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  1. Is that the only config adjustment you've made? I'm having similar troubles and setting the Shadow Factor level to 0 didn't effect it, unless Its in more than just one config?
  2. After a bit of fiddling I've been able to replicate the crash, it seems if you try and grab a part thats free floating in the VAB/SPH while its partially 'behind' the parts menu, ksp locks up and crashes.
  3. So I heard a lot of people saying that improvements had been made to the performance of the game, and I decided to try it again. Constant crashes in the VAB/SPH, I can't get more than a couple parts into building something before a crash kills it, literally unplayable.
  4. Love the mod! So I made a quick spotlight video! This is definitely one of my must have mods now.
  5. This is looking to be pretty awesome. Great website too, i remember reading through it a few years back, found the link on a sci-fi modelling forum.
  6. http://i.imgur.com/gWd75kB.png Only one i still have.
  7. =======FORWARD======================================================= Hey guys! just sticking up the rules again after the thread was lost to the forum-kraken this is just a quicky, I'll fancy it up abit later, add in recommended mods and stuff like that! As always these rules are still under constant alteration, and your suggestions are greatly appreciated. Check out the channel! http://www.youtube.com/user/XLordStimpyX =======Forward End===================================================== Stimpy's grand Campaign - Campaign mode homebrew ruleset. Campaign Mode Main Rules What is Campaign
  8. Hey man, love the mod, did a little video on it! http://youtu.be/kyQrzttw2Zw]http://youtu.be/kyQrzttw2Zw
  9. I am terrible at paying attention to more than one thing at a time, If anybody wants to grab me PM me on youtube, its the best place to catch me. UPDATE: currently re-organising/pricing objectives and whatnot to take into account the new planets and moons, and ofcourse new mods such as the docking ones, and taking a better look into rules for SSTO and reusable vehicles. the next episode wont be up for a little while, partially procrastinating at remotetech because im a derp while rebuilding the sat network And thanks to everyone who has subscribed, i appreciated it greatly, and a special t
  10. Sounds awesome, sorry again for my slow reply (PC was in parts), I sent you an email, Th3Cap3
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