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  1. Looking to pick up more work over the summer. I aim to complete the fourth-generation fighters soon before moving on to something new. Expect a F/A-18 eventually, with a Tornado or Eurofighter somewhere in the lineup. But for now, here's the F-16 that I've been working on for the past few days: Have a favorite craft you'd like to see instead? I'm always looking for a challenge.
  2. In this case, the entire plane doubles as a flak dispenser. Some progress on the F-16. Tail definitely needs some work, this one is already looking much better than my earlier attempts. Also, I'm working on this Russian flyback booster design. This screenshot is from literally the only time that it worked. Haven't even thought about flight testing yet either. The empty booster is surprisingly light (25t), so I'm hoping a single wheesly will be enough to control descent.
  3. A much more detailed pass on an F-16. I'm actually not sure what scale it's at - probably between kerbal scale and 1:1. And just when I thought I could release my F-14, it failed the important test of "Can the thing land?" spectacularly. As it turns out, making a plane out of about 30% antennas turns it into a confetti-bomb.
  4. I posted my 40% scale F-14 on KerbalX, and within minutes, received this comment: So I made this... Hinge is a RCS ball inside a octagonal/thermo cage, held by the wing glove, and rotated by drag and a pair of Micro Landing Struts. And somehow, it works! Albeit, rather poorly, but modifications are underway, might switch over to the small landing gear rather than legs, just for reliability, though size is the main concern here.
  5. Servo

    What did you do in KSP today?

    It's a reference to Hitchiker's Guide to the Galaxy, which features a whale falling from the sky next to a potted petunia. Bizarre book, that one is. Today, I made some big planes, some small planes, and some in-the-middle planes. And one or two that were all three at once... Honey, I shrunk the air wing!
  6. That's a very cool craft you've got there! I've never seen the original, so more props (get it?) to you for that as well. I did a bit of work on the fairing-heavy F-14, though I don't think I'll see it to completion. The F-14 is such a big fighter already, a 200% scale would just be unwieldy. I've been doing a bit of building at the other end if the size spectrum as well, resulting in this zippy little F-16. Astute followers of my craft might realize that this now means that I now have F-16s built at 200%, kerbal scale, and 30% scale. You should see where this is going... And what is probably my favorite KSP screenshot now:
  7. I'll put this little experiment of mine up here again: Basically, experimenting with different parts and their drag. Large fuel cells and structural panels are awful, but solar panels don't actually drag at all (except at very high speed). I know it's not the solution you were looking for, but solar panel cockpits can get 80% of the look with 20% of the drag. A friend challenged me to actually leave the atmosphere for once - so Ike ho! A couple interesting design aspects here - primarily the airbrakes / wing parts to assist in Aerobraking at Duna (hopefully). Meanwhile, in the big plane department, there has been some serious commotion... Plus, this is likely going to be one of my lowest-part replicas in ages.
  8. @Kronus_Aerospace made a beautiful large-scale fighter jet and somehow kept it maneuverable, which got me thinking... How big can you go? Powerplant: 8x Panther, 2x Goliath. No idea how I'm putting a cockpit on this thing yet, but I'll cross that bridge when I get there. ~~EDIT~~ Surprisingly, one of the more maneuverable planes I've made in a while. Can't seem to get the darn thing through the RnD bridge, for some reason...
  9. Servo

    What did you do in KSP today?

    Finally released my F-14 gen. 3 after a bit of last-minute tinkering. I don't know why I ever used elevons instead of the all-moving tail sections... Maneuverability is at an all-time high. Don't you just love it when you can drift with a fighter plane? download:
  10. It's been a while! Work progressed slowly on my new version of the F-14, but it's finally been added to the OP. Download:
  11. I swear, some day I will actually release this craft. But until then, I keep tweaking and tweaking. I thinned the wing profile, and made it more consistent. Minor changes to the cockpit (lengthened and rounded it), plus changed the tail up a fair bit. Also am consistently lowering the part count. 319 now, at last count.
  12. Servo

    What did you do in KSP today?

    Flight-testing of my F-14, with an eye towards probably making a cinematic of sorts. That's assuming that I can run the game at a reasonable pace - this clip is sped up six times, if that is any indication.
  13. I can't stop updating my Tomcat... After seeing @EvenFlow's masterpiece of a model, I took another few passes at visual accuracy. Changed: Wing glove, tail fuselage section, slight alteration to cockpits. Engine nacelles were rounded, and cleaned. Naturally, this ruined the wing sweep mechanism completely. So I've got a bit more work cut out for me. Good news, I cut the part count down to 329 from 343, so I got that going for me, which is nice.
  14. Looks awesome! As another note, you've finally given me the motivation to release my Gen 3 Tomcat. Should be coming in the next few days. Only minor cosmetic changes are happening at this stage, though I'm also working on a weapons loadout.
  15. Servo

    What did you do in KSP today?

    Flew my F-14 around a bit, got some nice screenshots. Plus, I loaded it out with some nice weapons. AIM-54, AIM-9, and AIM-7. Also built some bombs, plus some other missiles.