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Found 6 results

  1. The martian can now be replicated (a bit) with the rover! though slightly faster than the original it has the same range (half batt default is 35km wth a full batt it is 70km) currently working on ntergrating an exit hatch and adding an IVA http://spacedock.info/mod/30/Ares%20III-%20the%20martian p.s. this is without the pivot activated
  2. I am taking up Mopoii's The Martian Challenge - Recreating the film's Ares III mission and logging the mission here. Of course this has been done before, but this time Squad has made robotics available in the latest DLC "Breaking Ground", which helps to create cooler and more accurate craft. Wherever possible I have mirrored real life rockets in the game, like the Constellation Program Ares I and Ares V, the US Delta II and Atlas V, and Chinese Long March 3C. The fictional craft also mimic the conceptual artwork where possible and are built to a realistic scale. The use of robotics also allows for inclusion of some of the sequences in gameplay, such as recovery of the Pathfinder and RTG for use in the SEV Rover. As Mopoii says: Many of you will have seen The Martian (or even read the book!), and you will know it’s got a great storyline which is relatively realistic. That is why I thought it very interesting to recreate it in KSP. Therefore, the point of this challenge is to recreate the Ares III mission displayed in The Martian. You will have to design the vehicles present in the story, and then attempt to save Mark Watney. So here is my recreation of The Martian in KSP...
  3. Hermes Interplanetary Spacecraft Me and OrbitalEscape are working on a mod that replicates the Hermes from the movie "The Martian". It will contain individual parts that will allow you to construct the Hermes in LKO, then send your crew to Duna! With 1.1 coming right around the corner, part lag wouldn't be that much of a problem DOWNLOAD v0.3 Added MDV IVA SAVE BREAKER! v0.2 Texture/Model Revamps, Added IRIS, Added Individual Ring Segments, Added IR parts, Added 3 new crew modules, Added Adapters, Crew Modules now hold crew, Removed old single Ring part, Mod now requires Infernal Robotics v0.1 - Initial Release https://github.com/xxhansonmaxx/hermesIS Try not to use this in your current saves since future updates will most likely destroy crafts... REQUIRED MODS Magic Smoke Industries Infernal Robotics by sirkut http://forum.kerbalspaceprogram.com/index.php?/topic/104535-105-magic-smoke-industries-infernal-robotics-0214/ Development Pics: Follow the development every Sunday on Twitch! Created By: xxhansonnmaxx: Owner/Models/Textures OrbitalEscape: Co-Owner/Unity/Configs LICENSE: CC BY-NC 4.0
  4. 'The Martian' Rover Here is a replica of the rover that was featured in the film 'The Martian' Features: -Six Wheeled Suspension -Seating for two -Only powered by solar cells, just like in the movie Download
  5. So i think about making a challenge or maybe a mission like ares without Ares 3 failure so you can use any mod you can. I have created the mav useing phoneix industry mav like acent vehicle, Phoneix industry small sat (for satelite and surveyor), hullcam vds (for imaging mission site) hermes mod (i forget what it's called), phoneix industry rover or another ares like rover, habitat mod, mechjeb, hyperedit, tac life support, kas, kis, shadow works orion, and laztek spacex launch vehicle for the mission. i will post it when my mission is done. I will put hermes in leo, mav in duna, rover near the hab, hab on duna near the mav. This is not creating the martian but make a ares mission like launch, dock with hermes, hermes go to duna, mdv land on duna, crew do some experiment, crew launch from the mav, crew dock with hemes, hermes get back to earth, return vehicle dock with hermes, and crew get back to earth (the launch and return vehicle are MPCV Orion from shadow works orion mod. That is my my mission plan. So i challenge you to make ares lkke mission using any mod you like.
  6. The movie we all love—listed third on "moviemistakes.com" list of movies with the most mistakes of 2015. Before, one would assume more accurate, movies like Ant-man, Sharknado and San Andreas (really? yes! Really!) http://www.moviemistakes.com/film11214 Go knock yourself out!
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