fuel's parameters instead of FloatCurves. There must be an collocation that fit you need! You can not only switching fuels but also chambers&nozzles!(And may be more you can custom in the future) Got anything about you engine Download (Test only^I need more data of historical engine) https://github.com/Librazy/ModularFuelSystem/releases/tag/DEV.RC.v.1.0.-1 the /zDEVtest folder is a modified Mainsail with some silly config to test whether it
  8. Here my “Real calculation version of RF†is^Much work to be done...Hmm https://github.com/NathanKell/ModularFuelSystem/pull/95 Hope that these would be helpful to RF
  9. Basically understood how RF works,I‘m trying to rewrite SolverRF for real performance calculation.Just have liquid de laval engine done yet.//Hope I'd written something useful Time to consider how the cfg should be…Would be a big project to find out the params for lots of engines. https://github.com/Librazy/ModularFuelSystem
  10. I'm working on realistic engine performance calculation recently and read a few book about (liquid) engines,trying to find out how&what to do the calc.But I still don't know entirely what do we need. Listed below are some params and formulas I think to be important: Isp=Cstar*Ct Cstar is a function of gamma,R and chamberTemp,all come from the propllants used Ct is a function of gamma, nozzleExitPressure ,chamberPressure and nozzleExpansionRatio,ambientPressure nozzleExpansionRatio is a function of gamma,nozzleExitPressure ,chamberPressure chamberPressure is a function of massFlow, Cstar
  11. Inspired by NathanKell,I want to do something to push forward the "Realistic Engine" version of RF,but there comes a problem:How to do a realistic calculation? AFAIC,there are mainly two ways to implement it: 1.Use the "raw" data we have now,like the Isp_vac, Isp_SL and maxThrust,we just need to define some more "default" data and use them to calculate the basic params of an engine.If player set a new config of an engine,we use it and basic params calculated before to find out the performance of new-configed engine. 2.Calculate all from bottom.Cast aside what we have now but to set all paramet
  12. So..when i get my simulation and calculation right I'll redo it in RF and pull to your repo. In my mod,I'd like to add some cfg node other like ModuleNozzleConfig ModuleChamberConfig to get datas needed.So the player can get some different performance using different nozzles,chamber sand powercycles--the way to change settings is just the same to change fuels.So the basic thing is a realistic calculation engine performance,which I'm trying to work on now. But I'm a new-hand on both KSP plugin and engine calculation,so I had made little progress so far.I think I will do better with your and o
  13. Thanks,I writes an cfg on a KW ModuleEngineFX that has an EFFECT,and It works well^But it seems some more work needs to be done to fit an ModuleEngine part=w= I dunna to write a mod like AJE on rocket engine,but I don't know how&what to do until I found SolverEngines.No issue for now^(These days I was buried in my messy liquid-engine-simulation codes to ensure it won't get out-ranged results) Actually I need some data from RF like fuelFraction of CalculateGamma and the exhaust gases' molar mass. And an issue for RF: For an ModuleEnginesSolver part when showing RF GUI in action group, It
  14. Sorry for my stupid……Gonna to try it tomorrow(UTC+8here……
  15. I'm working on my mod based on SolverEngine now.I'm reading AJE and RF's source codes and found that both SolverEngine and them are amazing and work perfectly.However,I don't know how to get emissive and FX running. Based on my understanding of the sources,I coded in my mod as below public override double GetEngineTemp() { return chamberTemp; } public override double GetEmissive() { return fxPower; } public override float GetFXPower() { return fxPower; } public override float GetFXRunning() { return fxPower; } public override float GetFXThrottle() {
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