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  1. Hi, im sorry for the outages this month. Stuff crashed and all i had was a "smart" phone whoes "keyboard" and child like ui made me angry. At least i can say: i did manage to cycle to a 10 year long ksp community buddy in Sweden and we meet up for the first time. Took only 2.5 Mm to get to him. Not even as far as a proper ksp mission. Now im back at kicking bits for you to let you have the mods you desire for the game you love.
  2. The DC has blocked the server infrastructure. Im working on it. Took some convincing that ksp is no acronym for some piracy ring.
  3. There was some klang in the klong system and the reverse proxy ran out of snacks. all topped up now.
  4. i had hickups of about 5 minutes form time to time
  5. Hi, ive to reboot the server real quick. Sorry for the missing heads up. Hold your downloads Done.
  6. Fixed. What we can learn: theres a need for devs looking over the code to catch problems with old code on new module versions. Anyone?
  7. Hi, The site is currently offline. Im working on it
  8. Had a small DNS Problem that caused a bit of downtime. Sorry. (Why does Powerdns add DB columns and not add them in updates?)
  9. Seems like noone wants to come. I will setup one or two computers with ksp and dmp at the event anyways. Makes me a bit sad it isnt what it used to be a few years ago.
  10. Hi, 37c3 is happenign at the end of December. https://events.ccc.de/2023/10/06/37c3-teaser/ Who here wants to join me there? Is there any demand for an KSP aerea with Demo PC and seating like last time? There will be a lot of space nerds (like Ham radio, rocket builders and general computer nerds present) Greetings VITAS P.S. im always happy for any merch to give away on events like these.
  11. Fixed. For everyone wanting to play along: full /boot partitions cause kernel updates to fail in such a way that the machine comes up, has enough networking to not fail heartbeat but not have all the networking to be reachable by end users. Error messages in that case are all over the place and not helfull
  12. Im working on restoring the services.
  13. @Kenobi McCormick You want to find mods you dont know yet? https://spacedock.info/random If you want to filter mods just enter something into search like "part" for parts mods. You can even limit your results by game version. See Advanced search help for more info.
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