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  1. Hyee , just like everyone else im really looking forwar to the 1.1 update. but i think that until it hapens i could help some people having isues. I am the owner of a system based on AMD parts system specs : amd fx 6300 hexa core not overclocked (yet) Msi R9 380 Gaming 4GB version 16 gb ram etc and a windows 10 OS ive been in the same situation as you sir. KSP ran better on my crappy laptop than on my pc so a few months a go i did a lot of research and tried a lot to fix it and now im running a 64 bit ksp modded to heaven with the best visual mods and it runs better than ever since 1.0.5 now how did i achieve it ? ofcourse the 64 bit community workaround but also the radeon control centre is very important, sometimes the standard windows 10 updater doesnt update ur GPU driver like its supposed to so the best is to do it via the radeon control centre but over there you have to manually do it it ll give u pop up once there is a new driver available but it doesnt mean it ll install it automatically since i started installing these driver updates via the radeon centre the performances of my pc have only got better in multiple games not only KSP 64 bit ksp is the way to go at the moment it takes some time to figure out and such but the nice guys on the community workaround forum thread ll surely help you. btw. English is my 3d languageand im to lazy to control my spelling. hope this helps for some people
  2. is there an alternate download link? cause kerbalstuff is down
  3. yeah i took a look in the persistent file and it only aded more to the mistery. i found tracks of the lifesupport status (usi LS) off the kerbals that where on board of the munar lander on the launchpad that dissapeared but not a single track of a flight. and those kerbals are nowhere to be found in the game. well i'm not the guy thats gonna give up so i did exactly what you should do when encountering problems in KSP 64 bit and that is do the exact opposite thing u are supposed to do. I added more mods! rebuild my satelite network thx to the power of hyperedit. and yeah my satelites are still there ;p Looks like a vicious stealth attack from the Kraken got me without leaving tracks behind and he decided to move to another victim. thx for the sympathizes!
  4. Hyee i encounterd a very interesting and mostly ennoying bug. I recently started a new sandbox save with remotetech so i started putting up an extensive satelite network to cover the whole kerbin system. I did that all in one stint yesterday evening. I was very satisfied with my work and called it a day. This evening i restarted went into the VAB to design a munar lander went to the launch pad and everything went fine untill i opened the mapview and saw something was missing. I had no active flights all of my satelites where gonne. Then i left my lunar lander on the launchpad to see if it was just a mapview bug and went to the tracking center. Here i saw only emptyness after returning from the tracking center to the space center view my lunar lander also was gonne from the launchpad. Anybody any ideas what could be causing this? if u need any info to look in to let me know.
  5. Hyee there looking great really looking forward to this mod , i read that you where having problems with counterbalance with the integration of IR Well maybe you already know about it but there already is a mod that uses IR and counterbalance for rotating modular hubs. Hope you can find a solution to any strugles with it there. heres the link its the deep space exploration mod : Keep up the good work !!!