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  1. What did you do in KSP today?

    Flew my F-14 around a bit, got some nice screenshots. Plus, I loaded it out with some nice weapons. AIM-54, AIM-9, and AIM-7. Also built some bombs, plus some other missiles.
  2. What did you do in KSP today?

    I did a bit more work on my F-14. Needs a little more detail work, plus some weapons.
  3. Version 3 of my F-14 Tomcat is nearing completion. The completely redone hinge mechanism works beautifully, and the body work is much more accurate than previous versions. The hinges work nearly every time, and have functioned in turns and in barrel rolls, something the other designs couldn't match. The upper body is curved to better resemble the shape of the F-14, and the flatter hinge means that the wings match the shape much better as well. Details were added to the nose area, featuring cockpit supports, and IRST system.
  4. [Stock Craft] Eurofighter Typhoon

    Very nice model - you did a great job on the fuselage - 1:1 isn't always easy, and you did a great job! A couple ideas for improvements: - if you want a part that has the profile and texture of a 1.25m tank at half length, use an online docking adapter, and rotate it so that the doors are hidden. It looks much better than the awkward texture switch that LFO tanks have. - for the wings, clean lines are difficult to achieve. Don't be afraid to clip swept wing segments and the like together. The wing as you have it doesn't have a smooth profile (some sections are thicker than others). In general, avoid using elevons as static wing parts, and ditto on the thicker wings. Offset and rotate, in addition to the small triangular wings will get you a long way. Those are my only suggestions on an overall very good craft - keep working on 1:1 craft, you have a knack for it.
  5. I got you, don't worry. I fixed the CoM problem by moving fuel around (I didn't even have to redo the tank layouts). Static flight testing is promising, though the wing box is giving some troubles. I'm redoing the shape of the upper fuselage (it bows inwards in addition to front-to-back). This makes forming a wing glove (which has to be large and flat) difficult and annoying, but I feel like I'm close. The strength of the hinge has been proven, but the docking ports haven't been strutted well enough, resulting in some... strange ... behavior. As in, it literally starts flapping its wings with small pitch oscillations. While amusing, I don't think it is ideal for a fourth-generation fighter. Here you can see the hinge architecture, as well as some work on the wing glove. RCS balls surround a .625m SAS wheel hinge, sandwiched by wing panels. Attached to the SAS wheel are docking ports, which are moved by airbrakes between docking ports on the main fuselage. Also of note is how much better the shape of the tail and wings match the actual F-14. From above, they form a smooth delta wing, closing the gaps which were present in previous versions.
  6. Building off of my earlier hinge design, I decided to built top down instead of bottom up. I started by stripping down my second version of F-14 to this: I added on some intakes under the wing to shape the wing pods, expanded the wing glove, the Air Force insignia , and reshaped the nose cone/cockpit section slightly. I added the hinge design back in, this time rotating much closer to the pivot on the actual F-14. The new hinge is much flatter than the previous iteration, and will rely a lot on the strength of the RCS ball hinges. Additionally, the new wing placement allows for a more accurate wing shape. The previous one was limited by an awkward hinge placement, but this one is shaped much closer to that of the F-14 itself. Oddly enough, my primary concern with this design is the weight distribution. I figure that I'll need about 4 panthers to push this thing to speed, putting a lot of mass behind the main gear. I can shift fuel tanks around, but it would be a royal pain.
  7. Curiosity's suspension

    This has got to be one of the pinnacles of KSP engineering - absolutely bonkers, as usual for you.
  8. Had a little bit of time this evening, knocked out a new hinge design, This one is much flatter than any one I've made before. A ring of 8 RCS balls surrounds another RCS ball hinge. This supports the lateral forces, with the up-down forces being taken by the wing glove. No docking mechanism yet, but it shouldn't be too difficult.
  9. What did you do in KSP today?

    Looks better than a number of full-scale F-22's I've seen! Any inspiration from this cute little guy?
  10. KSP Military Mega Thread

    Military replicas is about all I do nowadays, so here goes: Sukhoi Su-27M / Su-35 Grumman F-14 Tomcat Full loadout of 2x AIM-9 Sidewinder, 2x AIM-7 Sparrow and 4x AIM-54 Phoenix Fairchild Republic A-10 Thunderbolt II "Warthog"
  11. What did you do in KSP today?

    I finalized and released my 1:1 Su-35 fighter This was the first of my 1:1 craft with even remotely good top speed, probably because it clocks in at 250 parts, rather than pushing 400 like most of my other designs. It can supercruise thanks to eight Panthers, and push past Mach 2 at 5km altitude.
  12. As you wish... *makes airplane noises* Su-27M / Su-35 Flanker-E has been added to the OP! Download:
  13. Work continues on the Su-35. Flying model in the works now, significantly more maneuverable than my F-15 ACTIVE, thanks to a TWR over 2 under afterburners and a CoM right on top of the CoL. Now all that remains is to strut it up well so this doesn't happen again and add a custom cockpit.
  14. You are right about the Super Tucano - though it's going to be an experience to get my first prop plane off the ground. In case anyone has problems with the "turboshaft" designation, I had initially built it as a turboshaft before deciding that I should try to build a simpler electric prop before adding jets. Plus, I got a good start on this beauty...
  15. Had a bit of time, so I started on a new replica. Props (hehe) if you can name the plane, and more so if you can say what's wrong with it (besides that it's incomplete). It got up to about 30m/s in reverse before I stopped testing. It runs on three SAS wheels and 4 RTGs so it could stand to be a bit stronger.