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  1. I have a question... Something is terribly wrong here, and I could use help to get this back on track. I just started implementing mods, and I used the suggested FAR and Deadly Re-entry, installed with CKAN and Module Manager and ModularFlightIntegrator, as required. I have some other mods, looking at them, nothing really more than any other people have been using for their games. RemoteTech, RealChutes, TAC FUel Balancer, KW Rocketry...and so forth. I do have a couple that aren't 'standard' for people, KSP Interstellar Extended and all the USI (Tools, Survival, Life Support, Kolonization, Freight, Exploration) Just to give people a hint as to what I'm running. Now, my issue. I'm not slowing down upon re-entry from orbit. Sure I've seen this post before, and people explaining as to how to do it. It's not working. In fact, my pod coming in from an AP at 80,000 meters and my PE set at even as low as 5000 meteres. Results in my NOT slowing down, in fact I'm gaining speed. The only time I am slowing down is during my ascent back up to 80,000. In which I gain my speed back up to orbit velocity of approx. 2300m/s when I come back down. It's like the atmosphere is doing NOTHING at all to slow me down, but it sure likes to burn up my craft. I've watched video's and mimicked their re-entry, to no avail. My mechanics don't even follow close. So, I've figured out that there must be something terribly wrong. I can't be the one doing this bad, when I'm doing the same thing as others. In FACT, for more weirdness....I've flown my rocket NOT even on a sub-orbital path, staying below 30K, and I can reach 1800ms, gaining speed as I fall to my inevitable doom. So...what's wrong people? This is obviously very very wrong.
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