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  1. So that's 0.1. Testing is going well on my career save, it's very useful for resupply missions (I'm using USI LS) in the Kerbin/Mun/Minmus SOI and having 10x seats in the back is brilliant for tourist contracts. My current list of improvements is: 0.2: * Integrated comms and MechJeb in the cockpit, maybe thermometer as well * Implement hatch on the fuselage * Standard RCS kit with mountpoints for docking ops * Separate fuselage tail fins into animated aero kit * FlagDecals Roadmap: * Build alternative fuselage with zero passenger seats but operating ramp for cargo * 3rd alternative "skycrane" fuselage for bulky cargoes * Overall texture improvements * FFAR pods (special request from my son) * chin mounted flamethrower (my son again, so proud)
  2. Good to know, I missed that. PEBKAC as usual. Cheers
  3. RD, I hit a problem last night with USI LS. I have a small Mun base consisting of a Koala, an emergency shelter and a comms module, with a small Supplies tank (with several small supply paks attached to it), crewed by 1 orange suit and 1 white suit. I had resupplied it with approx 200d of Supplies. On approach to the base with more parts, once I was in physics range, I got the message about crew going on strike. Imagine my surprise to see all of the supplies gone and the white suit sulking. I have other bases with similar supply levels, and they were fine, this one just blipped to zero. Being undeterred by space shenanigans, I landed and bolted a full supply pak to the side of the supply tank. Imagine my further surprise at seeing a message about my white suit nomming the supplies, and then finding the entire new supply pak immediately empty. It may be relevant to note that the Mun base is completely out of power? Anyways, any ideas? I'd like to keep using LS but if they are going to keep mainlining noms like it's thanksgiving, they are gonna have a bad time.
  4. IIRC I had a similar problem because my Part Triggers layer wasn't on the correct numbered layer. I want to say layer 21, but that's off the top of my head. If that's not it, can you post a pic of the setup in unity?
  5. I will have a look at implementing a ramp when 1.0.5 hits.
  6. Wings and gear basic textures done.
  7. I'm sure there are lots of ways to do it. I use Git because I'm a programmer and I'm used to that workflow.
  8. Yes, I'm calling it a Kraken and moving on with a new and improved station
  9. Thanks, that's very useful. I'll keep thinking how best to do it.
  10. Looks like there was a part rename in the latest update: Is that the little inflatable survival pod? Should be safe to delete from the savegame right? *edit* I deleted the 3 instances in my savefile where there was a PodCapsule part. Then my station exploded. So I guess that's not the way to fix it.
  11. Each time I shut down KSP I do a git add/commit/push on the savegame folder. It's saved my bacon a number of times already.
  12. Thanks I've done quite a bit of research into parody fair use provisions, as I make parody music. It is a difficult area of law to understand and there are no hard and fast rules. Ultimately it is a judgement based on a number of factors, one of which is intent.
  13. Thank you everyone. I appreciate your comment and parody is a very grey area. That is, however, absolutely the intent. I respect your opinion that the Valkerbie doesn't qualify as parody, but I disagree.
  14. At some point I will distribute my Valkerbie model to the KSP community and I understand I need to release it under a license. CC-BY-NC-SA seems the best fit. However as the Valkerbie is a representation of a model design owned by Games Workshop PLC, who are notoriously protective of their copyrights, I thought I had better include something to show I'm respecting those. I've included the following modifications to the license, do you think these are fair enough? Not a lawyer, but here goes: Thanks
  15. Today's WIPs: Fuselage and engine.