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  1. Always a pleasure to exchange ideas with some people.
  2. I wonder. Why would one need to physically change the bulb to change the light colour? Or physically switch IC/pin settings for different blinking frequencies? All this is standard lowest possible tech that's been existing for strobe/disco lighting from before our own space age. Talking low tech, emitted light colour can be controlled by mechanically moved lenses/filters. A 'programmable' strobe can be created by simply varying the feeding current to a rotating mirror/shield. And if you go LED... well then you already have IC technology as well. All of which can be controlled from almost arbitrary distances by extending a few leads and placing a few switches or dials inside the cabin.
  3. You already use KER, so you'll probably like the more accurate mod version by Skalou (see above), but for those that want something in pure stock, try my stock parts approximation of a kerbal dummy: Craft file for the dummy: https://kerbalx.com/swjr-swis/Kerbal-Stunt-Dummy-2
  4. Aim Camera

    You need to enable 'Advanced Tweakables' in your game settings to see the 'Aim Camera' button in the part action windows.
  5. Dudas sobre minerales

    Hola @tigreton En KSP solo hay un mineral, llamado 'Mineral'. Es el único componente que se puede extraer, y se puede convertir en propelente liquido, oxígeno o monopropelente. Eso es, a menos que uses mods, en cual caso hay muchas otras posibilidades, dependiendo de los mods. Si eso es el caso, necesitarás mencionar que mods usas para que te puedan ayudar los que los conocen.
  6. Forum Colour Schemes ?

    My main need for a new stylesheet would be 'not eye-searingly bright please'', which your example seems to achieve. StoneBlue's is useful for when my whole screens are lights out, but for general use something a tad less dark would be good. The images: there's no good way to cater for all possibilities, other than the already offered suggestion of a subtle border. And anything that makes that like button much less prominent is good too. Watching your version with interest. Am I alone btw in preferring a slight bit more contrast between elements? Eg. the box containing the actual post content, either slightly darker or lighter than the poster name/icon and the top/bottom bars, instead of just seeming one big space with stuff floating in it. I can deal with CSS enough to make that tiny change for myself though.
  7. Magic asteroid properties

    I'm a bit on the fence about this entire argument, but I feel one thing needs to be pointed out here: (This particular nerd's reaction): I feel like I've been issued a challenge!! <spends 14 hours a day for the next 3 weeks trying to find the -inevitabe- logic flaw/code bug/exploit the PC is mathematically guaranteed to never even consider> (This particular nerd's reaction): Ok cool, an easter egg with no apparent game benefit. Might be curious for a few moments, but sounds like way too much work to find not much of consequence. Someone will find it eventually and I'll read about it. <shrugs, then spends 14 hours a day for the next 3 weeks in that same game trying to get a perfect replica of the Eiffel Tower achieve orbit and land on top of the VAB - on its tip> Just saying, if I've learned anything from seeing how everyone plays this game, it's that we all make our own ways of wasting way too much time on this game...
  8. KSP Forum Stereotypes

    I'm a craft builder more than anything, so 8 seems the most fitting, except for the 'epic' part. I definitely fit the stock stickler category. Nothing against mods, and I have used them enough in the past to fit the mod maniac category, but at this time stock is king. I'm missing a few more categories: Helpful Herman - "Of course we can help. KSPedia says X, the Wiki says Y, this thread shows a stock solution, and then there is this mod to use." The Challenge Champion - "I just noticed this month-old challenge. Here's a quick 5 min build that completely blows away the competition..." Neo Kerman - "Today I'll show that some of KSP's physics can be bent; others can be broken. Presenting my newest anti-grav drive." Realism Roger - "That's not how it works in real life... that's not how any of this works."
  9. Forum Colour Schemes ?

    Well either one of those is a whole lot better than the whitewash and will at least save me the -literal- headaches. Thank you.
  10. I can't use the forum in this state. It is too damn bright, and elements are just all over the place. Less than an hour now and I have a splitting headache. Whatever the forum update was, it apparently also completely disabled the nbzKontrast script and YAS00 user styles, cause neihter of them appear to have any useful effect anymore. It's even worse than it was the last time. Unless we get some form of revert or someone offers a workaround through a user script/style, I'm going to have to stop using this forum. Since a revert is pretty much out of the question: can someone please make a user script/style available that fixes this mess?
  11. It has been done before, no reason it can't be done again: 78x171km orbit on one SRB (Kickback), expendable, reached over 100km: that woud be 110 points? That challenge was a bit more strict, it asked for a single Kickback SRB only, so making LKO orbit is about as far as that went. But being allowed to use more SRBs, lots of things are possible .
  12. Tweaking parts pressure

    The parameter is called 'maxPressure = 4000' (4000 is the current default for all parts), and the cfg files of parts can be found in /GameData/Squad/Parts. You probably want to use a Module Manager patch to do this.
  13. Launch pad made of glass?

    Yes you can, almost all settings can be changed mid-game. In space center and flight scenes, the Pause menu (ESC on Windows) 'Settings' dialog has a button right on the top for the difficulty options. Just remember that changes are not saved retroactively to older (quick)saves, so if you revert or (quick)load, the settings you changed are back as they were before. Wasn't that always the case? It seems like I've always had to turn them on explicitly when creating a new game, no matter what preset I picked.
  14. Launch pad made of glass?

    Not just the launch pad; runway has a tendency to go up in highly spectacular explosions as well. There's is however a slider in the Difficult Settings that allows us to pick our own building damage multiplier Experiment with it, maybe we just have to suggest a different default value..
  15. A couple linux oddities

    While it does work on Windows, using Shift-anything in the map window is a pretty sure way of screwing up a mission...
  16. I use the -force-d3d11 option on the laptop; it still happens there too though.
  17. Nothing to do with mods, this is a stock thing. Struts cause this (and possibly fuel lines, since they use the same compound part/endpoint technique). The exact circumstances are not entirely clear but it seems to happen most often with struts that have lost their endpoint. It's been subject of other threads already a few times.
  18. I've seen these things happen too with 1.3.0, not yet with 1.3.1pre. Another thing I've seen disappear a few times is the gizmo buttons in the top left in the SPH/VAB, which I've been able to make reappear by switching between the Build/Actions/Crew tabs. Unfortunately I've not been able to reproduce it at will, which impedes making a bug report about it. I have a suspicion it starts happening when my game has been running for a long while already. With the better overall performance of 1.3.0, I can leave the game open a good bit longer (I'm talking hours), and the longer my game has run, the more I start seeing text from different places in the UI disappear. That said, it doesn't offer much of a bug report for the devs to work with.
  19. KSP Weekly: The Galilean Telescope

    Twice today already. My apologies. Some days I should really just not post on the forum. It only works the way I said with separators, not decouplers: when the separator comes loose of everything else, all parts that have been radially attached to the separator also come loose and fly off by themselves. Demonstrator: the same construct you show here, but use a separator instead of the decoupler. See also the pics under below spoiler so you don't have to redo your test if you don't want to: Not sure why I added decouplers there in my first reply. I mean, decouplers remain attached to one side of the craft; this is common knowledge for anyone that has done more than two launches in KSP, yes? But no, my brain felt it had to type *and* post that extra word there...
  20. KSP Weekly: The Galilean Telescope

    Not sure why that should be particularly troublesome. That's the stock behaviour of parts radially attached to separators/decouplers (which I suspect is the basis for the stageable shell pieces): all the parts get detached at staging it, and fly off by themselves. It can make them lethal shrapnel... or it works perfectly fine, depending on how mindful one places the parts. If you know how it works you can design/plan appropriately. Personally, I'd probably have attached the RCS ports to the inner surfaces (or the Jr port) and offset them, clipping just the exhaust nozzle out, thereby making sure they remain attached after the shell pieces fly off. It may even have prevented the shell pieces from clipping into the service bay when staged - which looks like may be happening as a result of rebounding from the loose RCS ports. Of course without having access to the part yet, that's pure speculation.
  21. You have to can launch it unmanned. That's why the requiremnent specifically says 'build'... it checks for how it comes out of the VAB/SPH. Funny how that works... one gets something to work a certain way every time by pure coincidence, and it just gets stored as 'knowledge'. Never mind my blabbing, the others gave the answers that work in ALL circumstances.
  22. KSP Weekly: The Galilean Telescope

    Considering the video is called "ClutteredRecklessAiredaleterrier", I think no one is actually suggesting it to be safe and sound. They look a bit smaller than a Jr docking port, too small to be either of the existing Stratus-V tanks, so they must be the new ones, sized for the new set.
  23. Engineer's Report

    Ok, a slightly better explanation of the issue, for clarification. In the engineer report of the stock "Gull" craft, the header and the description of the second report item do not correspond with each other: The header says: "Missing air breathing engines". This is obviously wrong, as the craft clearly equips a Juno engine. When clicked on to expand it, it then shows the correct description: "Your manned vessel does not have an antenna capable of transmitting science experiment data." This is true. It appears the header string for that engineer report item points to the incorrect localization code. After checking in GameData/Localization/dictionary.cfg, it looks like the following is the problem: The actual issue the engineer report warns about is that the stock "Gull" craft has no discrete antenna other than the internal one in the cockpit, which cannot transmit science. It warns about this because the cockpit's crew report is considered a science experiment, and one might want to transmit it, which requires an antenna to be added. The header of this informational item seems to be pointing to #autoLOC_250906 (= Missing air breathing engines), when it should be pointing to #autoLOC_251018 (= Cannot transmit science.), or perhaps #autoLOC_251023 (= Missing antenna.)... both seem to apply. I created a bug report about this in the bug tracker: #15813, so the devs can look at it and correct it.
  24. Engineer's Report

    Without a picture of the actual craft (at least), or the craft file itself for download, there's nothing much anyone will be able to do with this information...
  25. The flag fabric is composed of a patch of Kraken skin, which is found in abundance randomly all over the system, left behind when the Kraken shed to make place for its new yearly coat. Obviously it is completely space resistant, and it is widely known to be touch-sensitive, so all the Kerbal need to do is trace the message over the surface with the tip of their gloves with a specific vibration frequency for the chromatophores to get stimulated and turn deep dark, even causing some of the muscle cells to contract causing the 'embossing' effect. Left to its own devices it will then retain the pattern almost indefinitely, which is why Kraken skin quickly became the Kerbin equivalent of parchment since the very first kerbals decide to document a game of tic-tac-toe. It's also the staple wrapping for Snacks(tm), and explains the relative popularity of the odd cuss word 'Krakensnacks!' amongst kerbals.