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  1. Val and Bill finally dock back with the Command Module again with Kerbin and the Mun watching over them. Also the Superfortress proves its name!
  2. My legs still hurt. Why? Because I had to hike 14 miles in the scorching sun on the hardest path in the tightest shoes yesterday.
  3. Granted. Nothing happened because you didn't wish. I wish school didn't start tomorrow.
  4. Project Manhattan..!
  5. Seems legit...
  6. mistakenly
  7. Is it the extra topping you specified? Waiter, there's a snake in my boot soup!
  8. Banned for assuming Kerbals can bleed. They just kinda...pop. I'll have you know that only TWO out of the NINE Kerbals died! Or was it survive? I forgot...
  9. Would you of liked Milky soup instead? Waiter, theres a SRB landing in my soup! I thought you retired the Space Shuttle Cuisine..?
  10. Banned for reference I'll have you know this picture was before the locomotive smashed into a SUV full of Kerbals...for SCIENCE!
  11. Temperature!
  12. Jokes
  13. *TRIGGERED* The weirdest part of this community I think is the Lounge. Residing there recently I can say that quite literally ANYTHING can go down in there. Because it doesn't have to do with KSP! Yet KSP community! Though I'm not one to judge...I think this is the first post Ive made that isn't in the Lounge in a LONG time...
  14. Crap, I am an extreme stereotype of two... Poor Valentina and Bob stranded on Minnmus for half the summer in a fully functional lander... School aint gonna help either...
  15. 8/10 Ohhhhh Planets.... No idea what the the pic far right is supposed to mean though...