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  1. AVaughan

    So I ran KSP on my new laptop...

    If you enjoy KSP and modded minecraft, then you might also enjoy Factorio. (A lot of factorio player also play KSP and/or heavily modded minecraft). https://www.factorio.com/
  2. See For a way to easily build a rocket with whatever dV you need (no mods or calculator needed).
  3. AVaughan

    SpaceX Discussion Thread

    Note that Elon was talking about the required thrust for Starship + SuperHeavy. So whilst you can probably use those numbers to put an upper bound on the hoppers max takeoff mass (and hence max takeoff fuel load), I'm not sure that you can use that to confirm that the tanks can actually hold all that fuel. (Personally I think it is likely that they will prefer hopper to have a takeoff TWR of over 1.5, so that an engine failure just after liftoff is not an automatic loss of vehicle. Even if the tanks can hold 400+ tons of props, it is quite possible that they never will load the hopper to capacity).
  4. AVaughan

    So I ran KSP on my new laptop...

    Well even heavily modded KSP runs at acceptable framerates (assuming I don't go overboard with too many parts) even on my 9 year old hardware. So no surprise vanilla runs well on a new laptop.
  5. Hmmm. Actually I thought that for most real life rocket launches, engines are started, then the computer checks that they are producing the appropriate amount of force before releasing the launch clamps. If the engines aren't producing the required thrust, or anything seems wrong, then the computer shuts them down, and you get an abort at T-1 or so. SRBs are the notable exception, since they can't be shut down. They are ignited at the same time as the launch clamps are released.
  6. Discord offers both text channels and voice channels. Most of the RO/RP-0/1 channels are text channels. (Think next generation IRC). That works much better for discussing things when not everybody will be online at the same time. Voice chat works well for people actually playing realtime multiplayer games.
  7. Lots of discussion in the rp-0/1 section of the RO discord https://discord.gg/AsJA897 , and some on github. (I'm not sure whether any discussion is happening anywhere else). I'm not sure that any one person is running the show. Nathan Kell has been on discord, and Pap, plus lots of other people.
  8. @fallout2077 : That sounds about right, assuming you haven't invested many points into VAB build rate yet.
  9. From the first post.
  10. They are working on an update. It will be ready when it is done. After that I believe the current plan is to work on updating to 1.6.1.
  11. AVaughan

    [1.6.1-2 + Backports] Kopernicus & KittopiaTech

    Well actually I think you should blame either @SQUAD or Take Two. As I understand things, they could have chosen to make 1.6.0 available, but they choose not to for some reason. If I recall correctly, they did the same thing with 1.5.0 when 1.5.1 released. The only possible reasons I can think of for them not making 1.6.0 available in the betas tab, are: Squad hopes that by making updates without providing a way to rollback to the previous version that maintainers of mods that are version locked, those maintainers will relax or remove the version locks, rather than deal with the barrage of support/update requests. Squad hopes that by making updates without providing a way to rollback to the previous version that maintainers of mods that are version locked, those maintainers, those maintainers will give up their mods, and someone else will take over and relax or remove the version locks. Squad wants more players to move their install out of Steam before installing mods, and so to encourage people to do that, they are willing to push updates that mean that people who don't do that can't load their saves until after any version locked mods are updated. They don't understand that this is a problem. (I'm sorry but that just doesn't make sense to me. Whilst it is possible that some Squad employees might not follow the forums enough to understand the issue, at least @TriggerAu and @JPLRepo do follow the forums enough that they should know that pushing updates without providing a way to rollback to the previous minor versions is a problem, at least for people using version locked mods in an install under steam's control, and that all this does is to put more pressure on modders). Squad feels that it isn't worth their time to make 1.6.0 available on the beta's tab. (Also known as Squad couldn't be bothered making 1.6.0 available). Squad doesn't care that players using version locked mods in an install under steams control can't load their saves until after any version locked mods are updated. Take Two decided to do it this way. (Alternatively, it is possible that Take Two might be the people who actually make new versions available publically, and they might be the people who need to make 1.6.0 available in the betas tab. I honestly don't know which company does the deployment of new versions. But if TT decided not to provide a way to rollback to 1.6.0 , then you can substitute TT for Squad in practically everything I said above). None of this is Steam's fault. THere are good reasons why some online only games genuinely do not want or need older versions in the betas tab, so Steam shouldn't make all version of every game available.
  12. That post is sort of like emailing a doctor and saying "I'm sick. Please help". You haven't provided any of the information required for him to even begin to make a diagnosis. Read CKAN should work, provided you are using a version of KSP that has an RO release. (From memory the lastest RO release targets KSP versions 1.4.5, and 1.3.1). At a minimum provide answers to the following questions . What version of KSP are you using? What operating system? If you try to use CKAN what is the error? What version of CKAN are you using? When you try to install RO manually what is the full list of mods you have installed. (Mod name and version). RO depends on quite a few other mods. Just installing RO by itself will probably result is some sort of broken install. It certainly won't result in a working RO install. If that doesn't provide enough information to diagnose your problem, then we'll probably need logfiles, and/or screenshots of your gamedata folder.
  13. AVaughan

    [1.6.1-2 + Backports] Kopernicus & KittopiaTech

    @Lunaris. Get in the habit of copying KSP to a location outside of steam before adding mods. That way when KSP updates, your working copy won't be affected.
  14. AVaughan

    JoolTube: 1.7 ton to Minmus and back

    I'll just drop Brad's reply here. (He basically much admits he took inspiration for Turbo Pumped.
  15. Which is why it may not be related, and may not be solved with 1.6. (Does it happen in stock with 20 parts, or only a heavily modded install? I know if I add too many parts packs to my RO/RP-1 install, then the editor really chugs for me, even before I have added any parts).