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  1. 30 parts to be accurate My SPH is tier 1 indeed, I didn't start playing with action groups yet. I learnt a lot in this thread, a lot of stuff to add to my todo list. Thx.
  2. I didn't think about VTOL indeed, these are quite fuel-consuming, aren't they? But yes, it could be a solution. I still have to test how they can handle some extra load and what is their range (considering the cost of vertical take off and landing). What do you mean by "use RCS and lights" (are RCS powerful enough? why lights?)
  3. Interesting, I wasn't aware you could that easily edit the save files. BTW I tried the FMRS mod (as suggested in another answer) but when I switch back in time to control the second vessel, the crew is insta-killed :/ Dunno what I am doing wrong. Anyway, I will use the "circle around while the lander touchdown", dropping the lander at very low altitude and it's gonna make it. Actually the procedure by itself is not that important, I mostly needed to understand why my vessel and crew disappeared. It's quite clearer right now. The idea is to drop stuff (manned or not btw) on locations where an
  4. Amazing job, I love this texture pack! Thx.
  5. Great, So it's not a bug or a noob error but actually a game feature. Thx for the confirmation. So if I get it right, to be sure that my vessels are not concerned by the "garbage collector", I must be sure that either: - the two vessels remain close enough; or, - the vessel I am moving away from is in "stable state" (landed, or orbited). (- or I use a mod). So for my specific case (I am only launching the lander from the atmosphere), I should decouple low and fly over the landing zone (over and over) until the lander touches the ground; then I can fly back to the base. The FMRS Mod looks great
  6. Hi guys; A silly question, I have a problem trying to launch a lander from an aircraft and I don't know why it is not working (inexperienced player here). Both are coupled when taking off the runway (with 2 distinct manned command modules). Then above Kerbin (~4000m) I decouple the lander (which deploys its parachute) and I remain in control of the aircraft to land it safely. After a couple of seconds/minutes, the lander disappears (console says debris crashed / crew killed).. If I remain in control of the lander instead (switching right after decoupling), the lander lands cleanly and the air
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