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  1. Ocean shaders are working, atmospheric scattering... not so much. I suggest patience.
  2. 50 metric tons to LKO in a reasonably stylish fashion:
  3. Putting "spatiale" into "Aérospatiale Concorde", or your "thrust torque" has no power over me.
  4. How would you call air launch but from Eve? Soup launch! Introducing Soup Launcher 3000 — a contraption for a cost-cutting career Eve expedition. The plane unfolds from a 2.5 metres aeroshell and flies wherever the sun ever gets higher than 30 degrees above the horizon (so no poles... Sorry, Poland). It can visit (almost) all biomes, drive around a bit, perform all the science experiments I had unlocked and then get to 15 000 metres (or more) to launch the ascent vehicle with the crew. Once in orbit, the intrepid kerbonauts can spacewalk to the return vessel. More pictures under the spoiler:
  5. Made a sleek aeroshell to make my Soyuz Laythe-capable. Looks great, doesn't work. Anyone knows how to get around drag being calculated even for the parts in aerodynamic shadow?
  6. Going full Soviet and making the Red Planet red again: Tiny Lunokhod-inspired rover and Soyuz-shaped ascent vehicle, all fitting inside 1.875 fuselage. The mission was impossibly overcomplicated with 5 dockings in Duna orbit, but surprisingly succeeded in returning over 4000 science points and 3 brave kerbonauts to Kerbin but also consuming the better part of the day. The ascent vehicle, much like the mission, was overengineered - it had 4 or 3 stages (depending on the way you're counting), but only one set of engines and the narrowest of safety margins. Well, I guess that problem with safety margins only makes the mission more Soviet, so it's a win in the end!
  7. Made a video starring a land carrier, a sleek fighter jet, a cargo VTOL with variable-sweep wing and much beloved Carrot the Orange Dolphin. Please do not mind the extra weirdness of this particular vid, just the quarantine taking its toll
  8. Have you tried using ModuleManager 3.1.3?
  9. Got a new bug, couldn't find anything about it in the thread. The underwater parts look gray when I look at them from the air, and above-water parts look gray when I look at them from underwater respectively (see screenshots). Not a bug report per se, just wondering if anyone's encountered the same bug. I'm running 1.9.1, DX11, AMD GPU, in terms of mods - EVE and Scatterer from this thread, Spectra, RealPlume and dependencies, PlanetShine, DistantObjectEnhancement. UPDATE: I have been unable to pinpoint the cause of the bug, however a complete reinstallation of all mods and the KSP itself eliminated this bug and a few others.
  10. Against all odds the mod worked on 1.9! However, I wouldn't be writing here if it all went smoothly. There is only one slight problem... The ramps are supposed to be sort of closed, but it only closes one ramp when I hit the "close" button in the pop-up menu. Any way to fix this?
  11. Felt cute, might deliver some democracy later
  12. We heard you like engines so we put the engines all around your hatch so you'd see some engines as you climb to start some engines.
  13. Today I did something rather weird if I dare say so myself
  14. You mean the flyby at 1:34? Basically a Camera Tools stationary camera with initial orbital velocity as reference frame and a small kick with the engines to get slow movement, IIRC. The first shot is much simpler - dogfight camera with the ship as a secondary target.