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  1. Is the helicopter connected to the decoupler via the Cubic Octagonal Strut? I don't even have the mods you use, this seems to be a common issue...I've just tried putting a rover design on the Mun twice now connected to its lander via the same part and the rover has also frozen up every time giving those same numbers. This thread below is the same bug I'm assuming and gives a sorta work around but there isn't yet any proper solution...
  2. First impressions anyone? Besides everything else, the focus on base building and the scale of some of the spacecraft were what peaked my interest the most!
  3. I bought KSP on the website, way before I started using Steam. I've noticed it and it's DLC (which I do not have) are on sale at the moment and am wondering if its possible to just transfer it over, I guess? Would using the "Add Non-Steam Game to My Library" mean I would not have to purchase the game again? The only answers I've found online have been contradictory. I just need to make sure I'm not wasting anything buying the same game twice when I didn't have to. If I do have to its fine, more money for more updates I guess.
  4. dang, it seems that complaint thread i started finally bit the dust. im honestly kinda surprised it didn't sooner. lets hope the same doesn't happen to this one? (im sorry mods) on another note a rock castle i built at the beach fell just as we were leaving the parking lot...
  5. Then do I have another job for you! A class assignment requires me to get a worksheet filled out by someone with experience in any job relating to aviation. Anything weather it be ground crew, maintenance, pilot, and everything in-between! Please I don't know how else to do this https://docs.google.com/document/d/1G5wEzqJNPWvymk1ptGyJkPLOQsbwsJ4do85DHV0OYC8/edit?usp=sharing also its due this week so take your time, but not too much time, sorry for bothering.
  6. Unrealistic and not to scale? Maybe. Cool looking? I think so... I also Kraken-proofed a train, scouting out the Mun to set up bases so I have a network for these trains to serve I found a couple pretty good ore concentrations but on the side of a mountainous crater doesn't seem the best place to set up for neither...Maybe Minumus will prove better?
  7. Yeah thats a Nagato and thats a Yorktown, sorry lol. It was based off this time a silly video game spawned my carrier task force on top of an enemy battleship task force, hence the, um, closeness.
  8. hey im still crappy and picture quality is still crappy* but I feel obligated to keep this thread on page one so here we have: dumb concepts doodles that got to much attention forever WIPs *guess it doesn't help being water damaged too
  9. *cracks knuckles* *puts music on* I also tried to go to KSC 2...multiple times but apparently quicksaving doesn't like wings. At least I got a nice picture? and a not so nice one
  10. i think this is the definition of a joke taken too far Wonder if theres a way to gauge traffic through the games section to see how many people heeded to the title's warning...
  11. Finally after 5 re-enginings and way more attempts, I landed on the moon with a Kestrel! Figured I'd go big or go home so... I'm super low sure but if FTL's taught me anything its to never give up on a run. If I run out then I suppose we'll have to use the mono props
  12. Maybe Areospikes would get it to SSTO...Too bad I haven't enough scrap...
  13. this valentines day the entire bottom half of my sketch book got soaked in the rain yay...
  14. I really don't know if I'm irrationally being way too saddened by Opportunity Most times games seem like an afterthought on Mac. It really sucks Apple is so stubborn, and it kinda sucks that it seems developing on Macs seems hard. 1/3rd of my games give me problems, including KSP. Not detrimental, just really annoying and frustrating...
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