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  1. Hey everyone! I just wanted to let you guys know what is the current state of RemoteTech. As you may know for the last 10 months or so RT development was very limited. After the departure of the main developer me and @d4rksh4de have prepared a couple of compatibility releases, but apart from that not a lot has changed. With the release of 1.2 just around the corner a broader (and more time consuming) look at the whole thing seems to be in order. I know KSP devs would love some feedback regarding CommNet to make sure it's easily moddable. Sadly it looks like none of the former developers has free time for RT anymore and as a result currently no effort to update to 1.2 is underway. RemoteTech is one of the most popular KSP mods, people love it and many can't imagine playing without it It would be sad to see it abandoned. If you're willing to take over the project and help push it forward then feel free to contact me.
  2. 1.7.1 is available! This is mostly an update of 1.7 to make it work with KSP 1.1.3. - Updated to work with KSP 1.1.3 - Updated ModuleManager - Fixed tracking station dish button - Support for Procedural Probe Cores - Wording/typo fixes Can be downloaded through usual channels. Couple of quick remarks: 1. I've noticed that a lot of you guys talk about bugs here. Please report them on our bug tracker: https://github.com/RemoteTechnologiesGroup/RemoteTech/issues. We're not always following this thread and they might easily be overlooked. 2. We do not have a lot of manpower here and sadly RT development is now limited mostly to KSP compatibility releases and only the most urgent bug fixes. If you'd like to see a new feature implemented or a bug fixed then you'll probably have to write the necessary code yourself and submit a pull request here: https://github.com/RemoteTechnologiesGroup/RemoteTech/pulls. If you'd like to help to develop RT in any way feel free to PM me. I can add you to our Slack channel.
  3. You could use kOS (a different mod) to open the antenna later
  4. It is done and ready. It's waiting for the next major release.
  5. I'm afraid with the resources we currently have we have to limit ourselves to fixing bugs (the important ones). Of course if you implement it yourself we'll gladly merge your pull requests BTW, if you're a dev and would like to help out don't hesitate to PM me
  6. I have added it to our bug tracker: https://github.com/RemoteTechnologiesGroup/RemoteTech/issues/622
  7. Thanks, I have added it to our issue tracker: https://github.com/RemoteTechnologiesGroup/RemoteTech/issues/618
  8. I have added it to the 1.7.1 milestone so someone will look at it in the coming weeks.
  9. Hard to say, we're fairly new to the project and we're a bit hesitant to introduce any major changes like this one for now. We're mostly fixing bugs and compatibility issues. Hopefully that will change soon.
  10. New forum thread Because the original owner of the current thread is not active anymore we've decided to create a new one to make things simpler for us. Please stop using this thread, I will ask one of the moderators to close it.
  11. Remote Technologies Group presents... RemoteTech - Version 1.9.9 (old forum thread) Summary RemoteTech is a modification for Squad's "Kerbal Space Program" (KSP) which overhauls the unmanned space program. It does this by requiring unmanned vessels have a connection to Kerbal Space Center (KSC) to be able to be controlled. This adds a new layer of difficulty that compensates for the lack of live crew members. What's new in the current version - see Changelog Thanks to Pirate and Fade Instruction Manual An extensive instruction manual is available at http://remotetechnologiesgroup.github.io/RemoteTech/ and includes a player guide, gameplay mechanics, detailed part summaries, and tutorials. Download The source code for RemoteTech is licensed under GPL version 2. The part models are not licensed to the general public and may not be redistributed without permission from their original creators. Download from SpaceDock, GitHub or via CKAN Source-Code: https://github.com/RemoteTechnologiesGroup/RemoteTech Pre-release builds - https://github.com/RemoteTechnologiesGroup/RemoteTech/releases Important: The 'pre-releases' are debug builds of the current development tree. They are not guaranteed to be feature-complete or bug-free. They are intended for those that wish to test out the next version of RemoteTech before it goes on general release and are aware of the risks of doing so. Bug Reports To make a Bug Report, please use the Github issue tracker. You can browse the current list of issues to see if your problem has already been reported by somebody else at https://github.com/RemoteTechnologiesGroup/RemoteTech/issues. Please follow the instructions at https://github.com/RemoteTechnologiesGroup/RemoteTech/blob/master/CONTRIBUTING.md when reporting your bug. Forum posts are difficult to track, and incomplete reports make it impossible for us to locate the source of the problem. Credits RemoteTech is currently maintained by taxiservice. Previous contributions by: Peppie23, neitsa, d4rksh4de, tomek.piotrowski, Erendrake, Pezmc, Starstrider42, woogoose, JDP, The_Duck, gresrun, Tosh, rkman, NovaSilisko, r4m0n, Alchemist, Kreuzung, Spaceghost, Tomato, BoJaN, Mortaq, Cilph, TaranisElsu, acc, Vrana, MedievalNerd, NathanKell, jdmj, kommit, koritastic, Dail8859, Grays, Jsartisohn, MOARdV, and Reignerok. Thanks!
  12. Please investigate further if you can, preferably with different craft. If you're able to reproduce this bug then please create an issue on our bug tracker: https://github.com/RemoteTechnologiesGroup/RemoteTech/issues. Including the craft file could help.
  13. Hey, try doing the same thing with the smallest number of mods installed. Preferably only RemoteTech. (You have Science Full reward installed, at least try removing that). If the problem still persists then create an issue on our Github tracker please.
  14. Please create an issue on our bug tracker for this. Otherwise it will get lost here. Yeah, looks like you're right. Feel free to post your observations, along with RT and KSP versions that you use in that issue.
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