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  1. 0. If the gaining of new Knowledge needs to brake a rule, the rule shall be temporarely deactivated. 1. Kerbals are important. Use drones for Stations or other non-lander-craft. 2. Pilots>Engineers<Scientists. 3. Retrieve every Stranded kerbal.
  2. OK Thank you very much I know but... I like the font...
  3. OK, thank you. I didn't know where to post this ':l) I just found Comic sans. New preferred writing style.
  4. Ok ty I will try that. (but I can't do it right now. And then there is the warframe update....) Edit: I mean I don't have my Pc right now.
  5. I was shooting some kerbal into the Sky when I suddenly asked myself: Is there a mod that random generates individual kerbals cosmecticly? For example other hairstyles, beards, or another Physique? If this is the wrong sub category I'm very sorry, I couldn't find another one. -Lasersword
  6. I have a I2 CPU, heavily modded Ksp, and until now 2 Crashes.
  7. I just wanted to say that afaik people die from Gforces because they don't have enough blood in the head. Kerbals have a head with at least 60% of their body volume. Plus their Legs are barely existent, also you don't know much about their anatomy.
  8. Depending on what you are doing in the moment of playing the song: I would say the standard space theme is nice. If you are about to burn up: Richard Wagner Valkyrenritt (Ride of the Valkyrs(I hope it's spelled that way))
  9. Could you upload 1 or 2 screens from your VAB/SPH?
  10. Oh yeah. The entire HUD is extremely big and doesn't scale to my resolution... Maybe squad wants to do weirdly scaled mobile games? *Puts on Gold foil hat and monocle*
  11. When I changed the version and started playing 64 bit, ksp set my settings to lowest. Is it possible the same thing happened to you?
  12. I have no graphical changes, so I can only guess. Which version are you playing on? 64 or 32?
  13. It might be the change to unity 5
  14. OK thanks to everyone here. I yesterday searched some of the terms used here (the foeum) of which I didn't know what they mean, i also searched for the term Delta V but didn't find any up to date maps. And I heard there were several changes in drag etc. Over the versions. Thanks to everyone. -Lasersword
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