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  1. Jool was fixed in I split the Jool issue from the moon issues. Moons are still an issue which is here:
  2. There were two issues: Jool blocking solar panels when they shouldn't be. Moons blocking solar panels when they shouldn't be. Jool is fixed. The moons aren't. I have moved any Jool related issues into the following and set it as fixed: I am sorry to say that the votes were lost on splitting these two issues.
  3. @theplanetmercury Changed the title and added a few screenshots. Thanks for submitting.
  4. @Nenovike Thanks for the bug report. I have added a video following your steps.
  5. @SuperBoots There's two bugs. One is the landed bug which you are demonstrating in that video, and there is one where the AP/PE indicators that are still showing (which is what this bug report is about). Here is a link to what I believe you indicated:
  6. Using the save file supplied by @The Space Peacock I found that retracting the transmitter on his rover actually restored communications. Might not be the only way that this bug is occurring though.
  7. @Davidian1024 Thanks for the information. Sorry I was overseas and didn't log into the forums over that time.
  8. Sorry I haven't responded. Usually I keep up with forum notifications but I didn't have my login while I was overseas. So it has less issues with slower ram? That's weird. If you want to give me that json file, can you please create a new bug report with my name in the title and a link to this bug report?
  9. @DaVincGa There are struts on your craft file which some how ended up connected from a part and then were reconnected to the same part. Once I removed those I was able to launch your craft file properly. I will have to play around to figure out how to make struts connect to the same part because that should be impossible.
  10. @Filed.Teeth The corrupted save file is missing a chunk of information at the end for some reason. This could be a memory issue. Can you please do a memory test? To do this: (according to google) Step 1: Press the Windows key + R to open the Run command. Step 2: Type in “mdsched.exe” and hit Enter. Step 3: Choose between the two options (either to restart and check the RAM now or to check the RAM at the next system startup) and proceed with the diagnostic test.
  11. @oro Merged yours into this one. Yours was submitted first so you are counted as the original poster.
  12. @thegreatgonz The game only shows the next 2 closest approaches from the vessel’s/maneuver node’s position. If the maneuver node is placed further along the orbit than the vessel is currently, it may include the next one.
  13. I wonder is that issue would also happen to other Unity games being run in Linux vs Windows. I am actually on holiday. When I saw this one, it was an easy one to test. Your other ones are still in the waiting room waiting evaluation. The Bug Hunters @The Space Peacock and @Spicat when they have time will take a look at them and after being processed/evaluated will send them to the public area.
  14. @krbvax Its working correctly on my system. (Windows 10) Added that it might be Wine/Linux related to the title.
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