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  1. I love this mod, It's the whole reason I got KSP in the first place. yet having dried it a number of times It does come up lacking. I am glad to hear about work on the pods. It would be nice though if we had the attachment points above and below the hull. I often try and use them for docking as The IXS never seemed to have docking ports. One of the issues I think is also lack of integrated RCS. The sub light engine is fine for powered maneuver. The original Artist behind the concept art added RCS Drums to the sides of the main hull Solar truss. They also seem to have experime
  2. Oh cool you based those off the V280 valor nacelles. I have been thinking of trying to build a FVL with Firespitter just could never figure out what to use for engines.
  3. Could install a docking port set up and probe core have the Buffalo dock to the wings and even use the wings to bring cargo to Kerbals on Kerbin using the Buckboards
  4. Yeah I was getting that to, And Mine suddenly started a extremely erratic spin out side of the atmosphere. I never managed to actually recover it not for lack of trying. After A While though I got bored and took the engine off the Farscape module and used it in place of the default ones. I got it to take off like a SSTO. It made orbit then it went out of control. However, Because the engine on the farscape are ridiculously OP vs the fuel consumption and the fact I was using two of them on a craft that had a larger Fuel and Oxidizer load, It had enough delta V that had it not gone crazy, I
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