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  1. Thanks, I was about to, but I just noticed that it was MJ remembering previous Launch to Target Plane setting ! I need to check it a few more times but surely not an RO issue.
  2. It was working perfectly fine with RO in 1.0.5. I still suspect I am doing something silly. Time will tell
  3. Having an odd issue with MechJeb / RO working together and hesitantly sending this to RO forum as the issue started after installing RO (and FAR as a dependency). MJ's RO mode is on. MechJeb was working fine before RO. Now regardless the rocket design and MJ Ascend parameters it starts pulling to rocket towards 180 degree some time after the launch. I though it might have been performing gravity turn with a different inclination but it keeps turning rocket slowly but surely to the point the nose points below horizon. It is not a badly balanced rocket flipping over, I try to correct it manually (which works) but MJ applies the turn again turning rocket to the wrong direction. I usually end up simply turning it MJ off and fly manually, lots of ComSats in arbitrary orbits as a result. Any idea on what I might be doing wrong ?
  4. Various diameters, I am using procedural tanks. I wonder if it was Editor Extensions Redux doing the trick on 1.0.5, I'll test and report back.
  5. Sorry for this lame question ! On 1.0.5 I had this very nice plugin, allowing me to attach multiples of an engine of choice at the bottom of a fuel tank in a nice, symmetrical fashion at once. I am sure it wasn't a "multiple engine" plugin, it had come with either an engine pack or editor extensions kind of add-on. Can anyone recall what this plugin might be ? Best. EDIT: Found it, AIES Aerospace, but so far I couldn't manage to replicate the old functionality. Anyone with a different experience ? Managed to attach multiple engines once or twice but they attach at a distance from the tank.
  6. Hi PTNLemay, My very similar initial response upon installing Real Fuels, I remember that I just wanted to check with the forum one last time before uninstalling it if there was a way to disable it. Then before even Nathan responded I noticed that it was manageable and actually making the game much more realistic. I must admit, after a while I went onto slightly modifying my copy of MechJeb to fire RCS for 6 seconds before maneuvers to ullage the fuel (but that was more to compensate my laid back gaming style where I was forgetting it all the time). I'd say, give yourself some time.
  7. I've been trying this for the last hour or so, no success yet.
  8. This is so true. For some of us, KSP is not complete without RSS (well RO as well). I was really hoping for KSP to switch to RSS/RO after changing Kerbin time to Earth time, but perhaps they left something for 2.0
  9. @aramilIs it possible to add Hype as a new resource type ? Each mission starts with a given units of Hype and slowly reduces. It can then only be mined at Duna if the mission to last years.
  10. Is it true that 1.1 lets you switch between Stock and RO/RSS through the realism toggle ? It's a one way switch anyway, sometimes I am thinking if I did the right thing installing these mods All started with RealFuels, it was so unplayable on the first go I even sent a post to the forum asking if it was possible to disable ullaging. Figured out how it worked shortly after, among other things from propellant types to cyro tanks... After that it was a one way street to RO and RSS. Now cannot even imagine going back. I hope mods will work seamlessly on 1.1
  11. I wasn't around on 1.0 relate, but on this one my browser can ping as many times as it likes. I am only getting 3-4 pings a day now, does this mean we are far far away from the destination ?
  12. @Darkona where did you get this counterfeit ticket ? Let me fetch you a proper one :
  13. I heard it is going to be compatible with Connected Spaces mod, so Kerbals will be able to roam freely. Even if it is not, it would be great to see which module Kerbal(s) are in especially for a crew transfer.
  14. Hyperspace of course Here is another first class ticket
  15. Cutaways are amazing, I want them now. It will be great to see in which module my Kerbals are. @jediminer543 here is one of the few first class tickets left :