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  1. Anth12's post in How to move the NavBall was marked as the answer   
    Be in scene (looking at your craft in the world) then
    Press Escape Click on settings Scroll down to the bottom of the settings and you will see NavBall Pos (Left<->Right) Move slider right or left
    Apply, Accept, Close
  2. Anth12's post in KSP save file time travel into the past was marked as the answer   
    Never heard of that happening but I have the following suggestions:
    Verifying KSP through steam might help Do a quicksave and completely delete the persistent file. then load the quicksave Copy the entire KSP folder to another location on your computer (separate to steam) Backup your saves and then uninstall KSP then completely delete the KSP folder if theres anything left and do a clean install. On each update I do this. Are you the administrator of the computer you are using? (thats a real stretch)  
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