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  1. I would like to mention a few things and inigma if this is not the time or place, be honest like i know you will. first i am not a ksp modder but I know the time and dedication it takes to build a cipher and code. https://github.com/KSP-SpaceDock/SpaceDock/wiki/SpaceDock-Team has worked endlessly to help the ksp community have a better game play experience. Two, I am sure (I use GitHub only) that some mods are being used by other players or being post to other sites without prior knowledge to the original designer and according to http://www.spacedock.info/privacy statement they can and will ban you from the site if you fail to follow the terms. I do my part by calling out others that try to take my codes (i.e. programs, cipher, data) I would suggest modders to due the same.
  2. Thank you for the information I will go there Starhawk, ya i found vessel viewer mod under the RasterPropMonitor mod and it look real cool. thanks again
  3. Ok i would like to know if some one would guide me in the right direction. I was wonder is there is a way to update the Vessel Viewer mod to version 1.0.5 because i am continuesly now getting conflicts and cockpit issues.
  4. You know it would properly be impossible but if the 924 people that register for the spacedock.info pledged just $1 each, that would cover this site for years....
  5. I know I am new to you but i have been following your excellent work all week long so far. I have to give you my compliments on your on going efforts with your spacedock.info. I would be honored to donate to your website when it is possible to do so.

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