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  1. Looks good to me. By the way, that's not how you format links. Let me post the link here for you; http://i.imgur.com/6YIvMqA.gifv
  2. Seems like a good time to start manned flight to me! (Though maybe a TIROS I analogue would be cool. Not to mention that Venera 1 actually came BEFORE Gagarin!)
  3. You're missing nothing. That's how it works. You can still make lots and lots of different fairing shapes, but the game just says "No, you can't do that" to some designs. I don't really mind it, since it usually lets you make it aerodynamic and pretty anyways.
  4. My biggest problem with probe cores in KSP... is just that they look UGLY. All of those fuel tanks make it look so unrealistic and completely-not-at-all streamlined. There should be 1.25 meter (maybe some at 0.625 or at 2.5) probe cores with Monoprop built in. Not only is this realistic but I feel like it would be easy to make. The probe cores would basically look like the large probe core in the Asteroid Day pack. We don't want to need structural panels to build good looking probes. If all else fails I guess I could make this mod myself, but the textures would be worse (I only have experience with small amounts of pixel art) and there would certainly be tons of bugs and glitches It wouldn't need to be very large, only like 5 parts at max. Maybe a monoprop engine or two just to make things easier.
  5. Holy necrobump, batman! This is a craft from 0.25... almost a year earlier.
  6. For DeltaV readouts (and many others, basically mechjeb's readouts in a seperate mod) you can use Kerbal Engineer Redux. http://forum.kerbalspaceprogram.com/threads/18230-1-0-4-Kerbal-Engineer-Redux-v1-0-18-0
  7. HOW in the world did you have that many klaws without the kraken coming to devour your ship? The klaw is kraken bait and your ship is its food!
  8. Only one problem; Apollo 11 didn't have a rover.
  9. I don't know why this says solved, try reinstalling the game. I think a mod may have heavily corrupted something, and I'm dearly sorry if you had a huge Eeloo station or something. I know you uninstalled all your mods, but I think an out of date or malicious mod may have affected the other files in GameData. If not it may just be something random. Either way reinstalling the game should fix it, and I sadly don't think you can get your ships back very easily. Tons of mods can cause problems, I usually stick to 10 or less. I understand that's impossible when you're doing an Outer Planets Mod install with Near Future and a few other part packs, or trying to play RSS.
  10. I wouldn't be too concerned. With bodies with SOIs too small for synchronous orbit, just stick a few satellites in high orbits, and one or two in a polar orbit. For bodies with SOIs big enough, just make a synchronous orbit network, possibly with a few in polar orbits for polar coverage. Doesn't seem that bad to me! And with objects like the Mun, then you can just make a network for orbital craft and land the others on the kerbin-facing side. And if you don't like it, TURN IT OFF!
  11. You shouldn't be using mechjeb at this point. Do a Mun Flyby before orbit, and orbit before landing. We didn't just send one person into orbit and then rush straight towards the moon in real life, after all. Mechjeb's landing feature is a bit wonky, to the point that when I used mechjeb, landing was about the only thing I did manually. Don't play with mods at this point, just do what you want in the stock game and get familiar before adding mods; If you want to randomly explode things, do it. If you want to launch a complex and untested rocket towards the mun, go ahead. No stopping you. KSP is not the kind of game that just goes "You can't do that yet" very often, especially not in Sandbox mode.
  12. I can't see it, ah well. I did use reddit and I lurked on this forum, but I believe mainly I just watched scott manley's tutorials; Also, sorry for double post.
  13. Well, I'm not new to KSP, not the forums, so you don't have to give me all of the newbie info for the new aero . I've landed on the Mun and Duna with a kerbal (but to admit the duna one was in 0.90 and I used mechjeb). I also know how to dock, and... Well, that's it. I'm working on building new rockets to let me actually restake (is that a word?) a claim beyond kerbin. My favorite KSP youtubers are Scott Manley, Danny, and Bob Fitch, as well as Macollo and Chris P. Bacon for my RSS fix (as if Bob Fitch wasn't enough, haha). I can't figure out how to make a profile image, though .
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