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  1. AVaughan

    SpaceX Discussion Thread

    No point in building a booster capable of 24 hr turn around if the launch pads need 1 week between launches.
  2. @Speedbird52 If you have the Steam version of ksp then you can access 1.3.1 from the betas tab. (Right click on KSP in steam, select properties then betas tab then select 1.3.1 from the drop down box). There is also probably a way to download old version from the ksp store or from GOG, but I don't have those versions.
  3. Stratzenblitz75 did a 3 kerbal, 3 parts mission to Gilly earlier this year, without the litho-staging or eva landing tactics Hazardish used.
  4. AVaughan

    SpaceX Discussion Thread

    Well Elon said block 5 was designed for 24 hr turnaround (presumably based on a RTLS timeline). He also said the first booster would be pulled apart for a thorough inspection to validate the design, so hopefully there will be a faster turnaround for future boosters.
  5. AVaughan

    SpaceX Discussion Thread

    The outer boosters produce thrust that needs to be transferred to the central booster. That means that for a light weight core booster design that is already designed and is approaching its maximum materials design limits, you need to redesign the central booster, so that it is capable of supporting those higher loads. Not impossible, but a lot of work. You also need to consider the aerodynamics of the core plus boosters, especially near max Q and separation. (Also how the strap on booster will transfer that thrust to the central core). None of this is a problem if you are designing the rocket from scratch and know that it will use strap on boosters, and design the rocket accordingly. But it is a lot more work than designing a newer version of the existing rocket using improved higher thrust versions of the existing engines. Plus the new 3 core version will have new potential failure modes, and increased risk of failure on every launch.
  6. AVaughan

    How to make a new install? (with MH expansion)

    Assuming the GOG version is the same as the steam version you can just copy the entire folder to another directory, and get a duplicate installation that way. (Start menu/desktop shortcuts will still point to the original directory, and the new version won't have registry entries, which may make it harder to apply updates, but you can just update update the original, create a new copy of that, then move the mods + savegame into the new copy).
  7. Are you guys using the Steam version, or the ksp store version? Where is ksp installed? Under Program Files, or somewhere else? And are you running the launcher or one of the ksp executables? (I'm using the Steam version, installed under d:/games, and launching ksp_64.exe, and it never asks me for elevated permissions. But the launcher might need elevated permissions to update ksp, especially if it is installed under Program Files).
  8. AVaughan

    KSP Weekly: The Ghost Particle

    +1 That warning gets very repetitive.
  9. AVaughan

    Tethers? Anyone?

    Well when they were used (on the space shuttle ISS missions), the astronauts who used them were untethered. The SAFER backpacks currently in use on the ISS, are considered emergency use only, and are only intended to be used if an astronaut somehow became untethered and started drifting away from the ISS.
  10. AVaughan

    Whats wrong with my shrouds?

    It also happens to me, and I saw it in stock in 1.3. (It also happens in my modded 1.4.3 career, but I haven't played enough stock 1.4.x to know whether it still happens in stock).
  11. @MR_STYLZ I haven't played with RO/RP-0 for a few months, (and it's been over a year since I played with the 1.2.2 version) but from memory many of the early engines need a highly pressurised fuel tank, and you might need to change the tank type. If you right click on the engine it should tell you whether that is the issue. (I forget whether you can do that in the VAB in 1.2.2, or only once it is on the launch pad). For RP-0 tutorials I recommend Nathan Kell's 1.2.2 RP-0 tutorial series.
  12. AVaughan

    [1.3] USI Life Support [0.5.0]

    I'm pretty sure you can change that in the configuration screen. I play with exceeding the habitation limit turns kerbals into tourists, and it is very common for the kerbin re-entry capsule to be the root part of my designs. With USI LS that means that as soon as I decouple it from the rest of the return craft, suddenly all my kerbals have exceeded the habitation limit of that capsule, and turn into tourists. So I always make sure that the return capsule has a probe core attached, so that I still have control for atmospheric entry.
  13. Pure speculation, but is this a craft with a high thrust to weight ratio at launch, and some long burning SRBs? If so then I'd guess that the gravity turn's default guess isn't pitching over aggressively enough, and by the time the SRBs burn out, the craft is already heading out of the atmosphere without having pitched over enough. If so lower your launch thrust to weight ratio. (I like around 1.3-1.4. Often gravity turn only needs around 20 m/s to circularise my rockets).
  14. AVaughan

    KSP Weekly: Hera Reborn

    @steve_v Your whole attitude to this bug is still toxic. Linux users are probably around 1-2% of the entire player base. Linux users with joysticks are probably less than 1%. Steam users on windows are probably closer to 80-90%. According to Valve's hardware survey Linux users are definitely less than 1% of the entire potential set of people who might be convinced to buy KSP on Steam. So of course Squad and Take Two care more about Steam users on Windows than Linux users with joysticks. (And don't forget, Take Two Interactive own Squad. If they say add steam workshop support asap, then we get steam workshop support asap). Also for all we know Steam controller support on windows might be the start of ksp moving away from using Unity's API for joystick/controller input. The next step might be native OSX and/or linux controller support. (Unity has more reason to care about controllers than joysticks, since more unity games will benefit from controller support, than will want joystick support). But regardless, if I was in charge of KSP development atm, I would fix this problem right now by adding 1 line to the changelog for 1.4.5 Would that make you happy? More seriously, though, given the small proportion of ksp users who are playing on linux, any linux specific bug that isn't a reproducible crash or a lockup or a failure to load ksp (ie any bug that doesn't prevent you from actually playing) is a normal severity bug, and will get fixed if/when they get around to it. A linux specific bug that only affect a subset of linux users has even less reason to be a priority. From what I have heard on forums for other games, every console patch has to go through Microsoft's and Sony's testing and validation. That costs significant mounts of money for every patch. With steam they can push patches much more often without paying for the console validation processes.
  15. AVaughan

    Got some errors in the voids

    You will need to be way more specific about exactly what you are attempting to do, and what happens, for us to have a chance of understanding what the problem is. What you have given us is the equivalent of telling your doctor that you are under the weather.