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  1. I do, the only issue is that it is from 1.0.2. I'll try to make up a 1.0.5 equivalent.
  2. Radially attachable heat shields (for the bottom of spaceplanes or for covering nosecones on high-velocity atmospherics) Larger and/or more powerful ion drives Solar sails Bigger static solar panels Radially attachable liquid-fuel tanks like the roundified monopropellant tank Smaller/lower-profile grabbers 2.5/.625 m SRBs Extendable structural parts (like a girder, but collapses to maybe a quarter the length, but requires electrical charge to extend/retract) Nuclear reactors for long-term non-solar power (can be high on the tech tree and generate a lot of heat, but I want something better than the RTG)
  3. Finally, a working version! 1382 MJ impact energy from 150 km-ish orbit (148-153 km), 4 RVs with a total pad weight (launcher + RVs) of 580.4 tons . Circular error not yet calculated. Each RV weighs 8.4 tons with an impact velocity of 573.6 m/s. A single RV The full launcher Two RVs in space near each other Circular error has not yet been tried for, but I'm guessing it'll be pretty large, since I don't really have a lot of fine control. If it's not just me sucking at aiming and people are tearing out their hair trying to aim their RVs, I can remove or reduce the weight of the accuracy parameter. If people do have good ways to aim, please share! (also, any pointers on maneuvers with SRB?) Edit: Second test was equally unaimed, but achieved an impact energy of 1896 MJ (roughly the equivalent of half a ton of TNT). Third test broke 2 GJ (2379 MJ) and actually got a measurable circular error of 51.5 km! Scoring that shot, I get (2379+150)*4/(580.4*51500) a whopping 0.00042305495 points! That circular error is killer.
  4. BTW, here's the rover I'm using as a target. It uses a RoveMate command box, 3 RTGs, 8 static solar panels, 4 of the larger radial-attachment batteries (Z-400), 3 2x2 structural panels, 6 short girders, and 4 TR-2L rover wheels. If you use a different target, post it along with your EOSP design.
  5. Well, first test launch complete: circular error of 44.8 km, impact velocity 109 m/s. Work to be done! Not gonna even bother calculating score.
  6. Sorry if it wasn't clear before, but let me say it again. No mods which do anything more than give you additional information. No autopilots like MechJeb, no HyperEdit, definitely no parts mods. If you set the target as a target, then impact, it should show you the little grey or yellow box around the target with a distance readout. That's larger than I was thinking about. I was thinking something rover-sized, just drive it out a couple of kilometers from KSC and open fire. Yeah, I've had that issue too. I'm working on a fix, and I'll post my completed entry as soon as I have it.
  7. I have not yet updated to 1.0.5 (true confessions) because I'm lazy, but it is for 1.0.x (just post your version number). The weight multiplier is my bad, I forgot to add it to the equation. Note: scores will be low.
  8. How about going EVA to try to transfer from one craft to a rescue craft in a lower orbit, missing, and burning up? How about going EVA to try to transfer from one craft to a rescue craft in a lower orbit, missing, and burning up?
  9. I didn't have a plan for a standard target, all it has to be is a reasonably small, surface-bound object (no 100-m targets). Scoring modifier added! Thanks for the idea!
  10. Thanks! I've never encountered that technique before!
  11. Awesome! I´ve been looking for a launch vehicle for my 55.9 ton DSEV, but there´s no kill like overkill (especially since the DSEV wants to be in HKO)
  12. Hi guys! The EOSP challenge is a Kerbin-SOI extra-atmospheric test. The objective is to create a system which can place multiple guided reentry vehicles in Kerbin orbit (any stable orbit is acceptable, but higher orbits are preferred). In addition, a reentry test must be done to determine CEP (accuracy, expressed as a radial distance from target), and the system must be sustainable (must have enough onboard power generation for indefinite deployment). NO MANNED VEHICLES! Scoring criteria: A=Impact energy (MJ) B= Orbital height (km) C= Number of reentry vehicles placed per launch D= Circular error (m) E= Pad weight (tons) Score= ((A+B)*C)/D*E Vanilla KSP parts only. Must have a functional launcher. Example scoring for a 4-RV launcher with orbital height of 150 km, 1 GJ impact, pad weight of 100 tons, and a circular error of 100 m: ((1150)*4)/10000= .46 points. I´ll post a submission once my computer finishes updating to Win10 Edit: Added a pad weight multiplier. Also, my submission is delayed by a previously undiscovered reentry issue.
  13. Yeah, but it has enough delta-V to get almost anywhere in the system if you are patient enough for long burns (it has ~50,000 seconds worth of burn time). The issue is that the PDV wobbles, not the DSEV as a whole. I couldn´t reach the PDV with struts from the fairing. Any suggestions?
  14. There we go. The docking ports on the PDV and MEM are not connected because of stability issues during launch testing. The PDV does have 4 landing legs as well. You have to either launch it crewed or EVA the crew into it the first time you launch.
  15. Did that pic work? I tried using Google Drive Nope. I'll try something else.