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  1. So... I heard about the corporate politics going on behind the scenes with KSPII, and I'm so disappointed that publishers and developers are at such odds, so much so that an inferior product is inevitable. Have we become such an entitled, overly political, and money grubbing society that we can't accept moderate financial gains... we have to try to fleece customers and constituents to the point of obscenity. It wouldn't surprise me if this post is moderated, but seriously, I think this topic deserves some discussion. -Disappointed KSP fan since beta of the original.
  2. Years ago Roccat had a program that allowed you to connect your smart phone to your Wi-Fi network, and use an onscreen (iPhone/iPad) display GUI as a secondary input device. Basically you could create icons for staging, boosters, and so forth. I would place my iPad and iPhone in front of me and had all of my stages and commands on a visual display. This was AMAZING like being in a true capsule and utilizing a push button interface to give a spaceship commands. It would be AWESOME to have a Kerbal interface for smart phones that allowed you to edit commands for the touchscreen buttons, and even modify icons etc.
  3. Thank you... I was hoping that they'd pass on Unity and go with a different engine but multithreading should help significantly, as well as retooling from the bottom up.
  4. Ummmm... NO Your theory that KSPs options cause bugs may be sound, but the overall product is better; this is exactly what KSP is about... modding, custimization etc. There are some people who use armory mods, whereas I don't give a damn about that, I just want really cool space station parts to build fortresses in high orbit around planets, then shuttle fuel around my fleet to create an ever expanding empire. I think you're missing the point in order to get an expedited version of the game into your hands. Furthermore, I'm all about sandbox mode, and couldn't care less about the science experiments in most cases; though I have played a science based game over the course of a year and burned myself out on it. I think it's this level of optimization that keeps Kerbal FRESH and able to recycle itself in the end-users mind. Think about the options for food/water/air (consumables), that could add to another play through of the game. In all honesty, I see myself starting out on the easiest option settings, then slowly graduating as I get a handle on the new game engine and mechanics. Furthermore, I'm anticipating a lot of graphics options, as even modern computers struggle to run KSP with full detail and light sources as well as 900+ mods (which is where I'm at). My advice... simmer down, let there be 'options', and if there are bugs, so be it... they'll iron those bugs out over time. **How and why, did we ever become such an "instant gratification" society?!***
  5. I'm a long time Kerbal fan, going back to the early beta days of the game and enjoyed every updated along the way... However, I'm hoping that the game will be running on an updated engine, as well as multi-thread/core optimization so we can see some truly stunning visuals along with game mechanics that seem(ed) to be limited in KSP 1 (enter the Kraken). Anyone have any information on their game engine, and/or ideas for optimization? The project seems very ambitious with all of the off-world building that's described. Even with my current i7 9800x on an X299 I can run into some flakey physics once I start building on Duna or other planets. I'm hoping that they are able to rectify this and keep (if not upgrade) the physics and realism. Regardless... the vids and diaries that I've had the time to read look great; can't wait to get back into the KSP mood and play v.2.0
  6. I never said the "mod" broke the game, the welded parts break the game. I installed UBIWeld "AFTER"... let me state again.... AFTER the 1.3 update. Every time I create a welded part (simple weld like two fuel tanks) the game crashes when I try to reload. FYI... 16gig DDR4, i7 at 4.3ghz, GTX 980 Ti, Win8.1 64bit
  7. Same here... welded parts crash game, anyone found a 'work around' for the welded parts crashing the game? Curious...
  8. Just wanted to say how much I dig all of your "FUTURE" add on packs... if anyone doesn't say it; or if it's not said enough. Kudos to you for keeping all of this stuff updated!
  9. Just a quick interlude and FYI regarding the B9 pack and useful parts: Been playing kerbal since the .24 days, amazing game, and the only one throughout the last few years that I keep coming back to and spending hundreds of hours on. With the previous being said, I would ask that the STRUTS CONTINUE to be a main component. The reason being is that I'm currently using space planes to get to Kerbal orbit, and maybe I'm hauling some serious cheeks with the OPT pack, but my wings keep falling off... yes that's right, not exploding, FALLING OFF lmao. Once I see the wind shear (sp?) the wings just snap off and go buh bye. This wasn't a problem with 1.1.3 because I was using your struts... love those things. Anyways, just my opinion...thanks for listening!
  10. So this type of internet Bullying has happened before in the Kerbal Steam forums. WOW! Not only are you folks losing business because of it, you're creating enemies. I for one, will utilize every social media platform to discredit the game/moderators, and forums. Ramen Numerals View ProfileView Posts Jul 14, 2013 @ 12:28pm Kerbal Forums being moderated due to bad opinions of game? I've heard wonderful things about this game from a few podcasts I listen to. Eventually that means I find my way to the forums to see what the Steam Community thinks of the game. I do this to find out if the Steam version of a game works well within the Steam system, if it has additional DRM, and to get player's opinions. But I'm reading posts that the moderation of the site is having posts locked due to failures to comply with the Rules and Guidelines. How does this: fall into any of the guidelines? While I agree the conversation is juvenile, it's certainly an opinion of the game and none of the following occurred: -Flame or insult other members -Bypass any filters -Abuse or encourage abuse of the Reputation, or Post Reporting Systems -Post personally identifiable information (i.e. name, address, email, phone number, etc.) -Bump threads -Derail a thread's topic -Post links to phishing sites -Post spam (i.e. +1, 10char, rickrolls) or Re-post Closed, Modified, Deleted Content -Repetitively post in the incorrect forum (example: trade requests belong in trading forum) -Openly argue with a moderator No one was insulted except maybe a developer looking into random posts. No filters were bypassed. No one abuses any Steam systems. No personal information was posted. No one "bumped" a thread. The conversation, as childish as it might have been, was on topic the entire time. No links or spam. It wasn't a trade request, and no moderator ever commented for an argument to occur. I wanted to purchase this game. But if the moderation here is any reflection of the corporate policies directing this game, I'm not sure why I'd align myself with the product. Last edited by Ramen Numerals; Jul 14, 2013 @ 12:28pm < 1 2 12 > Showing 1-15 of 26 comments gxs View ProfileView Posts Jul 14, 2013 @ 12:30pm You're braking two of the rules you posted here champ: -Repetitively post in the incorrect forum (example: trade requests belong in trading forum) -Openly argue with a moderator The first is that you're discussing moderation on a forum. This is done in private with a mod in question. The second is what you're doing now. Last edited by gxs; Jul 14, 2013 @ 12:32pm #1 Zeron View ProfileView Posts Jul 14, 2013 @ 12:31pm Originally posted by gxs: You're braking two of the rules you posted here champ: -Repetitively post in the incorrect forum (example: trade requests belong in trading forum) -Openly argue with a moderator Now that's just being too strict.
  11. Now that I've got .24.1 working... I have a quick question. Previously when I've used RPM there was an additional mod that gave every docking port a camera; it looks like some of RMP's pics show this mod as well. I'm not talking about the docking port alignment mod (that's just a funky HUD indicator), anyone know the name of the docking port camera mod that plugs into RPM?
  12. Interesting... because in previous versions, RPM has worked flawlessly, but for some reason it's not working for 1.0.5 for me. *Update* Just installed .24.1 and it works flawlessly, not sure if there's an issue with .24.2 or with module manager, but the latest updated package for RPM crashes upon loading now.
  13. Soooooo... what you're saying here is that RPM doesn't work with any of the STOCK cockpits or capsules any longer do to recent rework of them. So my question is... what is this mod good for then? Only works with the two copter cockpits in Firespitter, doesn't work with OPT Space plane parts etc. Or am I misunderstanding what you're saying? Reason I ask is because NONE of my cockpits show the RPM gear, they're all vanilla even with the mod installed. However, it looks like the copter cockpits from Firespitter work; then again that could have been original firespitter coding. So where do I go from here? Just reinstall? Any advice?