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  1. Long ago I sent a jet powered space plane to Eve with nearly no research (obviously). After passing through the atmosphere I tried to fire up my engines but... Well yeah.
  2. Here's my latest cinematic an Apollo/KSP2 inspired Mun mission.
  3. Hey there. I've never docked with a port attached tirectly to a hinge and only a hinge, but I have used robotic arms to dock. Specifically, one of my space station uses a hinge and piston to extend and point a docking port at incoming spacecraft. One of those crafts, an SSTO, also uses a robotic arm of its own configured similarly to reach out and dock with the space station. With that in mind I'm pretty sure it's possible, if only a bit janky.
  4. Typically I hang out in the subreddit and discord, but I thought these ideas were worth sharing here on the forums, too! Enjoy. My Robotic Contraptions
  5. Hope you enjoy! Feedback on construction/video-editing/orbital maneuvers always appreciated.
  6. Hey guys, I've just finished my 5th episode of "The LKO Show," my Sandbox Save in 1.0+ On this mission I take my brand new shiny MK2 SSTO Drone (with Jeb in tow) up to my Space Station for a crew rotation. It was a highly technical mission and a blast to fly! Feedback is always appreciated. Here's to sealed air-locks and excess oxidizer my kerbrothers. *EDIT* I forgot to mention. If you have any ideas for my next episode, please let me know! And if you have any tips that could have helped this mission go better, or tips for improving the quality of the videos, those are happily accepted as well.
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