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  1. Snuck a couple hours of KSP in this afternoon. I decided to revisit the very first replica plane I posted on KerbalX and see what I could do after 21 months of improvement. Also, I remember the old one being an absolute bear to fly, while this one handles great. Part count is just a little bit higher, though.
  2. An now for something completely different... The Canadair Regional Jet is an extremely common sight among regional airlines and at small airports, so I gave it the tribute it deserves! Fully operational flaps, spoilers, thrust reversers, and the like, has an accurate cruising speed and flight time, and close to accurate passenger capacity. Download it now!
  3. That's one heck of a proof of concept! Looks really good - could use some cleaning in some places (the vertical stabilizer particularly), but it's amazing otherwise. While we're on the topic of 1:1 airliners, I've had this CRJ-200 in the SPH for a while now and I'm finally done with version 1. I had to completely redesign the engines, which was a shame. I was really happy with how they looked in the first versions, but it was basically impossible to get enough intake air to them. Remaking them from structural fuselages instead of fairings helped solve that issue, so now it flies just fine off six wheesleys.
  4. Servo

    What sort of KSP player are you?

    I'm in an odd camp of stock replica builders. I primarily build military aircraft, simply because those are the planes that interest me. However, I don't typically arm them (at least with effective weapons) due to the limitations of the stock game. Though I guess the aesthetics group also applies as well. I want the planes to look good, do everything the real thing can, and maybe match performance in flight.
  5. I flew back to school yesterday in a CRJ-200, and this is how I kept myself busy during the trip. Handles like a cow in the air, so some work is required. It takes off real easy, though - rotation speed is 0 m/s!
  6. The other half of the most iconic dogfighters since the Sopwith Camel and the Dr.I - the MiG-15 is here! Take control of the jet that grounded the entire U.S. B-29 fleet and set your sights on enemy Sabres today!
  7. Servo

    An Expression of Gratitude

    Very well written, and a very true sentiment. I imagine a lot of us who picked up KSP while they were in grade school were heavily influenced by this wonderful game. For my own story, I am a year older than you, and grew up in the shadow of the National Air and Space museum, Udvar-Hazy, and any other musuem that I could convince my family to visit. Because of this, I never truly doubted that I was going to study aerospace engineering, but what KSP did for me was gone my passion for the aerospace design aspect. Now, I can say confidently that I want to work in conceptual mission design, and from there, I know what path to take to get me there. I am now a week away from returning to the Midwest to start classes in Aerospace engineering for real, certain in my goals and with the determination to make them reality. This is all to say that your story is likely not unique - that this wonderful game has inspired a generation of aspiring engineers to keep looking up, and reach for the stars. Perhaps in some number of years we can look back on all we've accomplished and see just how much KSP helped us along the way. -Servo
  8. Really proud of how this one turned out - F-86 Sabre is in the OP! Handles great and looks the part. MiG-15 coming soon*
  9. Servo

    What did you do in KSP today?

    It's extremely annoying for me as well. Fortunately enough changing vessels at least delays the onset of the scattering. Didn't stop me from enjoying my new F-86 Sabre, though. I don't know what it is with these early jets, but they're such a pleasure to build and fly. 129 parts, came together in an afternoon, and handles darn near identically to the real thing (Mach .9 top speed, good but not absurd maneuverability, lands like a dream with flaps). Edit:
  10. That makes more sense in hindsight... I don't actually use overlays at all. I've used them in the past (I would take a screenshot with Kronal Vessel Viewer, then composite the overlay on top of it), but have stopped doing that since 1.4 came out. I'll outline my build process for you and anyone else who is curious, using my F-35 as an example. My build process starts with searching for pictures and the craft I'm building, looking for different angles and making note of all the details that I want to capture. For the F-35, the lower fuselage is quite distinct so I wanted to make sure I could get it right. Once I know what I'm building, I make sure I have the critical components working. For the F-35, that meant making the engine transition as smoothly as possible. For craft without moving parts, I'll start building, beginning with the most distinctive part of the craft. Here, I started with the tail assembly and the engine. Around this stage, I frame out the entire craft, using i-beams and cubic octagonals. This is the only stage where I am switching back and forth between reference images (a single 3-view is all I need, typically). I make sure that the frame has the same dimensions as the real craft in this stage as well. Getting the shape down is actually much easier with I-beams, since you're basically just drawing an outline. Angles are the tricky part for me, having wing pieces just distracts from the goal. This is the frame I built for the F-35. Compare with the F-22's frame Now that I have the frame, I begin working to fill it in. This involves occasional references to images to get shapes right , but for the most part, all the hard work was done in getting the frame right. As the parts are completed, I remove the frame and make whatever minor adjustments I need to get it to fit the dimensions exactly. As for measuring exactly, I do almost everything by eye. If it looks to you like it does in the photos, it's probably pretty close to what it is in real life. When absolutely necessary, I use cubic octagonals to make a meterstick and measure based on that.
  11. The zoom/lighting effects come from a combination of Scatterer and Camera Tools. The image of all six planes is an unedited screenshot - I just put it in stationary camera mode, zoomed in, and moved the camera until I got an angle I liked. If you're asking about the titles with the name of the craft, I edited the image in
  12. I've been toying with the idea of making more cinematics soon, and I figured that if @EvenFlow can make a carrier, why can't I? So I filled the SPH with fuel tanks and used vesselMover to drop the "Flat top I" into the ocean just off the runway. It clocks in at just over 100m long, and while it's quite big, it's also really not. A modified kerbal-scale F-15 ACTIVE replica was cooked up and drogue chutes + airbrakes allow it to land on the carrier (now christened the KSS Tombstone for its shape). Once the chutes are repacked, it's trivial to take off - 1.9TWR makes it rather easy. Emboldened with the success of the Tombstone, I pushed the offset tool to its limits. Just over 400 parts and 250m long, this new ship (Flat Top II) earned the moniker "KSS Boulevard." Unfortunately, as soon as I approached within 250m, the Boulevard decided to dissociate... Work on the shuttle continues as well, though it probably needs a near-complete redesign. It's stable up to the point of SRB burnout, at which point, the shuttle's engines don't have the gimbal required to keep the EFT + Orbiter stack under control. Additionally, the shuttle is extremely unstable on reentry, and easily enters an unrecoverable tailspin.
  13. Servo

    What did you do in KSP today?

    It's an amusing consequence of having a slow PC. My game runs at about 1/2-1/3 speed whenever I'm putting any significant strain on the PC. So I recorded in 10fps and sped the footage up to real speed by running it at 300% speed, tripling the frame rate in the process. Because shots like this are worth it.
  14. Servo

    What did you do in KSP today?

    I released a short video showing off my F-22. The primary motivation for this was to test a couple techniques to produce quality video while working within the limits of my editing software and CPU. The video was shot in 720p (the maximum of my editing package) at 10fps, and sped up to 30fps in post. I entered my screen resolution wrong in OBS, resulting in the interesting over-the-shoulder shot, but that's not a massive problem for me. I also posted the F-22 on KerbalX: I also had a bit of fun with my F/A-18. I strapped six missiles (stock sepatron missiles) and two bombs and tooled around KSP a good bit.
  15. Servo

    Fighter Jet Pics!

    Fighter jets? I've made a few of those... Download links are in my showcase