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  1. Extension. Any idea of the vessel limits/requirements, other than drone? (ie, weight, funds, etc)
  2. Depends on your design. Jester lacks a tail to slap. Sasquatch, had any progress on the tie yet??
  3. I expected to be competitive, but....... Wow. Kinda funny at about 7:30 the AI pilot got too crazy and lithobraked.
  4. I had to trade off more missiles (literally limited to one missile) for the ability to have multiple small engines in both funds and weight. I even had to watch part choice for my wings.
  5. Also just under cost and weight limits, but has redundant engines Weapons 1x Vulcan (Hidden) 20MM (1300 rounds on board) 1x Sidewinder Missile 1x Chaff
  6. How's storywriting going?? I've read this story for quite a while, and really don't want to see it die out
  7. Take all the time you need. I've just seen too many good stories like this fall into disrepair and never get finished/updated with new content. Glad to hear that this story won't be one of those
  8. Any progress?? I really love this story, and am sad to see it sitting idle like this. Rep coming your way