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Found 5 results

  1. Kerbal Krash System DESCRIPTION: Kerbal Krash System rewrites collisions in Kerbal Space Program. KKS deforms your creations and reduces the efficiency of your crafts instead of just exploding on impact: Damage occur on impacting anything (oceans, buildings, parts, kerbals, ground, ...) at speeds exceeding the part's original crash tolerance limits: Crash tolerances are scaled by (configurable) factors, this allows parts to be damaged instead of exploding on exceeding the original crash tolerance. Parts impacting at speeds above the scaled crash tolerance explode as normal. Damaged engines overheat more quickly, Damaged containers leak, including leaking effects, Damaged command pods will have malfunctioning crew hatches, Science modules become inoperable when damaged and need both engineers as well as scientists to be fully restored, Damaged parts can be repaired using Engineers: Lower level engineers are able to repair once every 55 seconds (lowered by ten seconds per experience level), Higher level engineers are able to repair more often (up to once every five seconds). Future update: KIS support: use "attachment tools" like the screwdriver or wrench to repair, instead of bare hands (or whatever Kerbals have... 'kands'?). KKS scales crash tolerances such that parts don't explode on impact, but rather get damaged when they collide. This mod should be easy to incorporate into other mods, e.g. TAC Life Support can access the damage percentage of command pods to drain oxygen. DOWNLOAD: Download directly from GitHub INSTALLATION: Simply unpack into your Kerbal Space Program folder. KKS-mods: KKS-mods allow others to write their own plugins using Kerbal Krash System's damage events to influence gameplay. KKS-mods tutorial! PICTURES & VIDEOS: SOURCE: GitHub TO-DO: Priority: Task: 4.1 Try and add vertices to larger (simple) parts, so dents can occur in a more defined way. 4.4 Add textures based on non-deforming damages (scrapes, heat). 8 Physicsless parts deformation. 9 Update video to be more representative. 1 equals highest priority. FAQ: My damage goes above 100%, why? My idea about damage is equal to Nintendo's Super Smash Brothers: A high damage percentage only indicates you're about to get destroyed sooner. Is this mod compatible with DangIt, CollisionFX and such? It should be. DangIt can be easily modified to incorporate damage into random failure. Why don't you work on the highest priority first? Because I don't want to get stuck and bored. Has anyone really been far even as decided to use even go want to do look more like? Probably. THANKS: Ialdabaoth - Module Manager creator Sarbian - Module Manager maintainer rbray89 - Helping a lot LICENSE: MIT Note: This mod is a work in progress. I don't have a lot of time to work on this mod right now. Requests and updates will be applied as fast as I can.
  2. Hey I have installed RSS/RO/RP1 in KSP Version 1.11.1 and everything is working fine unless every time i test my vehicles with "KRASH" (mod) and I return then to the VAB the game crashes what is really annoying especially when you have to test a lot of stuff. I just want once a working Modpack that I can use then for a very long period and I am so close to it please help me with my issue. Here are some Log files in a Zip-file . https://www.dropbox.com/sh/dqvor74vhnwwzzp/AAD37R5px2gePgPIJnjKmfiya?dl=0 Best Regards, Christian
  3. I have just reinstalled KSP v1.8.1 with RSS/RO/RP-1 amongst other mods I'll list from the KSP.log (some of which I never never used before and I have found no known conflicts between them) and a curious and very irritating bug has occurred. https://www.dropbox.com/s/05w6ekia76zosgg/Player.log?dl=0 - Player.log https://www.dropbox.com/s/fo44wtxbmf81hwb/KSP.log?dl=0 - KSP.log This issue has never occurred during past installs using ALL but the highlighted mods - see spoiler. SIDENOTE- Previous installs have used Principia but on this occasion, I chose to use PersistentRotation instead. KSP 1.8.1 64-bit - Win10 PROBLEM - Loss of green part highlights during flight and design while mousing over parts and editing of action groups disabled. STEPS - Design rocket - start KRASH simulation (highlight issue manifests) - Terminate simulation (highlight issue persists and editing of action groups doesn't work - including no editor dialog for RealChutes - to clarify - I can get to the Action Groups tab but cannot select any action group or part). TRIED - leaving and re-entering VAB - issue still apparent, exiting to main menu and reloading save - issue still apparent, closing application and re-loading - issue resolved until KRASH simulation started again. MODS installed (extract from KSP.log) - most have worked fine in previous install - new ones to me are highlighted in BOLD in the section 'Folders and files in GameData:' as not all are listed with version numbers. I don't know much about the KSP.log file and it's contents but I do have limited Java programming knowledge and NullReferenceExceptions are never good news, the following is an exert from the KSP.log file that appears at the time of the scene change from editor to flight (simulation) - I don't know if this is related to this issue but similar Exceptions are listed in following scene changes and in large numbers when returning from flight to editor - will show all Exceptions if required and requested. The only mod installed that i can glean from this exert seems to refer to the ClickThroughBlocker. Upon first load of this install (and any subsequent Career mode start) I received a pop-up that I believe is due to a recent update to the mod on this pop up, I select the previous default of following the mouse and not the click. I never installed this mod manually so I have to assume it is a dependent for another mod and was installed thusly and automatically by CKAN. Perhaps this new update is causing a conflict with one of the other mods? After investigation, ToolbarController is dependent on the ClickThroughBlocker which is in turn depended on by the Patch Manager which I believe is a mod that cannot be removed without wide ranging mod removals... My suspicions seems to have been confirmed - after rolling back the ClickThroughBlocker to version, the problem appears to be resolved after starting a new save. Will update again if the issue rears it's ugly head again. Re-updating CTB does replicate the problem, rolling back does fix it.
  4. Pre-requiste for PBR : Textures Unlimited Normal Textures With and Without Textures Unlimited License: https://kerbal.curseforge.com/projects/krash-inc-megapack/license
  5. Pre-requiste for PBR : Textures Unlimited Normal Textures With and Without Textures Unlimited X4-250-A + 8 variants Avaible with basics.cfg to be balanced by the fans! Post me your best balanced .cfg files here ! That way i can focus on modeling new parts and keep a well balanced mod to fit your needs. Thank you for your support ! Really appreciated ! Beta Tester Download License: https://kerbal.curseforge.com/projects/krash-inc-megapack/license
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