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  1. Between my internet and imgur uploading my screenshots is slower than launching a 2,000 part vessel to orbit. It doesn't help that imgur appears to have removed their upload progress bar (whyyyyyy?????). I passed 70 degrees east a couple weeks ago and have been trying to get my mission log caught up. Doing the driving is fun, uploading screenshots not so much. Currently all driving is being done at 1x speed, and my ratio of driving time to mission report preparation time is around 2:1 or 1.5:1. I've crossed a few mountains, blown a few tires, and had a couple instances of rapid un
  2. @Kerminator1000 Stock water physics are... difficult. Water drag appears to be excessive, and making a stock boat capable of high speeds (i.e. greater than about 20 m/s) seems to largely be a matter of reducing the number of parts in the water and/or exploiting quirks in KSP's drag calculation. I've used FAR for years, which seems to do a more realistic (or at least reasonable) job of calculating drag in and out of the water. It does have some downsides, however. Anything you splash down in the water tends to bob for a long time, which can make recovery very irritating. This may
  3. Part 15 (Day 6): Tedmore takes a tumble So... I drove this part over a year ago. I upgraded to KSP version 1.6 and had installed a bunch of mods for my campaign save... and then forgot to uninstall them before continuing the Elcano challenge. At that time, I didn't have the hard drive space for multiple KSP installs. The list of mods is pretty long, but all the vehicles are still stock, and the only physics-altering mod is FAR. The list includes Better Burn Time, Chatterer, Connected Living Space, Crew R&R, Docking Port Alignment Indicator, Easy Vessel Switch, FMRS (a stage recov
  4. @Kerminator1000 I'll be claiming my badge (Kerbin, land) when I finish. The list of people who have completed circumnavigations in the first post hasn't been updated in years, so I wouldn't take it as an "official list" of who's completed the challenge and is entitled to a badge. Side note: @rkarmark Does that mean that you're looking for a new manager for this challenge?
  5. Yup, driving (or sailing) around a planet can be really, really boring at times. Put on some music, pull up a YouTube video to listen to on a second monitor, or start an audiobook. Of course, if you take a route similar to mine, periods of boredom are interspersed with periods of extreme stress while you pray your vehicle doesn't break. I started my circumnavigation when Claw was moderating the Elcano Challenge. It's never been a scored or ranked challenge. It's a test of your own ability, and when you're done you can say with pride "I did it." You pin the appropriate badge onto your
  6. I finally finished writing Part 14. I drove and took screenshots for Part 15 a little over a year ago, but need to get them uploaded and write it up. It's taking a while to upload everything. Imgur keeps getting stuck partway through the upload process. I'm averaging 3-4 tries per screenshot.
  7. It's been three years to the day since I started this attempt to complete the Elcano Challenge. I'm getting there. Slowly.
  8. Part 14 (Day 6): Great balls of fire The latest update to KSP has made my game rather unhappy with my usual assortment of mods (~10 GB of ram usage), so I've had to strip most of my mods. This section was completed using only FAR, Kerbal Engineer Redux, and a few visual effects mods. Even with this light load, my computer was still not happy with the amount of memory required, and so refused to run faster than 1/2 speed. As always, all vehicles are comprised exclusively of stock parts. You can blame my inexperience with Texture Replacer for the altered appearance of my Kerbals. D
  9. This challenge has been quiet for a while. After a bit of a hiatus, I'm resuming my circumnavigation of Kerbin. There was a... minor accident... involving my first vehicle, but it's been recovered, refit, and is ready to be flown back out to the last checkpoint. I'm hoping to have time to make the flight and resume my circumnavigation this weekend.
  10. Wow, it's really been over a year and a half since Tedmore, Roscia, and Haltrey, along with the regular gang of nutca-(AHEM) highly esteemed Kerbonauts (much better) last provided a progress update on their epic mission to perform what will hopefully be the first equatorial ground circumnavigation of Kerbin. Poor Ted, stuck all alone in his small cabin for so long. He must be going stir-crazy by now, or he would be if he hadn't already been completely off his rock-(AHEM!), um... completely and perfectly sane and stable! Of course, because only the brightest and bravest Kerbals are allowed t
  11. I've solved the Lifter's structural integrity problems. I'm not sure what changed since the pick-up, but something apparently did. The engines did not used to have a disturbing tendency to fall off... While waiting for the proper time to set out (so that I'll be making the drop-off landing during the daytime), I had Val do a little more hill-climb testing. I also charted a reasonable path for crossing the mountain range west of KSC. East........................................................................................................................................
  12. I worked out how to get the Rider connected to the Lifter. A single Klaw is mounted on the centerline and grabs onto the batteries in the Centipede Rider's cargo bay. The connection is strong enough to withstand 5G turns. I had a couple problems with the starboard engines falling off the Lifter during flight and maneuvers, so I ended up re-strutting them. Still need to run another test flight before approving the design. Album: http://imgur.com/a/GPrSJ
  13. It appears that the Klaws cannot grab onto radial air intakes and so my previous method of attaching the Rider to the Lifter is not going to work, at least using the method of having the Rider sat on. Back to the drawing board. Album: http://imgur.com/a/e7r9C
  14. That's one of the changes I'm looking at to increase the static thrust and hill-climbing capability. I've got a design where the two jet engines on the pontoons are switched out for pairs of FLT-100s and Aerospikes. I then was able to switch out the intakes on the tops of the pontoons for more solar panels because of reduced intake air requirements. I still need to test out the changes, and getting oxidizer will be tricky and would probably require refueling pods dropped by aircraft. I could refuel using an Advanced Grabbing Unit on each pod (just drive the Rider into it), but I would
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