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  1. I invite you to check this if you don't know it already
  2. Love this mod Is there a way to make it compatible with 1.2.1 ? Thanks author for this perfect mod Thanks a lot
  3. Just found this, it would be amazing Sad to see the OP is not very active anymore :/ Lets hope
  4. Sad to see this amazing mod not updated Will try it
  5. HI, is it compatible with realism overhaul ? Thanks
  6. This come from somewhere else for me, I don't even have the link on the debug console :/ It just says I have to edit the config file manualy, what i did, without succes :/
  7. Is it completely or partialy compatible with 1.1.2 ? 64 Bit ? I really would like to use it on a second screen Is there any other mod that can do something like this ?* I installed the dll from the previous page, but in the debug console, it says "unable to open data link..." Thanks a lot
  8. Available on CKAN for 1.1.2 Thaaanks
  9. This mod isn't realy known. This is sad. This is amazing : The sharing of the crafts, The objectives,...
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