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  1. Can't think of much that mods don't already do. But with that I'd probably like some mod-like features added into the game, such as they don't break so often or maybe can be done in a more optimized way. Visual enhancements, now my pc isn't too powerful, but I find that playing without clouds for Kerbin is almost unplayable. I'm not asking about a full on graphics card melter but some simple cloud layer, which could maybe be improved in the settings for those with better machines. Sound enhancement. One of my favorite mods is Real Plume, not so much for the improved plume of engines (which is awesome on its own) but mostly because it makes the engines sound like real, powerful rocket engines. Some kind of life support, even if simple. Snacks is the simplest LS mod that comes to mind, probably something along those lines would be the best as to not over complicate the game. This one is highly unlikely, but would make me buy it right away. A RO like change of the game. Make it realistic as much as possible. This one is the one that I don't know if it exists as a mod. Closest I know is procedural parts. The possibility to create our own parts, within the game, not having to resort to extra programs and configs, but an fairly easy and approachable way for everyone to make parts as they want them to be and not be so limited.
  2. Hey loving the mod. For some reason though, Titan appears to me totally black. Only happens with the clouds settings. Some screenshots. Also added a ss of the mods I'm currently using, which is only SSRSS and its requirements. Installed all via ckan, also I'm running the game in x64 if that helps. I've tried both the low and high res clouds.
  3. http://forum.kerbalspaceprogram.com/threads/130260-WIP-1-0-4-EVA-Enhancements-pitch-roll-navball-and-more!-v0-9-1
  4. Maybe you could show an example of what you want, a real life picture or something.
  5. Sounds like the Hangar mod http://forum.kerbalspaceprogram.com/threads/88933
  6. Awesome, I love your mod. By far my favourite for ground bases. Yeah I'll totally not be coming back here and check every 15 minutes now
  7. I love this mod, especially your addition of the KW sounds. Though, should liquid fuel engines leave so much "smoke" behind them? I mean IRL they leave practically nothing, even less than stock ksp.
  8. I see no reason, nowhere it's said that the Kerbol System is a recreation of the real solar system. Jupiter isn't green and Venus isn't purple. And I'm pretty sure I read somewhere that, at least at some point, there were plans on adding a second gas giant and Eeloo would change to be a moon to that planet.
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