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  1. Would it be possible to have this mod work with extra planetary launchpads? That would make this mod even more appealing.
  2. Sooo, we finaly get the docks... WOHO!, No more wheels/ landing gear/ planes to get my ships to the water! I cellabrated too early. I have no idea how to use Kerbin side.
  3. Awww, thats a real shame, it looks realy awsome. I guese ill try to get vesel mover to work.
  4. Quick question, what mods did you use for the docks? If im making ships instead of B9 space ships, i need to be able to lanch them consistantly. Note: vesel mover dose not like me and thus dose not work, and kerbal constructs dose not add in ports like the one pictured on page two.
  5. Done. Link to picks
  6. I do know of a way to lanch a ship from a plane, it uses a unconventinal style of plane. (oh, and i found out why the kracken attacked, it dose not like having any balest in the hull what so ever.
  7. Thats fine. Ill just try to drop it from a plane.
  8. Any word on the HX parts? 1.2 or still out of date?
  9. I would not lanch a big ship this way, i was only lanching one of the small hulls and it just kept geting krackened, not just the LG the engins came off too and it just freaked out every time.