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  1. yeah i'm getting the same error but only when i try to recover a vessel, "MissingMethodException: Method not found: 'FinePrint.Utilities.CelestialUtilities.GenerateOrbit'."
  2. I believe the issue youll find is due to rescaling aerodynamic parts. Something between FAR and tweakscale is not playing well. Try just using procedural wings for fins
  3. Try using the auto-struts function that comes up when you right click the fairing base. That solved all of my problems
  4. KSP: 1.1.2 Windows 64bit Problem: Contracts are not being completed by the satisfaction of their requirements Mods installed: Quite a lot, though I suspect the only relevant ones are: Contract config, RSS, RP0, RO, KER Reproduction steps: Have a contract requiring certain orbital parameters, thus far the only recurring problem has been with altitude, though it appears to have problems with inclination, period and eccentricity as well. Put a craft into an orbit that satisfies the conditions Cry as your hard work is for naught and you get no money. Links: http://imgur.com/qllz6hp (This also occurred to me on a manned suborbital flight where the condition was to fly over 260,000m alt, did just so and failed to reward me).
  5. Alright so here's the output log from my most recent attempt to run it. https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B9PFHOoZa5XFWVBNbG13NURoN1U/view?usp=sharing edit: just realized this may be the more pertinent file for troubleshooting as it seems to mention the actual file on which it hanged https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B9PFHOoZa5XFc3d3TFFvbWM0cTg/view?usp=sharing Im currently in x32 mode and trying to run dx11 for memory saving, but don't blame the problem on that, I've done it in all three different renderers. As Rob mentioned it does not stop loading at 3 GB necessarily or the cap (whatever it is), it never gets there. Using graphics mem mod I could see I was only using about 2.2 GB when it hung up on FASA apollo LES again. It's worth noting that when I tested the loading after having deleted Apollo LES it also hung up later on some other file. I've installed dynamic texture loader as well to no avail. Next step I think will be to delete the module manager cache as mentioned.
  6. Hey everyone, just reinstalled FASA using CKAN after a few different new games without it. Im using RP0, RSS and RO. Specifically the loader (module manager) right after booting the game hangs on FASA/apollo/apolloCSM/FASA_Apollo_LES. Anyone know a cause or solution to this and or what relevant files I could post here to help?
  7. Hey everyone, just joined the forums and I'm excited to talk to some more kerbonauts! I've been playing KSP pretty seriously for about 4 months now and I've definitely jumped on the mod train. I'm currently trying to make a RO/RP-0/RSS Career work and am just hitting a few bumps with lack of engine variation. I was wondering what kind of part mods other realism fans like to use. I'm a fan of anything that makes the game more intriguing or difficult like TAC and RemoteTech so feel free to mention any of those kind of mods too if you like.