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  1. I've seen people talking about the MK2 parts being less efficient... but that's compared to the MK1, not 3, right? I can't imagine it'd be easier to go into space with a n MK3 part designed ship? I need to get at least 3 (I wanted 4 but maybe I'll have to scale back.) people into orbit with this. The MK2 design seemed the easiest way to do that, 2 cockpits. I've seen SSTOs designed with science labs, so it didn't occur to me I'd have so much trouble with THIS. Oh, and I'm glad you find the tailfins cute, but they weren't for being cute It was trying to get rid of the veering from side to side at takeoff. Sigh.... guess I'll go back to the board with what you guys are telling me. Maybe some MK1 parts and a MK1 to 2 to get the 3 seats instead of 4 (I hate losing the pilot seat for the RPing, but I'll try anything to get it working.) Oh, one last thing, I've GOTTEN this into orbit with over 2000 Delta V left.... or so Kerbal Engineer would have me believe. I assume it's just not calculating the Delta-V right? Because I tend to use twice as much as it says I should.
  2. Thanks, I'll look at it. Oh, and I am FULLY aware I could save tons of time just launching a rocket and getting it over with, but at this point it's the principle of the matter.
  3. Bit of an in-depth question, but I'm just wondering... how do you guys go about improving/designing your space planes? I can MAKE them, but making them GOOD seems like such a byzantine process. I've been playing a new campaign mode, and got a contract for a 3 person tourist trip to the mun and back. Decides it would be fun to use a spaceplane for this, so went about designing this beast: I'm fairly happy with it, although it has some pretty big problems. It tends to veer side to side during takeoff, not sure why. The more important part, though, is that I can't manage to get the Delta V to the mun and back. This one can land on the mun, but that's about it. I don't know how to fix this, though. With a rocket it's easy, add more Delta-V, weather that means bulking up the stages or adding a new one. With the spaceplane though there's such a complicated relationship with lift, drag, thrust, and Fuel. I add more fuel, and I can't go fast enough, so I add more engines, but then I end up not having enough fuel again. Is there any way to tell what I'm doing other then spending a few minutes trying to get to the mun and back? It takes a while with these NERV engines. So yes, if anyone has any tips for THIS plane, that's fine, but I'm more interested in learning how to fish, y'know? So far all my space planes seem improvised and not nearly as well designed as my rockets.
  4. Increased my EC from 1000 to 15000 and it MOSTLY fixed the problem. I still get an odd drain on my battery the more I warp, once I hit max my battery hits 6000 and stays there, but it mostly seems to work. As time passes the solar panels get out of position though, causing it to randomly drop to 0 again (stopping time warp causes it to shoot back up, and once I re-align is goes back to glued to 6000) I guess I'll just have to play around with nuclear engines!
  5. No, The Aziz said he had 1.2.2. I'm running 1.3.0 I'll try with more batteries first. Hopefully that'll fix it. If I keep having problems I'll post something on the NFE topic. Thanks for the help!
  6. I believe I have Near Future electrical already, so sadly that must not be quite doing it. Still, it had very low storage (A single battery for a ton of cooled tanks) so I'll try again with more and hopefully it'll fix it. Thanks!
  7. Dumb question that I'm not sure anyone can help me with, but it's annoying and I'm trying to figure out how to deal with it. I've been launching some Duna missions recently. I use a few mods for my game, and one of them are the liquid hydrogen engines with burnoff when they're not being cooled by EC. Normally this is no problem, as I design the craft to have more then enough solar panels to compensate for this, but sometimes, when accelerating at the highest and second highest speeds, the EC seems to randomly shut off, quickly draining my batteries, and causing my fuel to burn off (As well as losing control, albeit temporarily, if probe controlled. Is this a common problem? Is there any way to track down what could be causing this? (I don't THINK it's a mod, but of course, I have no way to be sure.)
  8. I have a bit of an odd question for everyone reading this topic. I hope you all don't mind. First off, I just have to say, I love Nertea's mods. At least a couple I always use, and they're all great at feeling built in and unobtrusive. That all said, this mod... It's actually one of the first I ever installed, and I have, for the life of me, NEVER understood what the point of it is. That is to say, are there any situations where Cryogenic engines are better then their liquid fuel counterparts? I know they're very high ISP but the fuel is so huge I always feel weird making these bloated rockets to achieve, basically the same thing I can with a much smaller form factor and a normal LF/O mix rocket. Was it just "Hey, this is a cool idea for a rocket part, I want to put it in the game!" or is there some situation that I don't see where they excel.
  9. The Recycler on my minmus base is running, but my dinky little rockets don't have one. I'm sorry I keep taking so long to respond, I keep getting busy.
  10. That's not exactly what I'm talking about... I think? My snacks aren't being consumed at all at some points. Like I just did a mun landing and have been sitting on 200 snacks for days now. I go to base and it's the same. Strangely, when I'm focused on my Minmus base, snacks are consumed as normally on all objects.
  11. I'm also having the Snacks not consumed issue. This is an old save (Well, from 1.1 I think, maybe 2) so I'm not too surprised there are hiccups. interesting things, the snacks are NOT consumed when I'm in flight or warping from kerbin, but when I switched to my Minmus base and warped, snacks were consumed as normal. Edit: Oh, now it's being consumed normally in the other places as well. Maybe it just needed me to switch to somthing else to work?