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  1. This is more a Ckan issue but I hope it can be addressed. Is there a way to set it's dependency for firespitter core instead of the whole firespitter mod. I really want to use these engines but don't wish to have all the extra firespitter parts loaded in my game.
  2. I feel documenting the reentry might be useful insofar comparing projected failure of parts vs real life. Not that we expect to survive reentry, but how our material modeling stacks up to real life. Kinda like how they model new aircraft performance in a computer, but they still load a real physical one with strain gauges and bend the wings and other strains to verify it. Except on the ISS, you can't do destructive testing, until you're ready to destroy it. Why is this useful? Because if something lasts longer, or not as long. It gives us an extra data point to check
  3. Not really answering my own question, but I found the most reliable way to launch to rondevouez with mech Jeb, because it sometimes needs a few dummy launches to figure out a ships profile, is this: Launch to rondevouez with a slightly higher orbit (say my station is 150k, I launch to 160k) then once launch guidance gets to apogee I cancel autopilot. If all goes well either the ascending intersection or the descending intersection should be close enough to engage rendezvous autopilot. This way it directly engages fine tune closest approach and match velocities at closest approach wit
  4. Although, I bet a system could be engineered to which the cameras would be hardened and transmit to a black box with solid state memory (sorta how they recovered the Columbia video? right?) The black box would be designed to survive rentry and impact, we've done this before, and then and this is the key part... You either need to have a way to locate them with a radio signal after the impact, or you need a way for them to deploy floats that would survive impact and come to the surface? I'm not saying it's easy, Like Kennedy said.. "It's HARD".
  5. Not if it defeats the purpose of the station in the first place. Long winded answer: If you build a cruise liner, and the only way Russia would pay for 10% of the Cruise liner was to put it in a lake, it would make it pretty useless as a cruise liner. And then you say "Ah ha, but only Russia has a tug that can load passengers onto the cruise liner so it's actually good!"
  6. Fair point, I don't feel it's too political. I guess my point was it's easier to spend money on something when you don't feel it has any consequences, this is why certain radio financial advisers tell people to use cash vs a credit card, a credit card makes it to easy to get into debt. So you want to buy that big screen TV, are you more likely to do it if all you need to do is swipe a card and deal with it when the bill comes vs pull out a fist full of $20 or $100 bill and hand them over. So that is the essence of my argument, it's easy to say "Sure let's do it" when it has no consequences.
  7. I'm having some issues with them not firing, they're armed and blue i'm facing the right direction. I can fire them manually. I test fired them above the launch pad before I launched and they worked. Now on reentry, they're not firing, i'm splashing down in the ocean, so they not work properly over water? EDIT: I used hyperedit to shove the same craft a little to the north so it would land on the ground, and the rockets fired as expected. So at least on my install, they don't seem to fire above water, only land? Edit: apparently this is known issue, I don't remember reading abou
  8. I know that RAMBLING ALERT: I read a little bit about the last years of the MIR, and I understood then why they let it die. When I was younger when it deorbited I was like "Oh man what a waste" but doing some further reading made me realize it's probably for the best. As they say that's the nature of space flight, As Kennedy said "It's hard". I want people to think about the reality of money in this regard. Some people say we should spend $0 on space flight 'because we got problems on earth', I disagree with that logic for many reasons. However while I support human space fli
  9. You know the Apollo 11 flag got knocked over during lunar ascent, why don't we spend a trillion dollars to go fix that? That would be so cool.
  10. So a while back there was a mod showcases that could upgrade parts. This had given me an idea that I don't think would be any harder to implement than that or even tweaks calendar. What is safety factor, off the top of my head I'd say it's building parts much stronger than they need to be in order to lower the chance of RUD. What could be more kerb all than throwing this out the window? So imagine if you could select a part and move a slider to adjust the safety factor. So say 0 to 100, 50 is stock. The lower the safety factor, the lighter weight
  11. I didn't realize the engine could switch on the fly between monopropellant and LG. This certainly adds a great backup fuel supply. I was not aware and now I am!
  12. Let's put this another way. Why is NASA spread all over the US? Is it because Florida is the best spot for launches, Texas is the best spot for mission Control, we'll do a little in bit Mississippi? Anyone who knows anything about politics knows the corrupt horse trading that leads to these deicisions. Now in the case of SpaceX, they're constrained by cost more than NASA, but they're not crippled by being seen as a jobs program for Congress. So maybe Texas gave them a sweetheart deal, but ultimately they would choose the best launch site location they could afford.
  13. I wasn't specifically criticizing you, I don't think your question is stupid, it's not like you suggested cutting a hole in the barge "for the rocket to slide into"(seriously). I'm just saying sometimes there is info the layperson can't even speculate at because the info is not available. I'm going on the assumption this is a privately owned ego project for Elon Musk and he's not going to deliberately tank the company. So as to the how wise it is your do this, I'm not sure anyone outside of space x really can say for sure without sounding like those TV news reporters who mak
  14. I love all the Internet rocket scientist saying what space x should do. I've heard "they should shold just use parachutes ", and "they need a big tube in the drone ship that the rocket can slip into" (seriously). So I'm operating from the presumption that Elon Musk has more insight into the internal workings of space X than are available to the public, and that they have a lot of dedicated and specialized smart folks who have looked at "obviously better ideas" people like you chastise them for not doing. Seriously it is hilarious how many people suggest parachutes.
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