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  1. If it works for 1.1 it should works with 1.1.2. The bug fixes haven't affected any mod I know of right now.
  2. Where is the mk1 cockpit. I can't find it in the tree. I see the mk1 inline cockpit but I can't find the not inline cockpit
  3. Anyone as a solution for the upgraded building bug? In 1.0.4 I could enter a building and get out and I would be back to not upgraded building. Now in 1.0.5 I can do this 10 times and I will still have the bug. Is there a way to edit the save or a mod that can let you upgrade buildings. Other than that it is running amazingly well I just wish I could play in career mode but right now I just can't since I get limited very fast by the tier 1 building.