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  1. Time to LKO? Real time.

    I won't even attempt to run EVE, SVE or scatter, because they bog down the game's performance too much (on my 7 year old hardware). If you want decent performance on older hardware, then ditch the graphics mods. Alternatively you can have low performance, with a much prettier game. Ultimately pick the tradeoff you prefer.
  2. Time to LKO? Real time.

    If you are getting poor fps with a 30 part rocket, then I'd suggest turning down the graphics settings/removing graphics mods. If that helps, then your fps was probably limited by your graphics card. (And laptops often have either no graphics card or an underclocked and undervolted graphics card to save power). Personally my seven year old i7 can easily launch a 30part rocket with the clock staying in the green, provided I drop the defaults graphics settings down one notch, and don't use things like scatterer/visual enhancements.
  3. @sevenperforce you have actually misread the request. Your example is talking about adding 6 landing legs attached to 3 drop tanks. The OP is about wanting to be able to add 6 radially attached tanks, and then attach a total of 3 landing legs, one to every second tank.
  4. This is something that annoys me. One workaround I sometimes use is to place the parent object in say 2x symmetry, then place it again with 2x symmetry 90 degrees offset from the first set.
  5. [1.3] KW Rocketry Rebalanced

    Ckan listed the old forum thread as the homepage for this version.
  6. @linuxgurugamer I'm pretty sure that some mods have fixed it. Kerbal Alarm Clock comes to mind. (It even has settings to turn click through protection on and off). It would be good if Squad could provide a simple way for all mods to do the same thing. Tagging @TriggerAu to see if he could perhaps explain how he did it, and maybe even get Squad to support an api so that other mod authors easily add click through protection.
  7. A question. Autopilots are prohibited during atmospheric flight. Does that mean you can't use Mechjeb's Smart ASS to hold attitude during reentry ?
  8. I found the 1.875m Home Grown Rockets parts to be useful early on in my x3.2 career game. (You will want the community fixes as well. http://forum.kerbalspaceprogram.com/index.php?/topic/131556-12-hgr-community-fixes-home-grown-fixes-for-home-grown-rockets-v151-02016-oct-29/&page=1 ). Amongst other things that adds a good general purpose 1.875m engine (and 1.875m tanks) to the Advanced rocketry node that is sort of half way between a Swivel/Reliant and a Skipper (and available before the Skipper and 2.5m tanks).
  9. [1.0.2]HGR 1.875m parts(v1.3.0 released)

    Look 2 posts above yours.
  10. [1.3.0] Kerbalism v1.2.9

    Is the water recycler switched on in the vab?
  11. Post what you want to. Certainly don't turn playing/posting into an unwelcome chore. Maybe just whatever seems epic or noteworthy to you at the time. One thing I would like to ask is what Sigma Dimensions settings did you settle on for x3.2?
  12. [1.3] USI Life Support [0.5.0]

    Yeah, but we probably shouldn't derail this thread with a lengthy discussion of possible changes, unless Roverdude indicates that he'd like to see them, and that this is where he'd like any such discussion to take place. (Other possible places to have the discussion include a github bug report, or a new thread on the forum, but again I wouldn't want to start or encourage such a discussion without Roverdude's blessing). Starting a potentially lengthy discussion here is likely to lead to a lot of other players throwing their hat into the ring, and a lot of potential extra suggestions, at least some of which will probably not fit with Roverdude's vision of what he wants this mod to be. We should only have that discussion here with Roverdude's ok, and especially shouldn't add too much to the noise in this thread, which is more a support than a development thread, without his permission.
  13. [1.3] USI Life Support [0.5.0]

    @Wyzard, I also have some ideas I've considered suggesting, but I've hesitated to suggest them. This is Roverdude's mod, and things should work however he wants.
  14. Ok. Thanks for the reply. After a bit of testing, adding Remotetech is definitely the problem. Here is the Remotetech_HGR.cfg // Speedwaystar's RemoteTech patch for HGRSolarPanels // omni antenna, ranges = 100km undeployed and 1500km deployed @PART[HGRSolarPanels1]:NEEDS[RemoteTech]:FIRST { !MODULE[ModuleDataTransmitter] {} %MODULE[ModuleRTAntenna] { %Mode0OmniRange = 100000 %Mode1OmniRange = 1500000 %EnergyCost = 0.05 %DeployFxModules = 1 %TRANSMITTER { %PacketInterval = 0.4 %PacketSize = 2 %PacketResourceCost = 12.0 } } %MODULE[ModuleSPUPassive] {} } Does that look right @Kerbas_ad_astra ? (Especially that ModuleSPUPassive bit)? (Note from my point of view this isn't a major issue. A few more hrs play and I'll have better solar panels unlocked. Now off to try to find out why scansat is also bugged atm). Edit: forget that bit about ModuleSPUPassive . SPU is Signal Processing Unit, from remotetech. (All remotetech antennas have SPUPassive) I had jumped to the conclusion that SPU was Solar Panel something or other, and figured Solar Panel ... Passive didn't sound right for a deployable solar panel.
  15. Hi Are the OX-SJ solar panels working for other people? I have no UI button to to deploy the panels after leaving the VAB. (And even deploying the panels before leaving the VAB, doesn't result them being properly deployed once the craft unpacks on the pad). The antennas do extend and retract, just not the panels. KSP 1.2.2 64bit HGR + HGR Community Fixes 1.5.1 RemoteTech 1.8.3 and 60+ other mods. Thanks in advance.