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  1. If this helps anyone, this also happened in DevilDogGamer's newest KSP War video... we know it's not just me
  2. Recently, North Kerbin Dynamics got an update in which Harpwner claims he "fixed the explosion effects." Before the update, I thought that the explosions were fine and nothing was wrong with them; the sphere and tall part below it (sorry for not knowing what they are called) would rise up high into the air and the circle-shaped base part would stay on the ground and expand. Eventually, all of the parts would evaporate after about 20 or so seconds. However, after the update, all 3 of the parts would immediately start to sink into the ground and they would never evaporate. Keep in mind that I have not installed or deleted any mods ever since the update. Here are 2 videos of this in action: Video 1 and Video 2. Here are the current list of mods that I have installed: Adjustable Landing Gear B9 Aerospace BDArmory CAL Crossfeed Enabler FASA Firespitter FS Hangar Extender Kerbal Dynamics Kerbal Foundries Kerbal Konstructs HyperEdit Klockheed Martian Gimbal Infernal Robotics MechJeb 2 and MechJeb 2 Embedded NAS North Kerbin Dynamics NovaPunch 2 PEW-R-11 Procedural Dynamics Procedural Fairings Procedural Parts Smoke Screen SpaceY Lifters Take Command TweakScale Vessel Mover Virgin Kalactic WASD Camera Editor