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  1. @CashnipLeafI'm subscribed to @blackrack's patreon Volumetric Clouds. Absolute game changer as far as visual mods go. I stumbled across this forum page and I'd be super stoked if these two mods ever integrated. I asked about possible integration or implementation of something similar. Blackrack had a thoughtful response. Do you have any ideas on these challenges?
  2. Is there a way to move the element in the red box? It overlaps with the stock text alerts like "Entering X Waypoint" and "Quicksaving". Looks like I can rescale it, but I can't seem to find a way to move it around. Thanks for maintaining the mod @linuxgurugamer!
  3. @Starwaster Stock Kerbin + Far, but also with Restock. That's wild! Digging around in the Restock module manager patches, it does look like Restock changes something with the radial decouplers, possibly how parts attach to it. Restock only seems to change effects for the SRBs. For now, my custom 1600K adjustment seems to be holding fine.
  4. The radial decouplers with stock solid boosters explode before the boosters burn out in first stage low atmospheric use. I'm using FAR, so maybe I reach speeds not normal for stock, but I don't think this is likely as I shoot for ~1.6 TWR in the first stage. Is this intentional? I see that DRE nerfs them down to 1000K, but is commented to 1600. Here's what DRE does @PART[radialDecoupler] { @maxTemp = 1000 // 1600 } @PART[radialDecoupler1-2] { @maxTemp = 1000 // 1600 } @PART[radialDecoupler2] { @maxTemp = 1000 // 1600 } and here's what I've done @PART[radialDecoupler*]:AFTER[DeadlyReentry] { @maxTemp = 1600 name = ModuleAeroReentry leaveTemp = True }
  5. Gotcha, I'll be doing :BEFORE then while I dig through parts and experiment a bit. The one in particular that really prompted this post was the Shielded 5-Way RCS Block (name = rcsblock-aero-5way-1) from Near Future Spacecraft that was nerfed down to 1000 while the stock RCS blocks have 1500 despite having more exposed unshielded parts. Some other shielded parts like landing legs looked like they were being nerfed to below other stock parts. I'll get back to you for sure with specific stuff. Thanks for keeping the mod maintained!
  6. This mod has been pretty essential in my game since the beginning. Last time I played was 5-6 years ago and I've found myself hooked again. I've found the Near Future mods to be pretty great in terms of mixing into the stock, but I noticed that they don't seem to have good heat values with Deadly Reentry. As a quick and dirty fix, would doing this cause big problems other than some parts being overpowered? @PART[*]:HAS[#author[Chris?Adderley*]]:FOR[DeadlyReentry] { MODULE { name = ModuleAeroReentry leaveTemp = True } } This essentially un nerfs the temperatures for Near Future by filtering the author "Chris Adderley (Nertea)" Or even better, does anyone have configs for Near Future to work with Deadly Reentry?
  7. significantly weaker. using 1.25 meter parts: sabre intakes and cooler, omega fusion reactor, 2 small radial radiators, electric generator, and thermal turbojet in creative mode. before I installed the mod tweaks. after the mod tweaks. can anyone else confirm?
  8. Did this change affect thermal turbojet thrust in atmospheric mode? My thermal turbojets are really weak now
  9. example: in SPH TWR 3.26 in flight TWR 2ish (MJ and KER disagree) TWR doesn't change after launch clamps are released and craft is moving. ninja edit: it looks like the the TWR is somehow affected by altitude, which makes me think that ISP directly affects TWR in some way- the displayed TWR looks pretty close to what the projected one would be. Is this all intentional? If so, how can I figure out my atmospheric TWR from a standstill before I launch my craft? I need to be able to have accurate numbers to make my physics correct sci-fi atmospheric to warp vtol spaceplanes
  10. Even right after takeoff, my MJ/KER TWR is shown lower than the projected one in the VAB.
  11. I'm not sure if this is a bug, or if it's just me not doing stuff right... Using the Omega Fusion Reactor with a thermal turbojet in atmospheric mode shows a higher TWR in the VAB than when in actual use both in Mechjeb and KER. Why is the maximum TWR lower in flight?
  12. I noticed that there are parts above Deadly Reentry maxtemp of 1250, so their heat tolerances get halved. Some of those parts have heat shielding. The ones that don't, notably the intakes, get fried at around 850 degrees. Is this intentional for the intakes?
  13. I love that this is still being worked on! Any chance you can do a prerelease of the vtol engines? I'm itching to build a physics correct sci line of atmospheric and space craft. I did almost a yearlong hiatus from KSP and you had just posted the teasers then and got really excited.
  14. +1 for asking if this is still being worked on or at least recompiled for .90. I just got back from a 9month long hiatus from playing KSP and have been itching to make some cool things now that the welding tool and tweakscale have been integrated well. I would like to be able to continue my dawn carrier story! Speaking of tweakscale, it might be easier for the mod if it used tweakscale instead of having a bunch of parts sized differently. come back Alskari pleaaaaaaseee if you don't have time to really work on the mod (real life can do that heh), could you at least re release the mod so we can keep a community version alive?
  15. I've got a question about balance. The b9 intakes have a max temp of 1700 (also slightly related, there are parts with 1500). The "ridiculousMaxTemp" default is 1250. Would it be unrealistic to set ridiculousMaxTemp to 1800 or would it be better to talk to b9 about setting the b9 parts below the default 1250? Or even another option: set the ridiculousMaxTemp.maxTempScale to another value to handle these things better?
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