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  1. Hello there, welcome to my slice of the forum. Straight to business, i want to make a rather dramatic story based cinematic series of KSP warfare. I've tried twice and failed but that was due to my approach. This time I will be taking a more laid back demeanor, the story will be richer and more in depth than ever, but my self imposed deadlines will be no more. These videos, based on my past history, take upwards of 20+ hours to make. AS such these videos could come out with many months in between. I want this to be based on my passion, love, and genuine creativity rather than when i must get s
  2. Hello I'm trying to make a cinematic type series in KSP, any tips?
  3. Hello hello, I am Hyper. Let's get straight to business. I enjoy KSP, video making and editing. Due to time, other games, and life in general I can't make videos at the rate that I want, and due to my low end computer I can't play the games I want to. But I love KSP faaaar too much to just not make videos. Kerbal Zone is the love child of those 3 pastimes of mine. Basically Kerbal Zone is a cinematic/drama series I'll be doing for the next ____ months/years. It will have an overarching storyline, character development, immersive cinematics, plot twists and anything you've come to expect from a
  4. Is there any serious limitation stopping us from making them as small as the biggest part allows? Also is there any potential to use Cargo Bays, or any of the other moving parts in/as KDrives? Wish I could help but I'm busy as help making my Kerbal Republic videos (Shameless plug :c) http://youtu.be/YVHoeAGpzzg
  5. I think the next advancement for the K-Drive should be size, I'm hoping to make a damn good SSTO type plane with one built in, but I myself can't make any aside from the craft I already posted, least not a reliable, properly functioning one. -__-
  6. You mean like it Wirelessly sends a force to the craft?
  7. Do you mean like have a normal plane, and then you activate the K-Drive occasionally for a speed boost? If so you can do that with most K-Drives, assuming you can integrate it into a plane's designs
  8. Super Reliable, almost never mis-aligns and if it does you can just reset it. Also working on it.
  9. It's ridiculously tame, didn't pull more than 6G, but it's near impossible to direct anyway, and comparatively slow, the maneuver nodes have absolutely not accuracy either ,Thanks, now it's time to iron out the "Kinks" in v2
  10. I have phenomenal news, immediately after reading this thread I began tinkering with the idea of moving parts, and 5 minutes in I've made a much more tamed, and milder K-Drive. I call it the K1 Stasis and it's essentially a hovercraft, I haven't done extensive testing but the initial results look promising. Hope all of you can build onto the idea, and research it with me! Action 1 toggles it's "ability" on and off. Hope I've done good Download Link: http://www./download/uz618sgac54ia8e/K1_Stasis_v1.craft Showcase/Demo
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