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  1. Lol. If only a ksp employee or mod would confirm this theory...
  2. Something, I believe that's the evidence we need. Hiding the real guy's name as a biome/crater is possibly the answer. By doing that, and naming it tylo, it's pretty obvious that that's the connection they wanted us to make.
  3. Hi! I was doing research, and there was an astronomer named Tycho Brahe. The name Tycho is very similar to Tylo. Coincidence?
  4. Thank you I put the new KW Rocketry in, and now something else is missing. Can I manually edit this file?
  5. I am trying to load in a rocket I made a while ago. It says I'm missing the medium strut connector. What mod adds that? How could I bypass this? THANKS!
  6. How do youtubers make the camera stationary so it follows the rocket from one spot? It would be so cool to be able to do that!
  7. How do I get this? Steam doesn't acknowledge any open beta right now, what's the code?
  8. Oh How did you make it say waterman by your name? Does it just happen?
  9. I want to add a page to the wiki, but I want it to be a stub so people know that it's needing more info. Can I do this manually, or does a mod have to view it?
  10. So that is why it's sooooo hard! Thank you! Also, someone should add a space station on the Mun option for sandbox mode >:)
  11. Hype is building and the train is only getting longer
  12. UPDATE: WHY is Earth's gravity so much higher than that of Kerbin?! I find this really annoying. Also, great textures
  13. UPDATE: After a bit of tweaking and getting the textures and switcher installed, it loads THANK YOU SO MUCH THE PLANETS ARE BEAUTIFUL!! Are these real NASA images and orbital info?
  14. Yay more people want easter eggs too! I'm not alone.
  15. It is taking too long to start, I'll try redoing the download of it.
  16. UPDATE: I accidentally got out far enough so I supposedly should hear it. Nope! Nothing and here is the proof: This is a bug! Tell Squad about this Eve issue
  17. It's simple. Some KSP players (*ahem* me & TopHeavy) want easter eggs. We are emphesizing the word to draw attention so the devs can see it. To prove my point, EASTER I encourage others to "beg" for said EASTER eggs
  18. Yes. EASTER EGGS would be good and very appropriate because EASTER is in 5 days. Maybe someone thought to include EASTER EGGS? I would love more!
  19. This is making KSP take a LONG time to start... Is the download on the original post up to date?
  20. Ok? I'm not criticizing him or anything...
  21. I found an old thread, here is the story with plans ETC for this, posted by Nova: http://pastebin.com/3vvjushy
  22. Maybe a 500,000x time warp would be good. On second thought, this could drastically lag the game or cause inaccurate physics calculations, and send Kerbin into Kerbol at high speed >:)
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