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  1. I launched a rocket heading for Minmus, and the encounter is not appearing. I am 100% certain there is an encounter. After the Minmus encounter there will be a Mun encounter, and this one is showing up. If I burn in any direction, sufficiently to avoid entering the Mun SOI, the Minmus encounter appears. So the bug only happens if in the same orbit happens an encounter with the Mun. I tried restarting the game and the computer, and nothing changed. I waited to see if it was just a numerical non-convergence problem, but apparently not. Screenshot: The Minmus encounter will happen at the 2nd intersection, after 15d 6h (even without the maneuver mode, it is just a slight correction to enter Minmus orbit with desired inclination), and the Mun encounter will happen after 20d 4h. I'm using KSP v1.0.4.861. I have some mods installed, but none that alters gameplay: Asteroid Day 1.0 Chatterer 0.9.6 CollisionFX 3.2 Distant Object Enhancement bis 1.5.7 PlanetShine It happend in a carrer save with level 2 Tracking Station. I will try to replicate the problem in sandbox, but it may take a while.
  2. Right now I've rescued 5 females and 1 male. In the available contracts, there's 1 for each gender. At the astronaut complex, the applicants are 5 male and 2 female. I never hired anyone. It does seem a little biased. Maybe that is just how kerbal biology works?
  3. Hello! Thanks for this awesome mod! When I installed the last version (copying the \chatterer folder and merging), Windows told me some files didn't exist / could not be found. It happened with the Sounds\chatter\*\capsuleF folders, and now those are empty. I think everything is working properly, and those folders seems to be empty in the .zip file already, so the problem is just a strange message that left me worried. Also, what can I do to keep the old settings (chatter and beeps frequency and volume) when updating? Can this be done? About the suggestions: I really like the idea of chatter at the tracking station. At the other buildings: not so much...
  4. One thing that is really bothering me: the audio settings seriously needs a master volume control. Gameplay: kerbals in EVA should rotate up/down, the same way they rotate left/right. Useless when landed, but very important when in orbit.