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  1. Dear all, Unfortunately I will have no time in the next years to continue working on my mod "STS AVALON". thread will be closed. Thanks all in advance for support. Cheers, Raendy !
  2. Hello no, there is no 'download' option. best regards ! and yes, .. currently I am doing summer break. cheers !
  3. Hello, no, not really. :D but thanks for asking. yes why it is currently a little quiet about my project: quite simply private matters, too little motivation ... In addition, I am currently engaged in game programming with Unity, so I have some ideas ..
  4. Hello everyone, I've made small adjustments to the design of the design. here a handful of pictures .. cheers ! full album here : https://imgur.com/gallery/dszwq - adaption at hatch backside of ship. - adaption of lateral sides of ship, the engines are more covered. - the lateral sides get now significantly more edges. - possible design of pressurized astronaut chamber.
  5. Dear people, I started from scratch with a 3-d model this weekend. Just for fun.. It fascinated me to expand it further. at first I only worked on a spaceship. Afterwards thought about deployment area and added the descent / ascent module. later other details like landing legs and animation. I finally made a concept out of it. - "Adelante" was born. The Concept of LLS-'Adelante' is a lunar landing system - That's why I use the abbreviation 'LLS'. LLS-'Adelante' come with an Descent/Ascent module. also a decoupler module and fairing shell part. Eventually later comes a first-stage carrier with a corresponding powerful drive. But is optional for me and not absolutely necessary as there are enough 5 m diameter carrier systems that can be used. :: collaboration and realization and status of this project :: Pictures, Pictures, Pictures .. Here are some pictures, it was fun. I quickly created some 3d-scenes with light. a few cameras placed .. done! Have fun ! full Concept-Album: ADELANTE https://imgur.com/a/Yoxn6 https://imgur.com/a/50cHj https://imgur.com/a/bUqe4 possible habitat-modules concepts : https://imgur.com/gallery/kWpDr few pictures here.. - 'Adelante' on lunar orbit - decoupling the Descent/ascent Module and aproach return back to earth with Space Ship Module Adelante. - Adelante with all components included First Stage. ( first Stage is optional for me and not absolutely necessary as there are enough 5 m diameter carrier systems that can be used for 'Adelante'. ) - These are the core components : * Protective Fairing Shell and below the ProtectiveAdapter-Decoupler part (all are 5m diameter parts) * In between the Descent/Ascent Module and the Spaceship Adelante. - measures of Space Ship Adelante with Descent/Ascent Module and extended landing foots.
  6. i wish you all a happy xmas & happy new year ! cheers & thank all for support !
  7. hi all, cheers from flight (Airbus A321) FCO to PMO 4 days ago .. landing at sicily without sun .. very unusual. ok, but what I wanted to say , I did not forget you .. mod is still in progress
  8. hello everyone, the last few weeks have been busy, and I could not devote myself to the hobbies. I hope to work on avalon again this weekend. cheers !
  9. it makes no sense people who contribute nothing to a project that is still in development send a "download-link". This gives me more work in the end, and answering the questions here does not help, as the topic 'project cooperation' was already discussed in the previous post. who can read is always in the advantage .. anyway a little cheers' ! ps. I believe I can claim that there is a difference between "add-on releases" and "add-on development"
  10. hi all, just make a design review of Commander Bridge on Ship AVALON. here some pictures have phun, cheers ! https://imgur.com/gallery/ztRTh there were still 2 kerbals to it, now there are a total of 26 Kerbals who have space in the ship AVALON. - 5 pilots / engineers in the commander bridge. 3 engineers up at docking chamber. 3 kerbals in science & medic department. 3 kerbals in the green-house department. 12 kerbals in the transport department at the bottom. -> so this is now 5 + 3 + 3 + 3 + 12 = 26 - Of course, the ship would have had more space, but as I explained in older posts, I have also tried to consider the space for fuel to make the whole more realistic. for this reason, the pressurized-chamber was more realistic. (see first concept draws - https://imgur.com/a/a9MdC )
  11. hi all, here some progress - added today some scientific tools and more to internals of space ship AVALON ; https://imgur.com/gallery/qe8Hh
  12. Solar storms and radiation protection are unfortunately a big topic for Deep-Space Travels. Unfortunately for the Astronauts in the real life. How high the radiation will be at deep-space travels for astronauts is really hard to say, since no one can predict solar storms. it will be much more difficult to make a colonization on the mars without taking the radiation protection into account. - for this and other various reasons, i will not consider them radiation protection topic for my mod
  13. hi guys, just make some progress in IVA Design. here the results , I think that looks quite good and realistic. enjoy - cheers ! https://imgur.com/gallery/5A3b7 the upper department, science and medical laboratory I find quite well. had switched transparence to have a better insight - only for you all.
  14. hi all, i a just revised the IVA Design and IVA Pilot Seats here some pictures full album here : https://imgur.com/gallery/EFKpq -> this new Pilot Seat fits better than the previous model ! in addition, the pilot cabine was completely separated. in the new pilot division the 3 pilots have an effective FOV. - before they had no view outwards. the new interior uses the space more effectively, there are also 2 additional sections. for the top compartement (ScieneLabor and Medics) I have about an idea how it might look. for the central cylinder-shaped I still lack ideas.. - conceptionel it could be a deep-freeze or sleep recovery department. or much more effective and Higher Plants Compartment like this concept from ESA : http://www.esa.int/Our_Activities/Space_Engineering_Technology/Melissa/Compartment_IV_The_photoautotophic_compartment btw. here the 'Kerbals Crew' from the last ESA-Melissa Mision 2015 http://www.esa.int/Our_Activities/Space_Engineering_Technology/Melissa/Compartment_V_The_crew_compartment more about the ESA Melissa Project here ; https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/MELiSSA https://labiotech.eu/extra-terrestrial-ecosystems-the-european-space-agency-melissa-program/
  15. Hi SpannerMonkey, I have just created a suitable pilot commander chair. fits fit for the kerbal. check this later in unity resp. in-game... https://imgur.com/gallery/vgvkI https://imgur.com/gallery/vgvkI
  16. Hi SpannerMonkey, many many thanks for your tip ! I will try to implement that, so I think it would be sufficient if the transform is set lower . thanks for kerbal-model ! it looks very nice https://imgur.com/gallery/Fyoyt
  17. yes, sorry its not quite exact : [LOG 20:04:24.983] ******* Log Initiated for Kerbal Space Program - (WindowsPlayer x64) en-us ******* Kerbal Space Program - (WindowsPlayer x64) en-us Hallo all, so i have posted a Q- if someone have me a tip - i thank you in advance : Well I should try an IKEA-chair maybe the pilot sits then and does not float in the air ...
  18. hello all, unfortunately I have already made some attempts so far without success. The model in Blender shows the geometric focus quite differently from Unity. so the Kerbal-pilot does not sit on the chair but higher up. - What am I doing wrong, is there a solution? thanks a lot in advance ! full album - https://imgur.com/gallery/CHcF3
  19. - ok ok, you should never give up - have downloaded unity version 2017 and the tools installed! seems to work. - here first preview of the IVA SS-AVALON : more here : https://imgur.com/gallery/Kp7CM
  20. hello together today wanted to provide the IVA for SS-Avalon.- Once again, as usual, there are massive problems when integrating KSP part tools.. the KSP tools do not appear in my (new installed) Unity 5.4.0.f3. I have only 'KSPAssets' without 'PartTools' to compile new Mod Parts .. ->if someone can give me a tip - how to install the new partTools. - Thank you all in advance !
  21. hi mate, 1. I wonder how you are trying to run a 64 bit game on a 32bit system : Crash!!! SymInit: Symbol-SearchPath: '.;C:\Users\alexr\Desktop\KSP_win64;C:\Users\alexr\Desktop\KSP_win64;C:\WINDOWS;C:\WINDOWS\system32;SRV*C:\websymbols*http://msdl.microsoft.com/download/symbols;', symOptions: 530, UserName: 'alexr' OS-Version: 10.0.15063 () 0x300-0x1 C:\Users\alexr\Desktop\KSP_win64\KSP_x64.exe:KSP_x64.exe (00007FF7834E0000), size: 22437888 (result: 0), SymType: '-exported-', PDB: 'C:\Users\alexr\Desktop\KSP_win64\KSP_x64.exe', fileVersion: C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM32\ntdll.dll:ntdll.dll (00007FFA8FF40000), size: 1945600 (result: 0), SymType: '-exported-', PDB: 'C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM32\ntdll.dll', fileVersion: 10.0.15063.447 C:\Program Files\AVAST Software\Avast\x64\aswhooka.dll:aswhooka.dll (00007FFA4DDF0000), size: 208896 (result: 0), SymType: '-nosymbols-', PDB: 'C:\Program Files\AVAST Software\Avast\x64\aswhooka.dll', fileVersion: C:\WINDOWS\System32\KERNEL32.DLL:KERNEL32.DLL (00007FFA8D7D0000), size: 712704 (result: 0), SymType: '-exported-', PDB: 'C:\WINDOWS\System32\KERNEL32.DLL', fileVersion: 10.0.15063.296 C:\WINDOWS\System32\KERNELBASE.dll:KERNELBASE.dll (00007FFA8C460000), size: 2396160 (result: 0), SymType: '-exported-', PDB: 'C:\WINDOWS\System32\KERNELBASE.dll', fileVersion: 10.0.15063.502 C:\WINDOWS\System32\GDI32.dll:GDI32.dll 2. try apparently a lot of 'mods' to start which are not compatible anyway. - simply search the logfile for the term "error". : Error: Cannot create FMOD::Sound instance for resource ٿPŷ, (Unsupported file or audio format. ) Texture load error in 'C:\Users\alexr\Desktop\KSP_win64\GameData\ASET\ASET_Props\Instruments\IndicatorPanel5x3\screen-emissive.dds' Texture load error in 'C:\Users\alexr\Desktop\KSP_win64\GameData\ASET\ASET_Props\MFDs\ALCORMFD40x20\bg02.dds' Texture load error in 'C:\Users\alexr\Desktop\KSP_win64\GameData\AstronomersVisualPack\EVE\CityLights\Textures\detail.tga' KSP-AVC -> Version file contains errors: C:\Users\alexr\Desktop\KSP_win64\GameData\B9PartSwitch\B9PartSwitch.version 4. you try to start a very large amout of "mod" - your integrated-graka' (Intel(R) HD Graphics 620) is too weak ! Version: Direct3D 9.0c [igdumdim64.dll] Renderer: Intel(R) HD Graphics 620 Vendor: Intel VRAM: 3167 MB (via DXGI) 5. try first to run the KSP without 'module' clean to run. download only compatible 'module' to fit your ksp version. if you have no idea about windows , try google search for "KSP" & "CKAN". with "CKAN" you can download compatible mods these are then installed automatically. Unfortunately, not all "mod" developers are there, but the selection is very large. 6. I personally would not place the KSP folder desktop. moves to c: \ games or somewhere else. there are no application installations on the desktop. - let the fingers of torrent-ksp versions! buy a valid version, so you will have no problems. -> please do not ask any more about this topic to me. do not really troubleshooting for 'Squad' sorry.. 'Take Two' ... cheers !
  22. hi, well a pre-release currently does not bring anything, many things are still unfinished. but the background is being worked on. cheers!
  23. Hello all, maybe* we realize a small missions campaign. I have put some inspiring pictures. possible mission themes: - Build a Station (ATS) with more than one Docking Port around Kerbin Orbit. - Build a Refuelling Station (ATS) around Kerbin Orbit. - Orbiting around Duna with SS-Avalon - put on Duna Orbit the Avalon-ComSatelite Module (SM500 ServiceModule) - Landing on Duna - Bulid on Duna a 'Avalon-Habitat'* with 5 or more Kerbals. ('Avalon Habitat' module is on project) -> Full Album Online here : https://imgur.com/gallery/B4Eo9 ok, the listing is not final. Possibly other exciting possibilities are added. (depending on mission designer*) just take a look.. therefore a habitat module may be added to the Upperstage. - here first concept sketches, and approximate mechanics. https://imgur.com/gallery/aDkf6 - the habitat module is lowered with the SS-Avalon. possibly also autonomously with own brake machanism (parachutes & brake nozzles) -> in the end it might look something like this. the total height of the core module will be slightly lower. without additional module (at left)
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