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  1. I just landed, after about the 14th attempt lol. I destroyed my gigantor solar panel to see if that was causing aerodynamic issues, then used eva and raised my periapsis as much as I could. Along with some very careful piloting, managed to slow down enough, my craft still flipped out of control, and the heatshield blew up, but the crew and science survived.
  2. So I just completed my biggest mission yet in career mode. I have a science lab connected to a mk1-2 command pod on the top, with a service bay containing all my science, and a heat shield on the bottom. I was dumb and I did not test the re-entry on it before the mission. I quick saved before re-entry, figuring if it blows up I could try it again until I get it right. The big mistake was not putting a reaction wheel or RCS on it as I was trying to reduce weight, once it gets to around 22-23km it loses control flips around and explodes. Any advice for getting this thing back down safely?
  3. So i updated remote tech to the latest version for 1.1.3, im still having issues with it. I have 2 satellites in orbit I cannot make any pitch/yaw/roll adjustments, they automatically roll back. and SAS turns off within less then a second every time I try to turn it on.
  4. as far as payload goes, I use KAS and KIS, so id like to have the capability of carrying one containers worth of supplies in a service bay, and probably a retractable solar panel in there to. ill probably be going with the mk2 cockpit + mk2 crew cabin, so total of 6 passengers. Im not worried about mission cost, im allocating 4-5 mill for this project, and the shuttle program will be the cheapest part of it. My main issue right now is simply figuring out how to pilot these things efficiently (how fast and what angle should i be going at which altitude), de orbiting and landing on the KSC runway will be another challenge, but im figuring it out. thanks for everyones responses, Will get back to this in a few days, and hopefully complete the project, i plan to screencap throughout the whole process and create a thread for it.
  5. has to be SSTO and can Carry at least 4 passengers to the station and dock. Idealy I would prefer to have my station pretty high above kerbin, but not higher then the mun. This spaceplane is simply for shuttling astronauts/tourists back and forth between kerbin and my space station.
  6. Recently made a ton of $$$ in my career mode (normal difficulty), from repeating missions on duna/ike.. and now have enough $$$ to sort of play around with. I have all aircraft/spaceplane tech unlocked except for experimental aerodynamics. So im allocating around 4-5 million towards a project. My goal is to setup a mega space station in orbit around kerbin, a very large mining base on the mun, and lastly a small refueler/miner rover near the KSC runway, I think you guys can see where this is going. The SSTO spaceplane I want to build will need to be able to reach and dock with my space station where it can then be refueled, then de-orbit, land on the KSC runway and refuel there. However I cant design/launch my station until I know what my SSTO is capable of. So if anyone has accomplished a similar type of project, let me know how you did it. [skip Here] Getting to the point of my question: where can i find tutorials on building spaceplanes and SSTO's that are compatible with the latest version of KSP, most the tutorials and youtube videos i see are from earlier versions and those craft no longer work or arent able to survive re-entry heat. Kerbal engineer tends to get buggy when im building a spaceplane, like not showing accurate delta v data, or not showing anything at all which makes this a bit difficult.
  7. So i had this idea for a career mode expansion type mod. basically what would be cool is if we could buy/sell ships to eachother. so the mod would be like a marketplace app. Basically the mod would do the following... -disable cheats by linking your career mode save file to a server -create a marketplace where you can sell or buy ship designs to and from other players. -in the marketplace you could show screenshots of the ship your selling, and list a description of it, enter in the price you want to sell it for, and it would also let players know how much it costs to launch the ship. -be able to rate other players ships after you buy them, and write reviews. anyway, thought id throw this out there, i cant be the first person to have thought of this, wondering if theres anything like that or if anyone is currently working on something like this?
  8. i dont think its cheating, you have to unlock the tech. It kind of makes sense for spaceships to have some form of autopilot. Also sometimes mechjeb isnt as good as manual. It is kind of cheating if you are 100% dependent on it though. I use mechjeb since it saves time, and ive already done all the basic things without it, like rendevous, landing, getting into orbit etc etc..
  9. with career mode ive found its much more fun if you set your starting money to 500,000, and set starting science to like 300 or so. Starting out in career mode is the most boring part of the game, by customizing the settings this way it skips that initial boring part.