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  1. Сarrier Admiral Kuznetsov

  2. [1.3] SM Armory 1.3 [1.3] SM_AFVs1.3

    Loving this mod! Looking forward for PLS:
  3. Military Air, Sea And Land Vehicles Megathread

  4. Trucks

    mods: ubiowelding, tweakscale, B9, magicsmoke IR, Mk2Expansion, SXT, LLL, KIS, KAS, ... TOO MANY MODS...
  5. The Shipbuilder's Guild

    Kerbal Sailing Program ...
  6. World of tanks KSP PARODY

  7. M-21 Oxcart and D-21 Drone Replica

    Great craft! My old stuff take off separate sea-skimming zoom and dive target destroied
  8. [quote name='Alewx']Can you give a bit more Information?[/QUOTE] It runs perfectly whit stockparts only. But if a ship uses a welded part, there will be many errors "[COLOR=#333333][I]The hull has more than 255 polygons. This is invalid.[/I][/COLOR]" in KSP logfile, especially when ship warps. and when these errors occur, the program lags. Oh my poor english ...;.;
  9. Want some help: It says "The hull has more than 255 polygons. This is invalid" when i use welded part in ver 1.0.5, and it makes lags. Thx in advance