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  1. So what if you combined Thomas the Tank Engine and Firefly? Boy, editing is hard.
  2. I tried a few options, ranging from the more realistic ones to those of the least part count and settled on something closer to the latter. Essentially the cars are linked by docking ports attached to unpowered and unlocked hinges with 200 damping. Not exactly replica-quality, but it does the job
  3. Rails?! Where we're going we don't need rails! Introducing the Sandworm, retrofuturistic heavy-duty long-range land train, designed for operation on Duna. It excels at refueling the spaceplanes that can't land precisely; extracting ore from the very best deposits as well as hauling rovers, entire bases and even spaceplanes across long distances. Powered by fuel cells, the engine is capable of accelerating 200 tonnes of mass to 60 km/h, and with powered assist from the cars — up to 600 tonnes to the same speed. However, when underloaded, it is perfectly possible to reach 180 km/h. Ev
  4. But why not call it Korolev Hexagon? This weird design is a little-known, but fairly serious proposal for an R-7-derived launch vehicle, weighing 2.5 times what a modern R-7 derivative Soyuz 2.1b does, but lifting almost 5 times of payload to LEO! This is achieved in a truly Soviet way — that is, by placing a nuclear engine with an appalingly radioactive exhaust on the core stage. On liftoff only the boosters with conventional engines fire, but once they separate you don't want to be anywhere near the rear end of the rocket (not that you want to be there in general). The next stage c
  5. There's no such thing as too much drag, there's only too little thrust... Big, fast, loud, screw-the-economic-downturn "Crimson Stingray" space yacht (SX-33 V-3 for nerds) is SPAS' newest long-range vessel . With accomodations for four and an all-glass cockpit, it is a perfect sightseeing vessel*, boasting up to ~4000 dV in orbit** to take you where tax evasion investigators won't find you. Derived from "Duna Soar" project, it excels at gliding through even the thinnest of atmospheres***, providing ample time for you to enjoy your obscenely overpriced glass of champagne from the flo
  6. It's just a retexture by Restock — I'm a wannabe stock purist these days
  7. Sometimes, less is more... This is Hamster 2 — a 6-Kerbal crew rotation shuttle and a spiritual successor to Hamster 1 that featured similar design and equally unreasonable name that just kinda stuck. Unlike its predecessor, this craft has no control surfaces whatsoever, flying only on pure magic of SAS. Despite this, it has unbelievable landing success rate of 45%, compared to modest 15% of Hamster 1. About that small landing problem... So you're just coming in on KSC like a dive bomber, pray to Kraken and eyeball when to start a flare. If you're too early — you'll eat dirt (or concr
  8. Excuse me, have I seen you before?
  9. Thank you, it would seem we do things very similarly! I'd like to share some of the fancy pants stuff I did because I wasted far too much time on getting it right... I actually made the blueprint background layer myself — it's fairly simple, just make a rectangle filled with custom pattern. In my case the pattern is 30*30 px squares with 1-pixel thick edges with a slight blue tint. The table is assembed out of similar rectangles, but without the pattern. For projections I used KVV. I just remove the background, use "Find edges" filter or an alternative to get a blueprint-like look
  10. What better way to spend the New Year's Eve than drawing blueprints of your ship?
  11. Kerball 12 approaching Kerberth 2 station to await the nuclear tug for transfer to Eeloo. Kerberth 2 is the newest space station of United Kerbin, replacing the absolute mess of things that was Kerberth 1. With three modules of common architecture and a docking tug it clocks at just 119 parts, providing passive and active docking ports for any vessel in the fleet, accomodation for 12 kerbonauts and ample fuel storage. Also looks darn good if I dare say so myself.
  12. How overengineered is too overengineered?
  13. Yes, I'm experiencing the same issue. However, I found that you still can copy HighGainAntenna from a subassembly or another vessel and use it perfectly well. Please let me know if you've been able to fix the issue! I tried messing around with configs, but failed.
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