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  1. A lot of them give you enough time if you get it right on the transfer window you're planning on making...but if your craft or crafts dont succeed on that transfer window and you have to try again on the next one....you've pretty much failed and take a pretty big penalty. I would prefer at least two or three transfer windows worth of leeway including transit time. Lotta pressure to hit your target on the first try on those early venus and Mars flybys. It adds difficulty, sure, but it kinda discourages you from trying until you are practically sure you'll hit it on the first try. And when
  2. It'd be nice to have some of the deadlines extended just a little bit in the new version...maybe a lot bit in some cases... That's my two cents at least. I don't like feeling under the gun so much.
  3. Well, on my rig if i ever try to dock two ships with over 1000 parts each in 1.1.3 or you have a huge space station the game is a crawl. Single digit fps. In 1.2, it's like 20-30 fps with huge ships.
  4. I've tried that, but I never noticed much of a difference with it. I'll set the hype levels to low then. Stock 1.2 seemed a huge performance boost to stock 1.1.3, and overall seemed more polished. I'm just surprised it doesn't seem to bring much to Realism Overhaul.
  5. Question to those who are testing the pre release, how much would you say 1.2.2 improves performance? Specifically the stutter due to garbage collection? Are heavy launches much smoother and faster would ya say? That assumed performance boost of 1.2 on RO is pretty much the main thing I am looking forward too. @rsparkyc said it runs fine except with the visual enhancements, but does it run better and smoother than 1.1.3 and by how much? What else is exciting about the 1.2.2 release do you think? I gotta know so I can set my hype levels accordingly.
  6. Help! Someone locked this thread with me in it! I want out!
  7. No. @NathanKell *crosses fingers* Come back to us, Lord of the Realism Mods.
  8. We accidentally warped time so hard that our our returning craft clipped through the earth before we could stop it and now it has two weeks to go before it comes around again...and only 2 more days of life support.
  9. *salivates* Does it run as smooth and pretty as I dreamed? *strokes kitty* Soon, my precious. Soon™.
  10. We can confirm the existence of a space kraken. And it is indeed responsible for every mission failure we have ever experienced.
  11. The sun and the moon, and even Mars The Milky Way and ******** shooting stars UFOs, a river flows Plant a little seed and nature grows Niagara falls and the pyramids Everything you believed in as kids ******* rainbows after it rains There's enough miracles here to blow your brains
  12. Banned for getting to almost 2000 posts and never getting around to changing your avatar. For shame.
  13. What has 8 arms and an I.Q. of 60? 4 Packers fan's watching a football game. What does a Wisconsin tornado have in common with a cheese head getting a divorce? Either way, someone is losing a trailer. Why doesn't Aaron Rogers ever answer the phone? He can't find the receiver.
  14. We forgot to set an alarm for when the probe would enter Saturn's SOI, so we forgot about it until after it flew by and ended up on an interstellar trajectory. Unfortunately this means the probe flew by without collecting any science and we learned absolutely nothing from this 500 million dollar launch. Oh well, there's always next launch window. Due to issues with the probe's auto-guidance systems, the space craft wobbled itself to pieces during the transfer burn.
  15. -"I wanna be an astronaut!" -"How very brave of you. Have an explorer's heart, eh?" -"No, I just wanna get as far as humanly possible from you. I bet its awesome."
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