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  1. I never intended it to be pronounced like that it's just a combination of initials and trains but the joke has been made so many times that I don't even respond to it anymore lol
  2. He's got a LOT of stuff to rewrite due to the update, it'd be best if you didn't ask him about it, he's probably under enough pressure to do things already.
  3. I think I've found a bug. So I was playing around with a Jernas turret launching PAC-3s at some incoming HARMs. But after 3 or 4 shots from the Jernas, whenever it comes into the camera's field of view, I get a massive FPS drop and end up looking at a slideshow Anyone else having this issue?
  4. What happens whenever I launch a probe-controlled Mun lander but forget the scientist
  5. Are you sure it's BDA that's causing the 'void at launch' bug? Do you have any other mods installed and/or is your KSP at version 1.0.5? Oh yeah. Welcome to the forums.
  6. Right, it was probably the gun range, I had it maxed out for some reason Thanks for the help and as always keep the great work on your mod
  7. Hey. It seems that when using the AIM-9 sidewinder with the Jernas missile turret that guards will not launch at any targets using them, even when in close range. I'm gonna assume this is because AIM-9 missiles are meant for air to air and the guards seem reluctant about using them otherwise. Are you planning to add a new infrared SAM in the future or is this just a bug? (Oh yeah, the Goalkeeper emits smoke particles in the part list in the VAB/SPH )
  8. All my mods are installed correctly including KKS. Here's my KSP.log: Now that I think of it, I guess I do have a lot of mods. Ah well.
  9. Not to be too selfish, but when are we gonna get fuel leaking effects?
  10. He said that he was waiting until 1.1 to add in the Wingman features.
  11. This is beautiful. Now plane crashes aren't just 'directed by Micheal Bay now horrah the plane's vanished in explosions'! Just a one thing to suggest. Can we have an option to disable damage on anything that has 'landing' or 'gear' in it's name?
  12. I think me means there's no debris left at all when you DO slam into the water.
  13. Check that you have ammo. Check that your fire key is set correctly. Check that the gun isn't aimed at your own craft.
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