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  1. Dear all, Unfortunately I will have no time in the next years to continue working on my mod "STS AVALON". thread will be closed. Thanks all in advance for support. Cheers, Raendy !
  2. Hello no, there is no 'download' option. best regards ! and yes, .. currently I am doing summer break. cheers !
  3. Hello, no, not really. :D but thanks for asking. yes why it is currently a little quiet about my project: quite simply private matters, too little motivation ... In addition, I am currently engaged in game programming with Unity, so I have some ideas ..
  4. Hello everyone, I've made small adjustments to the design of the design. here a handful of pictures .. cheers ! full album here : https://imgur.com/gallery/dszwq - adaption at hatch backside of ship. - adaption of lateral sides of ship, the engines are more covered. - the lateral sides get now significantly more edges. - possible design of pressurized astronaut chamber.
  5. Dear people, I started from scratch with a 3-d model this weekend. Just for fun.. It fascinated me to expand it further. at first I only worked on a spaceship. Afterwards thought about deployment area and added the descent / ascent module. later other details like landing legs and animation. I finally made a concept out of it. - "Adelante" was born. The Concept of LLS-'Adelante' is a lunar landing system - That's why I use the abbreviation 'LLS'. LLS-'Adelante' come with an Descent/Ascent module. also a decoupler module and fairing shell part. Even
  6. i wish you all a happy xmas & happy new year ! cheers & thank all for support !
  7. hi all, cheers from flight (Airbus A321) FCO to PMO 4 days ago .. landing at sicily without sun .. very unusual. ok, but what I wanted to say , I did not forget you .. mod is still in progress
  8. hello everyone, the last few weeks have been busy, and I could not devote myself to the hobbies. I hope to work on avalon again this weekend. cheers !
  9. it makes no sense people who contribute nothing to a project that is still in development send a "download-link". This gives me more work in the end, and answering the questions here does not help, as the topic 'project cooperation' was already discussed in the previous post. who can read is always in the advantage .. anyway a little cheers' ! ps. I believe I can claim that there is a difference between "add-on releases" and "add-on development"
  10. hi all, just make a design review of Commander Bridge on Ship AVALON. here some pictures have phun, cheers ! https://imgur.com/gallery/ztRTh there were still 2 kerbals to it, now there are a total of 26 Kerbals who have space in the ship AVALON. - 5 pilots / engineers in the commander bridge. 3 engineers up at docking chamber. 3 kerbals in science & medic department. 3 kerbals in the green-house department. 12 kerbals in the transport department at the bottom. -> so this is now 5 + 3 + 3 + 3 + 12 = 26 - Of course, the ship would have had more space,
  11. hi all, here some progress - added today some scientific tools and more to internals of space ship AVALON ; https://imgur.com/gallery/qe8Hh
  12. Solar storms and radiation protection are unfortunately a big topic for Deep-Space Travels. Unfortunately for the Astronauts in the real life. How high the radiation will be at deep-space travels for astronauts is really hard to say, since no one can predict solar storms. it will be much more difficult to make a colonization on the mars without taking the radiation protection into account. - for this and other various reasons, i will not consider them radiation protection topic for my mod
  13. hi guys, just make some progress in IVA Design. here the results , I think that looks quite good and realistic. enjoy - cheers ! https://imgur.com/gallery/5A3b7 the upper department, science and medical laboratory I find quite well. had switched transparence to have a better insight - only for you all.
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