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  1. Thanks, I scaled 'em down and they're working fine. Thanks. Edit Actually, I just remembered I could only get them to work by using infinite fuel. If I activated them with no cheats on, they flame out immediately, saying that they're oxidizer deprived. http://imgur.com/tAtiK5M
  2. The game doesn't seem to recognize the RS-25s as any sort of object. In the VAB, they also show the exhaust coming out. Does anyone know about this issue and how it can be fixed? http://imgur.com/inx1jbR
  3. Are the modules not compatible with Mike-NZs shuttle most people have?
  4. Do the payload bay modules suffer the same glitches as the cabin? I finally found a SpaceHab module for KSP but of course, the link is suspended. I was just wondering because if the modules don't have any issues, why are they suspended as well?
  5. It's not necessarily module ports vs spacecraft ports, it's American vs Russian ports. Russian ports use a probe and drogue kind of system, where the docking spacecraft has a pointed cone extending forward that's guided into a funnel where 2 vehicles can latch together. American docking ports have the latches, but not any type of guiding mechanism. All U.S. orbital segment modules and spacecraft (excluding the space shuttle) must be gently guided into the correct position by the Canadarm.
  6. I mean they're under the "Structural" part category in the VAB (the tabs on the left side). When I mean firespitter, I mean just the plugin. Firespitter is an animation mod, many other mods use it including the space shuttle. It's needed to animate certain things.
  7. The solar arrays and trusses will be under the "structural" category. If you've looked in there but still can't find them plus the radiators not deploying...I'd reccommend installing firespitter and seeing if you can get those parts working, but that's all I can suggest.
  8. I've noticed some things that are off with the trusses. In this picture, the top node on the Z1 truss is way off center. It should be located in the central rectangle/square hole. The circular holes don't match the P6 truss pegs when P6 is attached. http://imgur.com/TeNlVvR I also figured out that the Z1 truss's dimensions are incorrect. Here we see that the P6 truss goes way beyond the frame of Z1, http://imgur.com/TtmQ6zB while in real life, the both trusses are equal on both ends. Which leads me to my next point: Z1 and S6/P6 trusses aren't proportional to the other parts of the pack. In game, Z1 does not span the entire width of the payload bay, nor does it go very far down into the bay. http://imgur.com/7lX6bOi I wish I could have found a photo of the shuttle payload bay for the mission which delivered Z1, but a paper model of STS-92 created by shuttle enthusiasts depicts how Z1 would appear in the payload bay. http://www.axmpaperspacescalemodels.com/STS-92payload.html (All credit goes to the creators of this) There are some photos of the Z1 frame when it arrived at Kennedy Space Center before it was covered in mylar and installation of electronic components in this photo archive. http://science.ksc.nasa.gov/shuttle/missions/sts-92/images/images.html Therefore, the S6/P6 trusses must also be improperly sized. In its current size, the S6/P6 truss is almost exactly 1/2 the length of the payload bay (minus solar array). http://imgur.com/vRoowsc However, in real life, the S6/P6 trusses take up around or more than 2/3 the length of the payload bay. The width of the truss is correct though, only the length is off. I think some realistic additions would be if the Z1 had reaction wheels. The gray/silver bulge on the rear side of Z1 is actually a set of gimbals used to orient the ISS. Also, all of the solar array trusses had large batteries in them. The rectangular things at the end of those trusses like in the picture above are actually those batteries. Therefore, the S4/P4 and S6/P6 trusses should have a sizable electricity storage capacity. The docking port on the bottom of Z1 is also nonfunctional. I think the original Z1 piece from Bobcat's pack was actually closer to the correct size. EDIT After doing some more digging, I've found a HUGE archive of payload photos on Kennedy Space Center's archives. http://science.ksc.nasa.gov/gallery/photos/2000/ This has thousands of pictures taken in the space station processing facility from the year 2000. Most of the folders there should bring up at least a few photos of the STS-92's payload. However, http://science.ksc.nasa.gov/gallery/photos/2000/2000-sheet-14.html and sheet 15 have the best views of Z1 in the payload bay.
  9. @IgorZ and @ExplorerKlatt Thanks for y'all's help a few days ago. I resolved the problem today. Turns out I had the .dll files in 2 places: One in the KIS and KAS folders respectively, and another for KIS and KAS as standalone files in the KSP Gamedata folder; deleting the .dll files in the Gamedata folder solved the issue and now I can attach items like normal.
  10. I checked the part config, and the allowSrfAttach is set to 1. A majority of the parts I listed in my previous post were actually placed on these racks in the VAB. Now, there is a "srfAttach" value that IS zero. But that value is only 2nd in the list.
  11. Regarding it being a ground pylon, I remember around a year ago I did a mission and I had no trouble placing ground pylons on objects in space...but I only had KAS at that time, not KIS and KAS. It's not only the pylon that doesn't work though. I have a few other objects aboard my flight that I know should be able to be moved (they're KAS compatible, but the KIS drill still won't attach them to anything. One is the Power and Data Grapple Fixture from the RKE Kanadarm mod, EAS-1 command seat, and 2 stock deployable solar panels. I didn't see anything else out of the ordinary, but that's just me. http://imgur.com/VoCco9F
  12. I just checked it, and it said [Error]: Actor::setLinearVelocity: Actor must be (non-kinematic) dynamic! [Error]: Actor::setAngularVelocity: Actor must be (non-kinematic) dynamic! I assumed this meant that the kerbal had to be stationary. I put shuttle I'm using out on the pad horizontally and played around inside the payload bay with a kerbal. I tried attaching the pylon on the truss while on a ladder, it still only dropped. Next I tried attaching the pylon while standing still on the floor, that didn't work either. The part I'm using is the ground pylon from KAS v0.5.5. I'm trying to attach it to a part titled "Frames 1 & 2" from the "Space Shuttle [SSP] for KSP" mod, unknown version. I can't track down the version because the master pack that part is included in has undergone countless iterations since the part was created 5 months ago.
  13. I simply cannot get things to attach. I have my drill equipped and a small object that I want to attach to another surface. I hold H or X and then click, but the object just floats off like I simply dropped it. I can detach things just fine, it's only attaching that refuses to work. Am I doing something wrong here? http://imgur.com/a/C5Fke In the first image I am holding down the X key for the drill to attach. In the 2nd image, the hub is floating away. I'm not quite sure if this is more appropriate in this thread or the KAS thread.
  14. Ayy, that's great news! What can we expect to see now?
  15. I got something else. The launchpads are messed up. One of the 2 launchpads (excluding PAD 2) has no ejection, so the shuttle can't lift off. The pad that does have an ejection, its node that the shuttle is supposed to connect to is way too low. http://imgur.com/q7Dztyx The other launchpad's node is fine, but like I said, it doesn't have an ejection.
  16. What I meant in my first post was that they wouldn't attach to the nodes. I did what you said with aligning the nodes, and it's working fine, so everything's good.
  17. I downloaded the newest pack, and this is one of the first issues I ran into. http://imgur.com/4bVIHvp The booster separators refuse to attach to the fuel tank. Also the bottom of the tail goes over the edge of the aft fuselage. http://imgur.com/g0bTRor
  18. Daaaaamn, mike, that was fast! I was gonna edit my post to additionally suggest the ICC Lite, but you already made it an alternate texture of the MPESS. Awesome! Could you put another ICC lite on the end of the first one, much in the same way you did with the SpaceLab pallets? - - - Updated - - - Here are some various payloads carried aboard the SpaceLab pallets. ASTRO-1 telescope in the OPF. The base the telescopes are mounted to is called the Instrument Pointing System. SRL-1 in Endeavour's payload bay. The long object behind the MPESS is a ground mapping antenna. SRTM being loaded into Endeavour's payload bay. The pallet is clearly visible. There weren't any good on-orbit photos I could find, but this shows all of STS-99's payload (which was also the final mission to use SpaceLab parts other than carrying Canadarm2 and Dextre to ISS). These would make cool ScanSat parts or something akin to that mod.
  19. Mike, the U-shaped pallets you made awhile ago are actually the SpaceLab pallets. I have some (AckchyuallyIt'sAlot) of suggestions. The sun-shielding clamshell satellite cradle (which I see has already begun development) in the rear, the MPESS carrier truss in the center would be great to mount EVA equipment and small parts on. On the right side of the payload bay is a Hitchhiker experiment module. Those'd be good for science generation, akin to (but much smaller than) a Science Jr.
  20. The X-37B is solely operated by the USAF. However, Boeing proposed a crewed variant for NASA transport to the ISS called the X-37C, which is significantly larger than its Air Force counterpart. Mike's image is of the X-37A, an atmospheric test glider that was jointly tested by NASA and the USAF, hence the NASA markings. BTW I know we already have dreamchaser, but this would be freaking awesome.
  21. Ah! Mike, I worked the problem just a minute ago! I was using the canadarm folder from the master download, but I installed the specific Canadarm from the front page and it's working, so I deleted my previous post.
  22. I installed v1.4.1 but it isn't working. It loads fine until it reaches the STSOMSEngineLeft file and then it just stops. Is anyone else having the same trouble?
  23. They weren't exactly on that list, but a CST-100 and/or an X-37C would be awesome to have on KSP.
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