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  1. BetaguyGZT

    [WIP] Universal Storage

    And I suppose a box of doughnuts and cups of coffee as a sacrifice to the video game overlords ...
  2. Very good. Use Firespitter from the Addon topic, then?
  3. Hiya @akron! Everything good for the latest game version? I've finally bought it and gonna install mods again, and I can't live without yours.
  4. BetaguyGZT

    [WIP] Universal Storage

    I can not [bleeping] wait. Seriously, which leg do I have to give up in order to have this loveliness? It looks frigging AMAZING.
  5. No worries, and totally understandable. It's quite complicated and I broke things down into manageable ratios to make the conversions much easier to deal with. I'll be happy to pass along the sources to my version of the mod, if you like. If I recall correctly, I was working on removing dependencies to other mods and future-proofing, as well as making BioMass run purely on KSP Config code only. The trouble I was having was really only the models themselves, getting the emissives to work correctly -- but since I'm unskilled with Unity and modelling in general ... yeah. Stone Blue was taking a look and he couldn't get them to work either.
  6. I was given free reign to do as I needed/wanted when I made the attempt. I assume that the same applies here, bud. Roboto isn't on a lot. RL and all. Go ahead and do whatcha gotta do. Consider it CC-SA. That's what I was operating under.
  7. With my sincere blessings as well. I'm in College and unable to devote the time needed that this mod really deserved. I took a scripting-based approach and it didn't pan out, as such things sometimes go. @linuxgurugamer is a talented individual, and will be able to get it going the way it deserves.
  8. BetaguyGZT

    [WIP] Universal Storage

    This is looking FANTASTIC. I can not [bleeping] wait .... I go away for a while, come back, download mods and I find this. Lovely. Simply lovely. We wants the precious!
  9. @ctbram It's working fine with the Community-ported version(s). @ss8913 Any chance of sharing it with the rest of the class?
  10. BetaguyGZT

    [1.4.x] TextureReplacer 3.2 (6.7.2018)

    /happydance /squee /ohmygiddyaunt /jebwantsthisnow
  11. OMG I missed this one. Thank you SO much, you two, for bringing it back.
  12. It's alive. I've made quite a few changes but haven't uploaded anything in a while. I probably should do that just to keep things current. Heh. Tell ya what. I'll give it a test this weekend when I have time (probably tonight sometime) and if all is well I'll upload a new testing release for everyone to play around with. I will likely do the changelog first -- if I can remember everything I've changed. Some stuff that I do remember changing: - Compressors are done, and are actually useful - Removed Kethane generation and use within the mod, as it wasn't relevant to much of anything at the moment - Still tweaking the CO2 -> Oxygen conversion rates from the Modules. I'm not happy with how little they are producing, and I need to actually do some real-world research to get solid numbers - Models are still wonky. I need to install Unity & the Autodesk stuff to fix 'em myself. No big deal, just have to find the time to actually do it. I'm a College Student, after all. - The code itself now works fine on 1.2 versions of KSP. Lots of changes with TAC-LS code that had to be done to get things working again. I'm playing around with using stock converter code to see if I can eliminate TAC-LS as a dependency.