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  1. I am running KJR. I will give KIS/KAS with the struts a shot.
  2. I am struggling to build large interplanetary vessels, not because of slowdown, but because of the physics engine. The ship below shook itself to death. I tried warping to stabilize it (which worked for about 5 seconds), I turned off all reaction wheels, and I turned down the max physics delta time per frame. All to no avail. Any suggestions?
  3. Fly West fast enough, and you can beat the sun! Video is longish and a little boring-ish, but flip through if you like. Parts are shiny. *No Kerbals were harmed in the making of this video.
  4. How much Delta-V is needed in Keribn orbit (100km) in order to arrive at the Jool system with a reasonable amount of delta-v for navigation? Every time I send a craft to Jool, I get there and either shoot right out of the system, crash into Jool or a moon, or end up stranded in a ridiculously useless orbit. At the moment I have some frogs stranded on/around Pol and it seems like getting there was a fluke. Appreciate any assistance! (PS- It doesn't help that once you enter the Jool system, Jool itself becomes untargetable)
  5. Thanks I think this one was called like SSTO-1C (how exciting), but let's go ahead and call it the "It-Worked!" lol
  6. I feel like a super KSP newb, even though I'm hundreds of hours into the game. Just completed this challenge (as far as I am concerned), but would like to know if it "counts" - I used parachutes - I used engineer for stats info only. Encoding my video so I can upload for proof as long as it counts! edit: here's the video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LovXa2lDNlk
  7. Got it. I tried it - I personally think it's a little clumsy, but you've at least made the VAB playable for me so thanks
  8. I always rotate objects by pressing the number 3 or by clicking the rotate icon and using the GUI. That method doesn't work anymore. I will try the WASDQE method, but that's inferior to having a multi-axis gui IMO
  9. Adding docking clamps and other parts is nightmarish now because they cannot be rotated before being placed. So the entire ship needs to be rotated to match the default rotation of the new part, then rotated back. Is there a workaround or a fix for this?
  10. I will admit, I had to use MechJeb for the navigation bits. I was a little surprised, but guess I shouldn't have been, that a lot of delta-v was used up acquiring a stable orbit, and a lot was also used up for the deorbit burn. The chariot:
  11. Bought the game yesterday. Played for 12 hours. Felt like death the rest of the day because I didn't sleep. Came home, died repeatedly. Got some poor Kerbalians(?) stranded in a useless and far away orbit. Tried to save them. Forgot to bring docking port. Now they're going to have to EVA - assuming I can manage to rendezvous. And, of course, all of that will be utterly pointless unless I brought enough delta-v to get back home ... which .... who knows. Yay........ my rescue ship:
  12. Hey guys- Just bought the game - obviously I suck and am newb. I've got some astronauts stranded. I've got a ship pretty close-by. It MIGHT have enough delta-v to intercept and then return to Kerbal. Only problem, I forgot (DOH!) to include a hatch, so my stranded astronauts are going to have to EVA over. Here are some screenshots of my situation. I would appreciate your help and advice! Most importantly, once I get close, what - exactly - am I supposed to do? There's still going to be a slight gap even after I execute this next maneuver.
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