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  1. Ayy lmao boys I actually gave the calculator a bit of a shot yesterday. I was very impressed with it! It's very convenient and does most of the work for you. Might not be in game or anything super fancy, but at least you don't have to wait for updates when KSP updates. So that's cool! Looking forward to seeing this develop!
  2. Awesome! It's bac- wait a minute. Checks tags He's just like us. :')
  3. From my understanding, it's fully complete. It's just a matter of waiting for ULA to give them a release date.
  4. That might be more the job of the Launchers Pack and Tundra for a stock alike version.
  5. Did some testing with the SpaceX landing legs mod and there wasn't a slippery issue. You think you could work with that mod author to try and solve the issue with these legs?
  6. That's possible with just a structural part and a camera. I mean, I guess it could be added but should be an extra included on the forum page as to not add another dependency.
  7. [1.1.3] Launchers Pack - SpaceX Pack, Atlas V - Bent Strongback Update! Too soon, I know. Really big shame. I was aboard the SpaceX hype train this year.
  8. Hey! I know you're working on a lot of things, but have you thought of modelling this into the F9 Interstage, if possible?
  9. I've fixed the issue. Thanks to anybody who tried to help!
  10. Thanks! MM was the issue! I just used the one included in the RSS download I believe(or it might have been the one CKAN downloaded).
  11. All mods are up to date. Here's what I believe should be a public link. https://drive.google.com/file/d/0BwRjDijADLd-VTdENTFDWWR5elU/view?usp=sharing
  12. I've already tried running RSS and it's dependencies all alone, which is what the log is from. All mods are up to date and all dependencies are installed.
  13. Hi. I'm having some trouble with RSS. It pretty much doesn't work at all. All the planets stay as-is and don't scale up/change. All mods and dependencies are up to date and installed correctly. Here's a log
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