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  1. Heya! I got some new versions compiled for 1.5 (the latest stable release), and 1.6 (the camera endpoint) Links below! 1.5: Dragon 1.6.0 Alpha 4 Let me know if anything's broken and if you have any other questions!
  2. Hey everyone! Thanks so much for all your patience and support, it means a lot to me. It's been a pretty rough few months, so I haven't had time to dig into the code base rewrite. @JOHNMKNIGHT, I'm excited to see your new endpoints! Do you have a link to your repo on the repository? I may be able to use it as a jumping-off point for the new version. I'm hoping to tackle the rewrite soon. Thanks again to everyone for understanding. Telemachus and Houston are projects I have a ton of fun working on, I just haven't had much time for them lately.
  3. Good news everyone! I just got Telemachus compiled to support 1.2+! It should work, but let me know if you run into any issues! Telemachus 1.5.1 (Calipso, the current stable build) Telemachus 1.6.0 Alpha 3 (The latest development build, with Camera Feed Support)
  4. Heya! Yeah, I think this is the only compile-time error I'm running into. I haven't time to refactor (rewrite) the code yet, it seems like it involves a pretty steep rewrite. If anyone wants to offer some help rewriting the code that references `ActiveResource` I'd greatly appreciate it! The branch is at: https://github.com/KSP-Telemachus/Telemachus/tree/69-camera-endpoint
  5. Hey all! Sorry about the delays, it's been a crazy few months. My plan is to recompile the mod and release 1.2 compatible binaries ASAP! There are a lot of changes that need to be done under the hood with the 1.2 update
  6. Hey there, I'm so sorry about the lack of updates! It's been a busy past few months, but I'm hoping to recompile and release a 1.2 compatible version ASAP. There are a lot of changes that need to be done under the hood with the 1.2 update
  7. The stations in Houston got a major overhaul, but I haven't made a new release yet. However, you should be able to download the latest version of `master` here https://github.com/tcannonfodder/houston . The `public` branch contains the compiled version of Houston. If that doesn't work, can you send me a screenshot of the page and a copy of the Telemachus folder in KSP?
  8. Holy crap, this looks awesome! I can't wait to add it to Telemachus! This looks so awesome! Thanks so much for sharing it!
  9. hey y'all, have some bad news. I busted my leg up pretty bad a week ago and that's cut down the amount of programming time I have available. I can review basic PRs and that, but it might take me a bit longer to respond to more in-depth questions. Thanks for understanding, and I'm going to get better ASAP so I can get 1.6 out the door! Interesting idea! Have you tried Ngrok? That's what I use and it works relatively well, but you'll have to set the "host-header" parameter like so: ngrok http 8085 -host-header="localhost:8085" using the camera endpoint via Ngrok is currently busted, that's one thing I'll have to fix before I release 1.6
  10. Hrm, it looks like the .NET framework isn't able to setup the server, this looks like it might be an issue with your network adapter or DNS configuration? I'm not 100% sure to be honest, this is the first time someone's run into a problem like this, and Telemachus is using the built-in .NET server libraries for versatility.
  11. Maybe check your firewall settings to make sure Telemachus can actually open up its web server on port 8085? Also, check the log files for any errors. I'm not aware of any incompatibilities with other mods.
  12. Hey there! Did you try right-clicking on the Telemachus antenna on your vessel and clicking "Open Link?" It should open up a web browser, then clicking the "About" tab, then "IP Addresses", should list the IP addresses you'll need to use.
  13. Yeah, this sounds like a good idea! I dug into the code some, and found some relevant classes: http://docuwiki-kspapi.rhcloud.com/#/classes/VesselTripLog?scrollTo=LogF http://docuwiki-kspapi.rhcloud.com/#/classes/FlightLog http://docuwiki-kspapi.rhcloud.com/#/classes/FlightLogger Actually, calling `FlightLogger.fetch.eventLog` returns the text seen in the Kerbal Mission log, which is close, but I think the API response should have the MET and message separately in a JSON object, like so: [{"met":12345, "message": "Liftoff!"}, ...] That would make it easier to filter the mission log when you get the API result. However, I'm short on time lately, but if you'd like to take a stab at it I'd be more than happy to review a PR for it. Cheers, Cannon
  14. Woah! Is that the new Live Camera Feed I see on the left screen?!
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