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  1. I finally finished my SR-71 + video! Take a ride with the king of speed today https://kerbalx.com/servo/Lockheed-SR-71-Blackbird
  2. Lockheed's Speed Demon Los Angeles Center, Aspen 20, can you give us a ground speed check? It's a plane that doesn't need an introduction, so I'm not going to bother with one. You know it, you love it, it's the fastest thing on two wings and a jet engine you can fly, and has been for fifty years. I somehow hadn't built a SR-71 before this, but the time was right to give it a shot. I tried to keep the part count down as much as I could while still making a high-quality build. This resulted in a 548 part count build (not great, but unavoidable for a pla
  3. I finished a short-term project of mine. Work started Friday evening and finished just a few hours ago, so I threw together this little teaser trailer for it: 1:1 scale, fully stock SR-71. I love it
  4. Somehow, I've played KSP for six years now and I've never built an SR-71. That changes now It's just on the test stand and I already love how it looks. Part count right now is 260, and I'm targeting somewhere between 450 and 500 parts for the final count. It's currently pure stock, but that may change when I get to the landing gear. EDIT: Build finished, now flight tweaking Turns out 450 was a little optimistic, especially once I decided to go all-in on getting the chevrons on the wing leading edge right. It's currently 537 parts in a pseudo-fully functional state. If
  5. LaLa's ready for rollout I realized that I completely forgot the engine exhaust redirect and turbofan intake, but that's fixed now. The An-2 flies great and is more accurate now as well And lastly, my attempt at another of those rare American jets that I haven't built - the Cessna T-37/A-37 Tweet
  6. I spent a bit of time experimenting with these recently, quite fun. This was my first shot at making them throttleable (unsuccessful, it's binary). Though, thinking more, I bet if you varied the angle of the docking ports rather than their distance you can vary thrust. With this testbed, I was able to determine the thrust of each setup. With four of the engines going, it can push this craft to an equivalent speed of a panther putting out 30kN thrust. That gives a total thrust of 7.5kN per docking port pair
  7. I'm assuming that you mean MiG-23 there, and if so - you're in luck! I started this build as a return to high-fidelity replicas a while ago, following the development of a new style of BendyTech hinge which allows for strong swing wings to be built. I shelved it recently as I was getting a little burnt out on KSP, but I've been back on the horse recently so I'll give it another go once my current project finishes up. For the A-6, it's on my short list, I can tell you that much. With school starting back up I'm not sure how much time I'll have for KSP, though. This bein
  8. I finished the building on this beast today. Now I've gotta iron out the flight characteristics and try and goad it into the air under its own power
  9. I've been inspired to start experimenting again with these mechanisms, with the twin goals of minimizing the geometry restrictions and making the hinge strong enough to handle off-axis rotation. Both were challenges to our F-111 build, and I am happy to say that this setup mostly solves those problems. The first major change was the spring structure itself. Rather than simply placing the ant engines in a single line connected head-to-tail, the ants are zig-zagged with distance between connected ants. This increases the radial offset that is achieved per ant engine, theoretically decr
  10. Every bendy mechanism that I've built is a single craft. I've seen some hybrid techs, so it is possible (this frees up rotation and multiple SAS pointing solutions, used in a very interesting project to recreate flight instruments the hard way). The servo that I've built managed to take advantage of structural superpositions (I think) in unity's engine to allow for theoretically unlimited rotation. I've tried to recreate the behavior in a different design without success, so it's possible that it was a fluke. Either way, the servos are limited to the rotation speed of the small elevons, so the
  11. Bendy Tech takes advantage of the way that the stock game handles non-rigid joints in order to create more or less the same functionality as AnimatedAttachment without requiring the use of any mods or DLCs. Because of this last fact, it's primarily popular with the stock replica community. It even has a few advantages over DLC parts in specific areas, particularly in high strength (stock parts produce an effectively unlimited amount of torque when moving) and dynamic applications such as aircraft horizontal stabilizers (where DLC hinges often have trouble damping vibration or strength, and als
  12. Test Pilot Review: @TheGoldenSoldier's AirTrain 737 Figures As Tested: Price: 400,000,000 Fuel: 14,600 units Cruising speed: 230m/s Cruising altitude: 5.5-6.0km Fuel burn rate: 0.87 k/s Passengers Carried: 144 Range: 3300km Review Notes There have been many attempts by TKA to find a good long-haul, medium-capacity airliner, but the design challenges have made it a tough nut to crack. With that in mind, our Test Pilots were quite eager to give this newest prototype from AirTrain's commercial division a test flight. The first thing
  13. I've updated and revamped one of my old classics - check it out! https://kerbalx.com/servo/FA-18C-Collectors-Edition For a lighter version that doesn't require downloading a flag pack: https://kerbalx.com/servo/FA-18-CD-Hornet
  14. Made quite a bit harder by the fact that half of the changes aren't visible in the image. Here's a fairer spot-the-differences for you I got around to doing the flags today! It was a bit of a chore to get right, especially because of the limited scaling between sizes of flags and the fact that I needed to restart KSP every time that I wanted to add or update flags. But oh boy was it worth the trouble. The part count has crept up from 390 to 440, as I added some other fun details in addition to the decals. The drop tank is the most obvious, but I've also added othe
  15. 1.10's decals got me inspired to go back and up the detail on one of my favorites of my old builds: my F/A-18. My plan is to make custom flag decals for this one, but first I needed to update the craft itself. Before: After: You'd be forgiven for thinking that nothing had changed, but there's a whole list of small changes that I've made that add up to generally cleaning up the craft, as well as lowering the part count slightly to allow for decals within the tight budget of 400 parts. Landing gear is now in the right place, the vertical stabilizers were canted too
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